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How Much Does Touch Up Paint for a Car Cost?

  • Auto Insurance
  • Natasha Young
  • 4 minutes

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Careful driving can save you from accidents, but what about scratches? Well, not all time. It can be your fault or others’ sometimes. Chances are you could encounter scratches that take some paint off your car. It’s not the end of the world, but it does make your stunning car look less pristine. Luckily, it’s easy to fix a small scratch or scuff with touch-up paint. But how much does touch up paint for a car cost? Read to know. 

how much does touch up paint for a car cost

When should you touch up the paint on your car? 

Even though a scratch in the paint is easy to see, there are a few other times when you might want to touch up the paint on your car. 

Sun damage 

It’s inevitable if you see too many sunny days per year. Exposure to the sun causes the paint to fade and the clear coat on top of the paint to break down. Most sun damage appears on the parts of the car that face up, like the hood, the roof, and the trunk.  

Body panels fixes 

Let’s say you had to replace or repair your car parts and the new ones have a disparity in color. Then they will need a touch-up paint job to look better. 

Before selling 

If you want to sell your car, you should give it a little touch-up paint to get the most money. 

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How much does touch-up paint for a car cost?  

Touch-up repairs won’t make your car look brand new, but they will be much cheaper and look much better than body shop work. They will keep the damage from worsening and should last as long as you own the car. The cost varies according to the type of damage you are dealing with. 

In the case of minor damages, small paint chips, scratches, and scrapes, you’ll have to pay between $150 and $250. Touch-up works great for small, small chips and scratches on the surface. The cost to fix dents in each panel will be about $75.  

In the case of major damages, you might want to get your car’s paint sprayed instead of just touching it up. If a vertical surface, like a car door, has moderate damage, you can use a mobile spray paint service. This could be your best option if any of your car panels are broken. It will cost you between $200 and $400. 

You’ll need a professional if your car has moderate to major damage on a horizontal surface, like your car’s hood. Brownie points, cause professional setup can give you a clean, well-ventilated room free of dust. A panel can cost anywhere from $250 to $600, depending on the shop and where you live. 

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How often does car paint need touch-ups? 

If you see a small scratch on your car’s paint that hasn’t gone through the primer, there’s no need to rush to get it fixed. You don’t have to get the paint right away. You should be worried about the damage that has caused the bare metal to show. In other words, you only need touch-ups for real paint damage unless you’re crazy about driving a perfect car. 

Should I tell DMV if I touch up my car’s paint? 

No! Not when you maintain the color of your car. It’s a good idea to let the DMV know that you painted your car and changed its color. For identification purposes, the DMV has a record of your car that includes the color of the car. 

When police stop you for speeding, they will look at these files. This could cause confusion if the color on file doesn’t match the color of your car now. If you paint your car with an entirely different color, let the DMW know so that there are no misunderstandings. 


Should I inform my insurance provider if I touch up my car’s paint? 

No, it won’t be necessary. Car insurance is meant to cover things that happen quickly and out of the blue. It doesn’t cover normal wear and tear, which includes dents, scratches, door dings, and overall paint damage that can happen over time. If you change the color of your car’s paint, you may need to let your car insurance company know. 

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