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Car Maintenance Cost: How Much For A Car Service?

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Without regular maintenance and servicing, your car’s performance could quickly run into serious trouble in the future. But how much will car maintenance cost you every year?

Maintaining your car is more than just ensuring you drive it properly and ensuring it has a full tank of gas. As any driver may know, every vehicle needs constant servicing at regular periods to ensure the car is in optimal working condition. This not only gives you better performance but also ensures the car’s value does not depreciate too quickly!

Unfortunately, in the hopes of saving on maintenance costs, many of us tend to skip or delay routine maintenance. Here, we break down how much car maintenance will cost you and why it’s not worth delaying it.

On average, basic maintenance costs like oil change and pressure checks won’t cost more than $100 per year. Replacing parts may cost slightly more – up to $250 per year. If you ignore the warning signs, unexpected repairs can spiral as high as $5000.

Car maintenance costs

How important is car maintenance?

Doing regular and routine car maintenance can help keep your engine and all other moving parts in good condition. Not only does it help you identify issues with the car in the early stage, but it also ensures the vital components of the vehicle like brake pads, computer system, and suspension are in optimal working condition.

The benefits of regular car maintenance include:

  • Ensure moving parts like pistons and gears are in great working condition
  • Ensure fluid checks, tire pressure checks, oil changes, electric system checks, and more for maintaining performance
  • Keep your car’s resale value high with a full-service history from your side
  • Save money in the long run by preventing major breakdowns and part replacements

What are the major car maintenance costs?

Routine Maintenance

Though it can vary depending on your vehicle, routine maintenance is usually mandated after every 5000 miles. Routine maintenance will cover oil changes, tire checks, wiper checks, and brake pad replacement among other things. The routine car maintenance costs can be summed up as below:

MaintenanceFrequencyAverage Cost
Oil ChangeEvery 5000-6000 miles$35-$75
Tire RotationEvery 5000-8000 miles$25-$100
Basic InspectionEvery 5000 miles$150-$200
Wiper ReplacementEvery 6 months$20-$45
Brake Pad ReplacementEvery 10,000 miles$120-$300

Replacing parts

It is normal for some moving parts of your vehicle to undergo wear and tear over time. These need to be replaced in a timely manner before they break down completely and cause massive damage to your internal parts.

Spare parts for luxury vehicles inevitably cost more than regular vehicles. The market cost can also increase depending on inflation and supply shortages in the market. Here are the costs of replacing some common parts:

Vehicle PartFrequencyAverage Cost
Tire replacementEvery 6 years$100-$250
Brake pad replacementEvery 15,000-20,000 miles$40-$80
Air filter replacementEvery 20,000-30,000 miles$120-$350

Unexpected Repairs

Nearly 3 out of 10 drivers experience an unexpected repair on their vehicle every year. This could range from anything like a scratched/dented fender, broken windscreen or rearview mirrors, blown tires, and more.

Even regular maintenance cannot help avoid such repairs – they’re just the hazards of owning a vehicle. Here are the average car maintenance costs from unexpected repairs:

Unexpected RepairsExpected Cost
Blown Tires$100-$250
Damage due to weather$1500-$2500
Collision damage$100-$3000
Transmission problems$1200-$5000
Dead battery$50-$300
Engine overheating$200-$350
Broken starter motor$200-$1200

What is the average cost of having a car serviced?

That’s a very subjective question. However, a ballpark figure would be around $100-150 per year for a regular commuter vehicle. Luxury vehicles will have higher maintenance costs in tune with their brand value and sophistication.

How long does car maintenance take?

Servicing a car does not take too long if there are just routine checks and inspections to cover. Standard interim car maintenance can be completed in two hours. A full service can take up to three hours.

However, if the vehicle needs a detailed inspection, replacement of parts, testing the computer system, etc., it will take between 6-12 hours to check, diagnose, and rectify.

car maintenance costs

Tips to reduce car maintenance costs

  • Avoid rash driving. Subjecting your vehicle to speeding, hard turns, punching on the gas, and generally treating your vehicle like a race car can be detrimental in the long run.
  • Complete preventive maintenance checks every few weeks. This includes checking the spark plugs, belts, hoses, and fuel filters.
  • Use the correct oil for your vehicle to prevent sludge buildup, friction from wear and tear, and overheating.
  • Have a good auto insurance policy to cover unexpected damages and repairs.
  • Subscribe to a vehicle savings plan like Way+ to save more on car services.


Car maintenance costs

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