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How Much Does It Cost to Leave Your Car at LAX?

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You really don’t need to worry if you’re searching for LAX parking. There are plenty of onsite and offsite options to choose from, including LAX hotel parking as well as valet and terminal parking. Here’s all you need to know how much it will cost to leave your car at LAX, including parking fees or rates, LAX airport parking reservations, plus the pros and cons of different parking options.

LAX Offsite Parking Lots & Garages

Offsite parking lots and garages are not on LAX property but are very close to the airport. These parking lots also provide free shuttle service to and from the airport. Many of these LAX parking lots can be booked via Way.com. Booking online lets you plan ahead of time, compare prices, read reviews, and reserve your spot.

LAX parking

LAX Offsite Parking Rates

When you book in advance, offsite parking facilities listed on Way.com start for less than $7/day. This is a much more affordable option than LAX airport terminal parking, which can cost up to $30 per day.

Keep in mind that prices frequently vary depending on the distance to the airport and other amenities (covered, uncovered, valet, etc.)

Parking LotParking RateReserve Online
UVP LAX Airport Parking – 11200 Hawthorne Blvd$6.95/dayBook Now
Prime Spot LAX –  401 W Florence Ave$9/dayBook Now
PrimePark LAX Premier SelfPark Garage – 401 W Florence Ave$9.74/dayBook Now
Value Park LAX – 9920 South La Cienega Boulevard$10.49/dayBook Now
Express LAX Long Term Airport Parking – 9920 South La Cienega Boulevard$11.95/dayBook Now

*Parking rates begin at the stated price. However, rates may vary due to seasonal demand and holiday seasons.

Hotel parking near LAX

Hotel parking lots near LAX are not directly linked with the airport, but they are close by. You may park at some hotels and ride a free airport shuttle to LAX even if you are not a hotel guest. Simply make a reservation ahead of time.

LAX Hotel Parking Prices

On Way.com, daily parking rates at hotels near LAX start at $6. Compared to airport terminal parking, which costs $50 per day, this is an excellent value. Keep in mind that the cost of a hotel room is frequently affected by its accessibility to the airport and other features (covered, uncovered, valet, etc.). Most hotel parking lots offer free on-demand shuttles to and from the airport, making it easy to commute to and from the airport.

Best Hotel Parking Near LAX

Parking LotParking RateReserve Online
Aloft Hotel – 475 N Sepulveda Blvd$9.95/dayBook Now
Fairfield Inn & Suites- 525 North Pacific Coast Highway$12.95/dayBook Now
Four Points by Sheraton – 9750 Airport Blvd$13.95/dayBook Now

LAX Valet Parking

Valet parking is by far the most convenient option to park at LAX. LAX Valet Service is one of the most well-known LAX valet services. A representative from LAX Valet Service will meet you curbside to valet your vehicle. That’s all there is to it. You’ll be on your way to the airport with no trouble at all! When you return to LAX, your car will be waiting for you at the arrival terminal.

Why opt for valet parking at LAX Airport

Terminal Parking at LAX

The CTA has around 7,000 parking spaces in eight parking facilities (P-1, P-2, P-2B, P-3, P-4, P-5, P-6, P-7). Terminal parking is provided on an hourly, daily, nightly, or extended basis. Terminal parking is one of the most expensive parking alternatives near LAX, although it is close to the airport. The Economy Parking lot, which had previously been closed because of COVID-19, has also been reopened. The Economy Lot is an affordable option for long-term parking.

Before arriving at the LAX Central Terminal, you can use the official LAX dashboard to get information on real-time parking availability at each parking garage.

Please note that fees include a 10% surcharge (parking occupancy tax in the City of Los Angeles).

If you have a larger vehicle, terminal parking may not be a good alternative. Parking garages 2B and 5 have a maximum vehicle height restriction of 7 feet. Parking garages 1, 2A, 3, 4, 6, and 7 have a maximum vehicle height restriction of 8 feet, 2 inches.

You must obtain a parking ticket at the gate. It’s critical to saving that ticket–lost tickets incur a $40 fine on top of the parking fee.

Because LAX terminal parking does not yet offer airport parking reservations, it is critical to check the real-time availability dashboard. Los Angeles Airport parking spots are offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

EV parking at LAX

EV charging stations have been added as part of the Smart Parking project at LAX. They are now available in both the Central Terminal Area and the Economy Parking zones. LAX charges a $2 service fee + $0.45 per KwH for EV charging. Electric car owners can reserve an EV charging station on the official LAX website in advance.

Handicap Parking at LAX

Handicap parking is provided at Economy Lot E and other CTA garages on a first-come, first-served basis. Parking spaces at CTA garages that are accessible are near an elevator, arrivals, or departures. When parking in these areas, a handicap placard must be presented. The fees for handicapped parking places are the same.

How much does it cost to leave a car at LAX?

It costs $50/day to park at LAX Central Terminal Lots or $30/day to park in the Economy Lot.

How much does it cost to leave your car at LAX for 4 days?

If you’re leaving your car in the LAX Terminal Lots, it will cost $200 for 4 days. Parking at the LAX Economy Lot costs $120 for 4 days.

How much does it cost to park at LAX for a week?

Parking at the LAX Central Terminal Area lots costs $350 for the week, while parking at the Economy Lot for $210 per week.

How much does FlyAway Van Nuys parking cost?

Public parking at the Van Nuys FlyAway site is $2 per hour and up to $5 per day. It is only accessible for FlyAway bus clients by reservation or on a first-come, first-served basis at the FlyAway Bus Terminal. There is no staff at the exits of the parking complex because it is an automated parking environment.

How long can you leave your car at LAX?

You can leave your car at LAX for a maximum of 30 days. You will need to contact ABM Parking to request extended time if you require parking for more than 30 days. The phone number for ABM is 310-646-2911.


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