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How Much Does Prius Battery Replacement Cost?

  • Car Services
  • Gerard Stevens
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The Toyota Prius was the first commercially presented gas-electric hybrid car in the country when it got launched in 1997. Since then, it has impacted how hybrid cars have evolved. One factor that distinguishes the Toyota Prius car is that it has more than one battery. But has anyone thought about how much a Prius battery replacement costs? 

The Prius battery is no exemption from the rule that hybrid and electric car batteries are often more expensive than gas-powered ones. In addition, the battery life of a Toyota Prius will vary depending on how far you travel and the weather where you drive. The battery does, however, come with a warranty that, in states with California emissions rules, is valid for either ten years or 150,000 miles.  

So, how much does a Toyota Prius battery replacement cost? How often should you change the battery? Keep reading to know more! 

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How much does it cost to replace a Prius battery? 

The Prius battery replacement cost ranges from $2,000 to $4,500. Even if you choose to install a used Prius battery, installation could cost an additional $1,500. Planning for this cost throughout a hybrid car’s lifespan is important. Some factors increase or decrease the Toyota Prius battery replacement cost. 

  • The location where the service happens 
  • The Toyota Prius’ battery manufacturer and type 
  • The state the service is provided in 

What are the factors that impact the cost of Prius battery replacement? 

These are three factors that can affect the cost of replacing Prius batteries. 

New vs. used 

Purchasing a new Prius battery can be very expensive. However, this is unnecessary in many circumstances. The least expensive alternative would be to select a used Toyota hybrid battery.  

Labor Costs 

Due to the specialized work involved, you will need to spend a good amount on labor. Additionally, you should find a mechanic who specializes in working with hybrid batteries. The battery replacement often takes a few hours, but these professionals charge a premium rate. 

You’ll encounter the most expensive labor costs if you visit a nearby auto dealer. So always shop around to ensure that a quick drive to the suburbs may result in a lower labor cost. Also, ensure the mechanic you visit is qualified to do the replacement job.  

Warranty Protection 

Replacing your Prius battery will get coverage under warranty in some circumstances. The battery gets an 8-year/100,000-mile warranty coverage if you own a Prius model from 2019 or earlier. If you reside in a state that follows California emission regulations, your warranty will be ten years and 150,000 miles. 

Toyota has extended the warranty coverage from 2020. The 10-year/150,000-mile battery guarantee is now standard on all newer models. You should go to your local dealership for assistance and a gratis replacement if your hybrid battery breaks down while this guarantee still covers it. 

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What are the symptoms that indicate your Toyota Prius battery needs replacement? 

repairing a Prius battery

The warning signs of a degrading Toyota Prius battery differ slightly from those of a standard car. However, there are a few symptoms you may look out for to see if your Toyota Prius battery needs replacement.  

Decrease in fuel efficiency 

One of the important reasons people buy a Prius is its excellent fuel efficiency. When a Prius battery needs replacement, the fuel economy will decline as the batteries get older. 

Battery losing charge 

Another typical sign that your hybrid’s battery isn’t functioning properly is that it can no longer maintain a charge. Simply put, the battery loses energy even after being fully charged. 

Fluctuation in the battery while driving 

The ‘state of charge’ sign inside your Prius will change while you’re driving. It indicates a failing battery since the charge indicator would unsteadily climb or decrease. 

Combustion engine operates more often 

The Prius runs primarily on battery power daily. If you’ve driven your Prius enough, you’ll be familiar with the moment the combustion engine takes control. You’ll notice that a bad battery causes the combustion engine to start up more frequently since it can’t store enough power. Additionally, you can hear strange noises since the combustion engine gets used often. 

How often must you replace your Prius battery?   


Make sure you regularly replace the Prius battery every 8-10 years or 100,000-150,000 miles. Then, if you take care of it, you might never have to be concerned about Prius battery replacement cost. You can always fix a battery if you experience problems with it. But understand that fixes, though, will be temporary. 

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What happens if you don’t replace a Prius battery? 

The hybrid battery pack is in danger of failing if the P0A80 code shows up. However, even if the battery fully dies, you can still drive the Prius as long as it has fuel. Unfortunately, auto stop-start, brake regeneration, and EV-only driving capabilities won’t be available. So, your main problem will significantly lower fuel economy. 

Because the Prius is a parallel hybrid, it may still run on battery power or gasoline. However, since this is how the car was intended to operate, you should get both components working at their peak efficiency. So, always do the replacement on time to avoid a hefty Prius battery replacement cost. 

How much does a Prius battery replacement cost if you use a refurbished one? 

You must consider the labor costs because they will always be an inflating factor. Including labor charges, the price of a used Prius battery ranges between $1,700-$3,600. For a refurbished Prius battery, you should expect to pay between $1,600-$5,000, including labor costs.  

Can you drive a Prius with a failing battery?  

You can drive a Prius with a dead battery. However, the fuel economy will decline, and expect the ride to be rough. Therefore, getting the Toyota Prius checked out as soon as possible is crucial if the battery fails. It’s best to get a fix as soon as possible, even though you can still drive. Regular checks will help you avoid a high Toyota Prius battery replacement cost.  

How can you make the Prius battery last longer? 

Proper maintenance can always avoid the high cost of replacing the Prius battery. Follow these steps to ensure your batteries last longer. 

  • Make sure the cooling system is always in good working order 
  • Inspect the battery regularly 
  • Repair the cabin filter if it is malfunctioning 

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