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How Long Does a Car Wrap Last?

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Businesses that want to advertise themselves and people who want to enhance their car’s looks invest a lot of money in car wraps. You may wonder how long a car wrap lasts before investing in a new one.¬†Car wrap services turn your vehicle into a rolling billboard and preserve your car’s paint job from scratches and dings for as long as the wrap is on your car. ¬†

A vehicle wrap’s lifespan typically ranges from two to seven years, though this will vary with the specific vinyl used. High-quality wraps last longer than thinner films and provide a higher return on investment if you consider utilizing a vinyl wrap automobile design to advertise your brand.¬†

how long does a car wrap last

How long does a car wrap last? 

Estimating the lifespan of a vinyl wrap is extremely challenging. Its durability depends on various circumstances, such as climate, sun exposure, frequency of washings, etc. The wrap’s durability will suffer if you use the car daily for transportation.¬†¬†

The wrap should endure for about two years of daily driving. Without regular maintenance, vinyl car wraps typically last for about five years. Simple measures like parking in the shade can add years to the vehicle’s life expectancy. In very rare cases, wraps have a potential lifespan of 7 years. ¬†

How can you extend the lifespan of a car wrap?

Vehicle wraps can last for years with regular maintenance, the right selection of wrap companies, adequate temperature exposure, proper sunshade, and a good storage spot, allowing you to maximize the return on your investment. Let us know about these different ways in detail.

Proper cleaning

When washing or polishing your car, only use soft fabrics. A sponge will also work. You shouldn’t scrub the car too vigorously, even if it is stained. Avoid the usage of chemical products.¬†

Two rounds of cleaning must be completed before wrapping can begin. Also, regularly wash your vehicle after wrapping to reduce the likelihood of damage. 

Unless kept in storage indefinitely, wrapped vehicles will inevitably collect grease, grime, and road junk. However, washing your wrapped car often will help the wrap look as good as the first time you wore it by removing all of the grime and dirt accumulating over time. 

Choose the right wrap company 

With the growing demand for wraps comes an increase in subpar wrap installers. Spending time and money washing your vehicle and coming up with the perfect design for a wrap is useless if the firm you hire to do the job is incompetent.  

Choose a reliable wrap firm that can provide the finished result exactly as you envisioned it by consulting a mix of web reviews, the company’s length of service, and recommendations from satisfied customers.¬†

A good wrap company will provide the right quality vinyl, which won’t get damaged soon.¬†

Exposure to the right temperatures

Extremely cold and hot temperatures will impact the durability of your wrap. In addition, excessive heat and cold can compromise the integrity of your wrap, making it more easily damaged in the former case and cracking it in the latter. Therefore, you should protect your wrap as much as possible from the severe weather.  

Avoid direct contact with the sun 

The sun’s ultraviolet (UV) radiation is invisible but damages anything it comes into contact with. For example, sunlight can wreak havoc on your skin, discolor your home’s exterior paint, and destroy your car wrap. In the same way, you can’t escape extreme heat or cold, the sun’s rays are always present, but this issue can be solved by following the next step.¬†

Proper storage location for your wrapped vehicle

A¬†garage can be a storage location for your wrapped automobile when not in use. Even if your garage isn’t insulated, it will shield your car from the sun’s rays and maintain a more consistent temperature than the outside air. Keep your car covered and out of sight when you’re not showing it off. Wraps last significantly longer if you spend even a portion of each day inside, out of direct sunlight.¬†

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When should you replace a vinyl wrap? 

People who have had vinyl wraps put on their cars typically come back for more wraps in the future. On average, car coverings need to be replaced every five years; thus, the life of a vehicle could require multiple such covers.  

Some such instances when you would want to get a replacement are: 

  • When you need something new just for a change.¬†
  • Due to peeling, cracking, color fade, or tears in wraps.¬†

You should hire professionals to do the replacement. The paint is the most likely to get messed up if you attempt to remove the wrap yourself. Nonetheless, the cover does safeguard the paint to a lesser extent. 

Which is better: To install a vinyl wrap or to paint?

Installing vinyl wraps takes around 2 to 3 days, and the vehicle cannot be driven again until the next day.  

The quickest time to complete a paint job is three to five days. However, it may take 1‚Äď3 weeks for most shops to implement. Each coat of paint needs at least 8 hours to dry. The cover will somewhat protect the paint for as long as it remains.¬†¬†

Removal is something else you should consider. Vinyl wrap is generally preferred and its rise in popularity can be because a professional crew can remove it with no effort and no harm to the paint. And the paint will be somewhat shielded for as long as the cover is in place. 

Paint is significantly more difficult to remove, especially if you choose a detailed design. For example, it may be extremely challenging to eliminate company logos or other forms of branding without major destruction. 


A car wrap’s lifespan can range from two to seven years. Its longevity could be increased by regular maintenance. The frequency with which you drive and how you keep the car clean are the two most important factors.¬†

You can install and replace the vinyl wrap yourself, although doing so is not recommended. This will help you prevent scratching the paint or making any other accidental messes. In addition, covers typically have a longer lifespan when installed by experts.

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