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How Long Does It Take to Service a Car?

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  • Ray Sanders
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Car services are inevitable, and it is a fact that you have to spend a considerable amount of time at the mechanic for car repairs. The answer to how long a car service is depends upon various factors, which we’ll look into in detail in this article.  

Knowing how long your car service takes can help you plan the day accordingly. Sometimes, your car demands repairs that may need to leave your car with the mechanic for a day or half a day.

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How long does a car service take? 

Generally, a car service takes around three to five hours. However, this depends on its make and model, condition, the kind of repairs needed, and which service is due. Basic services like an oil and filter inspection, topping up fluids, tire pressure check, and basic cleaning won’t take much time. However, expect to spend much more time if you prefer to have a detailed service to be performed on your car, like wheel alignment and balancing.  

Factors affecting the duration of a car service 

Make and Model 

Some car models are built differently than others. While some makers follow simple engineering practices to build their cars, others, like German makers, employ complex technologies. These cars are often subject to faults, which are difficult to identify and fix, thanks to their intricate engineering. This makes some car makes and models take more service time than others.  

Type of repair 

Complex car repairs like fixing an engine hydrolocking, power steering repairs, ac condenser leaks, suspension repairs, etc., can take more time than a regular car service.  

Car condition 

A car in mint condition would take lesser time to repair than one in an extremely bad state. Cars with major part failures demand more time to diagnose and fix. Factoring in the time needed to order spare parts, it can take up to 3-4 to repair severely damaged cars. 


Do European cars take more time to service? 

European cars, particularly German cars, have complex mechanicals. This makes diagnosing and fixing German car faults difficult and time-consuming. However, taking them to an experienced mechanic can help you save a lot of time as they can diagnose and fix these faults faster, thanks to their experience.  

Avoiding a lengthy car service 

The only proven way to avoid a lengthy car service is by sticking to the manufacturer-recommended intervals. Cars that follow irregular maintenance intervals (or those taken to the mechanic only when a major fault shows up) tend to show more mechanical failures than the others.  

Inspecting important car parts, like the engine, transmission, power steering, etc., at regular intervals can help identify problems that can even render your car irreparable in the long run.  

How long does an oil change take? 

An oil change is one of the simplest car services. It wouldn’t take more than 20 minutes for an experienced mechanic to perform an oil change on a car.  

Is it necessary to service a car?

Yes. It is important to take your car to the service station at manufacturer-recommended intervals, even if it runs well. Most faults won’t show up until the parts have been damaged beyond an extent. Only a periodic service can ensure that all these parts are working well. Furthermore, regular service intervals also help ensure that the necessary fluids, like engine oils, transmission fluids, etc., are enough to keep the car running.  

And if you don’t follow the manufacturer-recommended maintenance intervals for your car, chances are that you might end up hit with big bills. Remember that the costs for fixing serious car issues like an engine or a transmission fix can be much more than you’d imagine. Thus, taking your car to the mechanic once in 12000 miles is important to eliminate the chances of potential damage.  

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