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How Long Can You Drive With Expired Tags?

  • Car Care Tips
  • Xavier Sabastian
  • 5 minutes

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How long can you drive with expired tags? What happens if your tags expire? What do you think you should do when your tags expire? The fines and penalties you’d have to pay for the non-renewal of tags are quite risky and illegal. Hence, always watch the expiry date of your car registration tags. 

The consequences of driving with expired tags could be worse than you can imagine. Also, the penalties keep doubling up every time you repeat the offense. Here’s all you need to know about driving with expired tags and how to update your tags. 

How Long Can You Drive With Expired Tags?

What happens if you drive with expired tags? 

The longer you drive with expired tags, the bigger the fines and penalties you’ll need to pay. Here are some of the repercussions you’ll have to face. 

A ticket warning 

If you think you can drive with expired tags, beware! You may get a ticket warning. At first, the police may excuse you with a verbal warning. However, you may have to pay huge penalties for repeating the offense.  

Be careful to avoid getting a written ticket, in which case; the DMV authorities may cancel your license too. However, expect any amount between $25 to $200. Remember that even insurance companies keep a check on your tickets and accidents. The more tickets you get, the lesser the discounts you get. 

Court hearing 

You may also have to appear for a court hearing if you drive with expired tags. A local police officer will inform you of the dates you’ll have to go for the hearing. On appearing at the court, make sure to pay the penalty immediately and remember to update your tags on time thereon. 

Seizing your car 

The police authorities may seize your car if you have been driving with expired tags. On seizing, they may return it to you only after a thorough inspection. In addition, as you pay the fines for the expired tags, you may also have to pay for the late renewal. 


Driving with expired tags may also mean you’ll have to be imprisoned. When you cannot produce proof of license and renewed tags, the police officers may arrest you and charge you with a serious offense. Since expired tags also mean risky travel, you may have to spend 15 days in jail. 

How Long Can You Drive With Expired Tags?


What should you do if you’re charged for driving with expired tags? 

You cannot drive with expired tags. However, if you are charged for driving with expired tags, here are some immediate actions you can take: 

Renew the tags  

You can easily renew the tags by taking your cars for an inspection. You may renew the tags after considering the situation and the renewal fees. You can also go for a non-operational tag if you haven’t been using your car for a year or more. People usually prefer non-operational tags in big cities where they own cars but don’t use them and instead go for public transport. These tags are also the best way to control costs. 

Get tags if you don’t have one.

The easiest way to eliminate your risks of driving with expired tags is to get new ones. Also, go for a fast-track purchase and get your tags as soon as possible. It is wise to keep your cars in the garage till you get your tags and start using them. Additionally, replace your lost tags as soon as possible by reporting the loss at your nearest police station. 

Face the issue legally 

As you cannot drive with expired tags, and it is illegal to do, you must appear in court when needed. You may present the reasons for having expired tags or prove yourself innocent if you’ve already ordered new tags. If the court doesn’t need you to show up, you can avoid the court visit by simply paying the fine. Thirdly, you can also take the help of a lawyer to resolve this issue. 

How Long Can You Drive With Expired Tags?

Tips to keep your registration tags updated 

Here are some simple tips you may follow to keep your registration tags updated: 

  • Before going for an inspection, ensure your car is in good condition. Check your car thoroughly for any damage, or else you may have to go for a re-inspection. 
  • Keep a checklist of documents you’ll need to update your registration tags. You can confirm the needful documents by visiting your state’s DMV website. 
  • Have some liquid cash with you. Although you need to pay a nominal fee for renewal, there is no harm in carrying some extra cash. 
  • Don’t rush. Updating your registration tags is a time taking process. Hence, be patient and wait for your turn. 
  • Show up early. The tag renewals may take longer in the afternoons. 

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