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Comparing Prices: Average Cost for Headlight Replacements!

  • Cars Explained
  • Ray Sanders
  • 5 minutes

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Headlights are nothing less than a safety feature on your car, be it day or night. It’s practically impossible to drive a car without a working headlight. This makes it one important part that requires an immediate fix once damaged. But is it easy to do it? How much does it cost to replace the headlights on your car? You’ll find the answers to all your headlight replacement-related queries in this article. ¬†

The cost of replacing your headlight depends on various factors like its type and the parts of the assembly that need replacement. Furthermore, it also depends on whether you’re getting it installed with the help of a mechanic or by yourself. ¬†

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Headlight costs based on the type 

As mentioned above, headlight costs depend on the lights used in your car. These are the various types of headlight systems.  

Halogen bulbs 

Halogen lights are the most popular kind of headlight system used in cars. They have a slight yellowish hue that usually measures around 3000 Kelvin on the color temperature scale. Halogen headlight bulbs are cheap and wouldn’t cost you more than 30 dollars to replace them. However, replacing a whole halogen assembly can cost you around $100. ¬†

LED Bulbs 

LEDs or Light Emitting Diodes have applications across various components of a car. You can find them in infotainment displays, dashboards, and also on headlight systems. LED lights can produce bright white light to help you navigate the dark. Furthermore, they are also more energy efficient compared to halogen bulbs. However, LED bulbs and assemblies are costly. Expect to shell out around $100 for a bulb alone and up to $1500 for a complete headlight assembly. 

Xenon/ HID 

Xenon or HID (High-Intensity Discharge) lights are commonly seen in higher-end vehicles. These emit a bright blue-white light that measures around 4000-6000 Kelvin on the temperature scale. Though these lights provide great illumination, they can be too bright in a way that blinds the oncoming drivers. Furthermore, they’re also expensive. While a simple xenon bulb replacement costs only around $100, you may need to shell out as much as $1500 for a complete HID headlight assembly. ¬†

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Laser headlights 

Laser headlight systems are comparatively newer and are not very common due to their high cost. These are smaller and consume less energy than a typical LED light without compromising on the brightness aspect. They shine almost 100x brighter than an LED bulb and have an average lifespan of over 50000 hours. However, these pros do not come cheap, and this¬†explains why they’re only seen in high-end premium automobiles. A new laser headlight assembly¬†costs between $8000 and $15000.¬†


How much does it cost to replace a headlight at a mechanic? 

Fixing your headlights, or any car part for that matter, at the service center, with the help of a mechanic, will cost you some extra money in labor. Expect to shell out around $50 and $500, including labor costs to replace your car’s headlight bulb, depending on the type of headlight used in your car. ¬†

However, these rates can be higher for cars with advanced headlight systems where replacing the whole assembly is the only option to fix a faulty one. An advanced headlight assembly can cost over $3000. Add another 500 dollars as labor charges depending upon the complexity of the process. 

Cost to replace the headlights on your own 

Now if you are a DIY enthusiast confident that you can replace the headlight unit on your own, you can save a lot on labor costs. All you need to have are some tools and basic knowledge regarding car repairs, which are available in plenty in video and written forms across the internet.

Most mechanics charge nearly $100 an hour for labor for any car repair. So, you know much you can save on headlight replacement costs by fixing it on your own. You’ll have to shell out around a hundred dollars extra for a halogen bulb replacement that costs as little as $20. Similarly, a xenon bulb for the HID system will cost you only around $100. However, the bill amount would double if you plan to seek a mechanic’s help. ¬†¬†


Why are some headlights expensive to replace?

Some headlight types, like High-Intensity Discharge (HID) and LEDs, are expensive to replace. This is because these systems employ complex modern technologies that cost a bomb. However, it is not the case with normal halogen bulbs, and you can replace them at one-tenth of the cost of a new HID or an LED system.  

How long does a headlight last? 

Again, the longevity of a headlight depends on the type of headlight used in your vehicle. An LED headlight lasts for around 30,000 to 50,000 hours. HID bulbs have a comparatively lesser lifespan ranging from around 2000 to 10000 hours. However, halogen bulbs do not work for so long, and they usually burn out close to 1000 hours of use.  

Should you replace the entire headlight assembly to fix the problem? 

The answer to this depends upon the kind of headlight assembly you have in your car. While an issue with your halogen bulb might require only a simple bulb change, faults with many advanced systems like an HID or LED systems might require a whole headlight assembly to be replaced.  

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