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How Long Does It Take To Get a License Plate?

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  • Renee Martin
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Congratulations on your car! Did we startle you? Nope, we have no all-seeing eye of Sauron, not even a Palantir! It’s just that if you’re googling “how long does it take to get license plates,” you’ve probably just bought a new car. And we’re so happy for you! But we also know that after you’ve completed all of the registration paperwork, you’re probably wondering how long it will take for those new license plates to arrive. So that’s why we’ve researched how long it will take you to get your license plate.  

After you’ve purchased your car from a dealership, they’ll give you temporary tags. These tags will give you 30 days to register your new car. Most dealerships provide you with a 30-day registration document in addition to physical tags for your vehicle. You should keep this temporary registration in hand in case you are pulled over and need to confirm ownership of the vehicle. 

How long must I wait to get my license plate? 

The exact wait time varies depending on the state you live in. However, you should only have to wait two to three weeks in most cases. If you haven’t received them after 30 days, contact your local DMV for an update on the progress of your license plate delivery or to request an extension on the temporary ones. 

We’re breaking down the precise wait times by state. Continue reading to find out more. 

*Please note that all states are not covered due to a lack of information. 

License plate wait times by state 

As we mentioned above, the actual wait time for your license plate is determined by the state where you are registering. The typical wait period is three weeks. However, some states do provide license plates the same day you pay for registration.  



If you buy your vehicle from a dealership, you will be provided temporary license plates that are good for 90 days. You may also get them at the DMV. The wait for legal license plates in California ranges from two weeks to a month.  Maintain constant contact with the dealer and the DMV. This is to make sure there are unnecessary delays that might cost you money in the long run. 


When you buy a car in Illinois, you can’t legally drive it until you get a proper license plate. However, because acquiring your permanent license plate can occasionally be delayed, the state permits approved dealers to provide temporary license plates (TRPs) to display in place of the license plate for 90 days.  

If you are getting a new license and choose random-number plates, you should receive your new plates within two to four weeks in Illinois. 


If you’ve bought your vehicle from a dealership will not have to do anything after paying the required fees. That’s because, by law, the dealership must transfer the title and registration plates to you within 30 days. So maintain contact with them to guarantee they do so. Meanwhile, you can drive using the 30-day temporary license plate they provide. 

 If you’ve purchased the car from a private seller, you must complete the documentation and registration at a local service center. 



You must apply for a temporary license plate if you are registering the car without already having a plate from a vendor. This necessitates presenting your driver’s license, insurance, title, inspection, and temporary registration application (MV-351). To complete the paperwork, go to your local DMV or an approved PennDOT office. 

 These temporary plates are only valid for 90 days. Your permanent license plates in Pennsylvania should arrive in the mail in eight to ten weeks. This also applies to personalized license plates. If they have not arrived by then, contact your DMV again to rectify the problem. 


As per the Texas DMV, the title and registration must be processed through a dealer. In roughly 30 days, the plates will be shipped to you. If you financed your automobile, this might be extended to 45 days. You can file a dealer complaint if you don’t get it within this time. If your temporary tags are about to expire, you should get temporary permission. The investigation of a dealer’s complaint might take up to three weeks. 


Ohio makes obtaining new license plates simple, and applicants may often expect to receive their replacements within ten days of submitting their request. Be sure to carry your driver’s license to the Department of Motor Vehicles. You should also have your application for registration that has been completed. You’ll find this form on the website of Ohio’s Bureau of Motor Vehicles). You can expect to get your Ohio license plates in the mail within the next ten days. 

How long does it take to get custom plates? 


Personalizing your vehicle with custom license plates is a fun way to express yourself. It’s also a terrific way to start a discussion. But did you know that personalized plates might take up to 6-12 weeks to arrive? And that’s assuming you’re lucky.  

You need to renew your registration if you order personalized plates for a new car. It will expire when the custom plates are available for car. That’s why the wait can be pretty long, depending on the state. Check whether the customization you’re looking for is available or permitted. Configuring the license plate to be similar to an already existing one or an offensive one will extend the wait time even further. 

What are the requirements to get a license plate? 

To get a valid license plate, you must officially register your car in your state. To register your car, you must provide proof of ownership in the form of your vehicle’s title and a variety of paperwork that vary by state. For example, states often need you to demonstrate a combination of the car’s title in your name, driver’s license, evidence of insurance, and vehicle details such as the VIN, make and model, and odometer reading. 

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Can you buy auto insurance without a license plate? 

Although you can buy an auto insurance policy without owning a car, you may not be able to cover the actual vehicle on your policy unless it is registered. You also won’t have license plates or the appropriate tags that indicate a legitimate registration if you don’t register. Whenever your plates come in, make sure you have the best coverage for your car at affordable prices from Way.com

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