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How Long Do Tesla Tires Last? 

  • Tips for car owners
  • Celine Jerly
  • 6 minutes

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Teslas are all the rage these days, but you need more than a commitment to clean energy to own and maintain one. Once you splurge on the car, it won’t take much time for more expenses to catch up. For example, how long do Tesla tires last? Let’s say it’s not the same as your standard car tires.  

So, do Teslas have special tires? 

Not special in terms of Tesla manufacturing their own tires, but specialized tires are manufactured for Tesla vehicles by some of the most popular brands like Michelin, Pirelli, Continental, and Hankook, among others. Why? 

Tesla cars are high-performance electric vehicles that require certain technology and design features to ensure the driving experience that users expect. These tires must have a strong grip to handle the high torque and power. The answer to ‘How Long Do Tesla Tires Last?’ also depends on this quality.  

Tesla Tires also have to be quieter so that there is less cabin noise enhancing the hands-free driving experience. Finally, tires with low rolling resistance are preferred to maximize the electric car’s range.   

Tesla-approved tires come with a Tx specification; look for T0, T1, or T2 markings on the sidewall. These specialized tires reduce road noise and give better range. Tesla models commonly use OE tires from Michelin’s Pilot Sport, Latitude Sport, and Pilot SuperSport range.  

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What brand of tires does Tesla use? 

Most Tesla EVs come with Michelin tires – the brand has a range of tires designed specifically for Teslas. The Michelin T0 tires incorporate the unique “Acoustic Technology” to cabin noise by 20%. A custom-developed polyurethane lining in the tires sucks out the noise and reduces vibrations from contact with the driving surface.  

Pirelli, Continental, and Hankook are the other common brands for Tesla stock tires, like the Pirelli PZero XL, Hankook Ventus S1 EVO2, Conti Sport Contact 5p, and Pirelli Scorpion Zero All-Season.  

The type of tire used varies from model to model – depending on the wheel size and other specs. Tesla does not have a standard tire size – some models have slightly smaller front wheels than the rear ones.  

Michelin tire on white Tesla

How long do Tesla Tires last? 

On average, 30K miles is the popular estimate for the OE set, but some Tesla car owners have reported higher ranges. It could also go down to 18K-20K miles depending on driving habits and conditions. Practically, Tesla tires last 20K – 40K miles. So, if you drive 10K miles a year, you’ll need a new set of tires in three years.  

Tesla recommends rotating your car’s tires every 6,250 miles. If the tread depth difference reaches 2/32 (1.5 mm) or more before that, you needn’t wait to hit 6k miles. All tires degrade over time – exposure to extreme temperatures, UV light, heavy loads, and environmental factors contribute to wear and tear. Adequate tire care and maintenance are important to get the most out of high-quality Tesla tires.  

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Why do Tesla tires wear out so quickly? 

Searching for an answer to “How long do Tesla Tires last?” would eventually bring you here – why do these tires wear out quicker than others? 

You can blame it on one of the most-loved features of a Tesla – fast acceleration. 0 – 60 mph in 4.2 sec also means higher torque – the energy needed to turn the car’s wheels. Unlike a car that runs on gas, power from the electric motor in Teslas or any other EV is sent directly to the wheels via the axle. So, the impact of all that force wears out the tires. You’ll not see smokey burnouts because of the advanced traction control systems, but there are invisible effects – millions of tiny burnouts you can’t see.  

The weight of EVs like Tesla cars also expedites wear and tear on the tires. EV batteries are heavier, and the extra weight causes more friction, leading to more wear on the tire.  

White Tesla in light snow

How to make your Tesla tires last longer? 

As the Tesla user manual suggests, get regular maintenance for your vehicle – including proper alignment and inflation to avoid uneven wear.  

The next step is to go easy on the friction. The thrill from acceleration is fun for you but not so much for your car’s tires. A lighter foot on the pedal can help slow the wear by reducing friction between the tire and the road.  

But before all that, check whether you are using the right tire. An all-season tire is best if you do not live in extremely cold climates. Depending on the area of sale, some Tesla models may come with summer stock tires, and those won’t last you long in winter. The same goes for winter tires when frequently used in temperatures higher than 45° F.  

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