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How much is long-term parking at Tampa Airport? | Rates, Sunpass & More

  • Airport Parking Guide
  • Gerard Stevens
  • 9 minutes

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With thousands of passengers using the terminals daily, Tampa International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the country. You know how busy the airport is if you’ve flown out of the airport. And one of the concerns will be about getting secure long-term Tampa Airport parking if flying out for a day or a few days! Most of us may prefer to drive to the airport if we’re traveling with family or have a lot of baggage. So, is it easy to get a long-term parking spot at Tampa Airport? How much does it cost? Tampa Airport Parking offers long-term parking via four lots that charge you between $12 and $32. So, how to get long-term parking at Tampa Airport? Does offsite parking offer cheaper parking rates? Read more to find out!  

TPA Parking

About Tampa Airport Parking 

Getting onsite parking is easy if you plan about it while booking your flight ticket. You can get Tampa Airport parking via these four main lots. 

  • Short Term Garage¬†
  • Long Term Garage¬†
  • Economy Garage & Lot¬†
  • Valet Parking¬†

What makes onsite parking lots convenient? You can connect to the terminals easily from all these lots via walking or through the airport’s SkyConnect system. How can you ensure an onsite parking spot? The easiest way is to book the spot through the airport’s pre-paid online booking system. Provide the date and time of your flight while booking via the website, and you can easily reserve a spot near your terminal.  

Tip: All the parking lots are well-lit and offer covered parking. 

Long-term airport parking 

All four main onsite parking lots provide long-term parking at the airport. Since all these lots offer covered parking spaces, you can park your car in these spaces without any tension. Having a secure parking spot for your car can gift you a relaxed flight too! 

Which are the best lots for long-term Tampa Airport parking? 

Head to the Economy Garage & Lot and Long Term Garage if you want to have economical long-term parking in the airport. 

Economy Garage & Lot 

This lot provides the ideal long-term parking option at the airport. You can locate this lot to the south of the Main Terminal. How much do you have to pay while using long-term parking at this lot? You can get a daily parking spot for $12 per day.  

Are you worried about getting to the terminal? The lot easily connects to the Main Terminal by a SkyConnect train. You can access the station from the elevators located at Level 1 of this garage. Another reason you want to prefer this lot is that it is the only Tampa Airport parking lot that can accommodate tall vehicles.  

Long Term Garage 

Use this lot for long-term parking if you’re particular about having a parking spot near the Main Terminal. Parking in this lot for a day costs you a maximum of $20 per day. You can access the Main Terminal by using the pedestrian walkway available on Level 4.  

Short-term Tampa Airport parking 

All the onsite lots in the airport provide short-term parking. Some of these lots offer free parking for a short duration too. So, make sure you know well about the short-term Tampa Airport parking rates before booking your parking spot. 

Short Term Garage 

Parking in this lot is ideal if you’re planning for a short stay at the airport. You can locate this lot in Levels 4-9 right above the Main terminal. Parking in this lot will be a convenient option when traveling with family as you never need to leave the garage. So, what about the short-term parking rates? 

Parking is complimentary if you use the lot for up to 60 minutes. The rate will be $4 if you park in the lot for 60-80 minutes. Parking in this lot will cost you a minimum of $2 for every additional 20 minutes.  

What about the daily parking rate? Parking in Short Term Garage for a day costs you $24. So, it is better to use long-term parking in this lot only of the Economy and Long Term garages fill up! 

Using short-term parking in Long Term and Economy Garages 

Long Term Garage can be a good option for short-term parking considering its proximity to Main Terminal. The lot offers you complimentary parking for the first 60 minutes. Parking in this lot charges you $4 if you park your car for 60-80 minutes. After that, parking in this lot charges you a minimum of $2 for every additional 20 minutes. 

Are you traveling to the airport in a tall vehicle? Do you need short-term Tampa Airport parking? Then head to the Economy Garage. Unlike other lots, Economy Garage provides free parking for only the first 15 minutes. The parking charge will be $1 if you use the lot for the next 15-20 minutes. Then, the rate increases by $1 for every additional 20 minutes you park your vehicle.  

