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How Much Does an Engine Swap Cost? An In-Depth Look

  • Cars Explained
  • Ray Sanders
  • 5 minutes

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Sometimes, engine repairs can be exorbitantly expensive in a way that you realize that an engine swap could be a more economical option to keep your car in running shape. Swaps are also a good option if you’re looking for a performance upgrade. But every repair or replacement surrounding an engine is costly, and an engine swap is no exception. We’ll see how much an engine swap is and the factors affecting the cost of an engine swap in this article.¬†

Why should you swap out your car’s engine?¬†

A need to replace your car’s engine with a new (or an old) one arises in two situations. One is when your car’s engine has been damaged beyond repair, and the other is when you want to improve your car’s performance. You can simply plonk a powerful engine onto your car to extract a desired power output and¬†fire your car to blazing speeds. ¬†

However, we do not advise performing an engine replacement on your car when it’s fairly new, as it can void its warranty. ¬†

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How much is an engine swap? 

Engine swap costs depend upon various factors, like your car model, the type of engine you want to swap with, the swap kit, and the labor costs in your area. Expect to shell out around $3000 to $10000 for a regular engine swap.

However, high-performance or luxury car engine swap costs can cost an arm and a leg. These swaps can cost you over 20000 dollars, thanks to the expensive parts and the labor complexity involved.  

Factors affecting the cost of an engine swap 

As discussed above, the cost of replacing the engine on your car depends on various factors. Let’s look into all of them in detail:¬†

Cost of the engine 

Engine cost is the most important aspect that decides the total cost of an engine swap. Engines are expensive and can cost you in the range of $500 to $20000 depending upon your car’s make and model and the engine condition (new, old, or rebuilt). ¬†

For example, if you plan to swap out your car’s engine with the¬†same engine as the existing one, it won’t cost you much. This is because the engine will perfectly fit into the bay and won’t need any additional parts to make it work. However, don’t expect cheap bills if your car already has a top-of-the-line engine, as the replacement engine will be equally expensive. ¬†

You may need to shell out a lot of money if you’re eyeing a performance upgrade with an engine swap. Custom build engines are expensive and require a handful of aftermarket performance parts to supplement their operation. These include a better air intake, exhaust systems, advanced brakes, etc. ¬†

Labor cost 

Engine repairs and replacements are heavily labor intensive, and that reflects on its bills. Again, labor costs for an engine replacement depend on the type and complexity of an engine. You may need to pay around $2000 to $3000 as labor charges for an engine swap. 


Transmission costs 

The existing transmission system on your car need not suffice if you have replaced¬†your car with an upgraded engine with a better power output. In this case, you’ll have to install a new transmission system on your car, costing you around $3000.

However, you can also find some used examples on the market in mint condition, which would help you save a lot on expenses. You can find transmission systems of pre-owned cars for rates as low as $300 to $3000. This again depends on the car’s make and model.

Transmission replacement costs don’t matter in the case of a direct replacement. This is because the existing transmission will work well with the new engine.


Swap kit 

Swap kits include those car parts that supplement an engine replacement. These parts will add around $1000 to $6000 to the engine swap cost. However, you might not need all parts in a swap kit like new fuel pumps or gaskets for your car. Thus, identifying if your car needs a swap kit is the key to reducing your engine swap expenses.  

Car type 

Lastly, your vehicle type plays a key role in determining your engine swap cost. You won’t need to spend tons of money on an engine replacement if you drive a popular car like a Honda Accord. This is because you’ll find plenty of engines in working condition in the market. Similarly, engine replacement costs will drive up if you drive an expensive, high-performance car like a Lamborghini or a Ferrari.¬†


An engine swap is the best way to fix an engine beyond repair or improve your car’s performance. However, make sure to do proper research regarding the availability of parts, labor, and all the expenses surrounding it to avoid getting hit with big bills. ¬†

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