Valet Parking 

Do you want to have relaxed parking at the airport? Choosing to use Valet Parking will eliminate the hassle of circling the onsite lots and searching for a convenient parking spot. However, currently, this service is unavailable. When open, how much will Valet Parking cost you? For short-term parking, using the valet parking costs you $2 for 30 minutes. The minimum short-term parking rate in this lot is $5. If you need long-term parking, it will cost you $32 per day. So, you can use Valet Parking if you don’t want to spend much time parking your car. 

How can you access the Main Terminal? Take a short walk from the lot, and you will find elevator access to the terminal. 

Cheapest parking near Tampa Airport 

Is there free parking at Tampa Airport? 

Yes, the airport offers free parking while using the Cell Phone Lot. You can locate this lot south of the Main Terminal, across from Economy Garage. Vehicles of any height can enter this lot. You can park your car in this lot while you wait for the passenger. Drive to the Main Terminal curbside pick-up when the passenger comes out. It is nearly a five-minute drive from the Cell Phone Lot to the pick-up area.  

What more to expect at this lot? Of course, the lot offers you free Wi-Fi so that you can avoid boredom while waiting to pick up the passenger. The lot also has restrooms, and vending machines and displays real-time flight information. An EV charging station is also available in the Cell Phone Lot.  

How to save time while using Tampa Airport parking 

The long waiting times to make the payments while exiting a parking lot always troubles you at many airports. It is one of the reasons why you may opt to park your car in offsite garages or hotel parking lots. But, there are ways to save your time while using onsite parking. What are the options?  

The best option is to pre-book your parking spot. You can make the payment online when you book the parking spot via the airport’s website. It guarantees a parking spot. Then all you have to do is drive to the airport, park, and exit after use.  

How to use SunPass Plus for long-term parking at Tampa Airport

Parking is quite easy at Tampa Airport if you hold a SunPass Plus account. A SunPass Plus account holder can park their car in short-term, long-term, and Economy garages.  

How can you use the SunPass Plus account at the parking lots? All the lots will have an exclusive lane for SunPass Plus account holders. At each lot, a computer will read your SunPass transponder while you enter. You can park your car when the gate arm opens. While exiting the lot, make sure that you’re using the SunPass lane. The computer will again read the transponder, and the parking fee will be calculated depending on the parking duration.  

More ways to get free parking at the airport  

  • The Short Term and¬†Long Term¬†garages provide free parking for up to the first 60 minutes. Economy Parking provides complimentary parking for the first 15 minutes. Reach the airport on time for pick up or drop off so that you can make use of this free parking.¬†
  • Use the ‚ÄėFlight Status‚Äô available on the airport‚Äôs website. This feature gives you real-time updates on the flight arrivals and departures so that you can plan your drive to the airport accordingly. This feature is very convenient when you‚Äôre going to pick up someone.¬†¬†

Do Tampa Airport Parking lots have EV charging stations? 

Yes, all the onsite parking lots have EV charging stations, including the Cell Phone Lot. The Short Term, Long Term, and Economy garages have around 14 designated parking spots for EV vehicles. The spots are allotted on a first-come, first-serve basis.   

Offsite parking options near the airport 

You know how hard it will be to get a parking spot in one of the busiest airports in the country. You may find the parking rate even more expensive if you manage to get a parking spot. If so, check out for the offsite garages or hotel parking lots. Many offsite lots near the airport offer long-term parking for rates starting as low as $3 per day. The parking comes with amenities like camera surveillance, 24/7 security, and more. Always use the Way.com app or website to find Tampa International Airport parking spots at cheaper rates! 

Some info about Tampa Airport 

  • Tampa airport served up to 20 million passengers annually before the pandemic.¬†
  • It has non-stop flights to around 93 destinations.¬†¬†

Address:‚ÄĮ4100 George J Bean Pkwy, Tampa, FL 33607¬†

Contact Number:‚ÄĮ(813)¬†870¬†8700¬†

Cheap Tampa Airport parking


Tips on Tampa Airport parking 

  • Economy Garage & Lot is the most economical choice for long-term parking.¬†
  • Valet Parking is currently unavailable.¬†
  • All parking lots have accessible parking.¬†
  • You can park your vehicle in any of the onsite parking lots for a maximum of 45 days.¬†¬†
  • Use the parking reminder cards to locate your car easily on returning. The cards are located near the elevator call buttons.¬†¬†
  • Use the Cell Phone lot for getting free parking while at the airport to pick up a passenger.

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