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How much is parking at Atlanta Airport?

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How do you feel when flying from the world’s busiest airport? It is quite possible that flying out of Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL), commonly known as Atlanta Airport, will give you quite a headache. Why is this so? Getting an Atlanta Airport parking is as hard as beating the US Men’s National Basketball team! As frequent flyers from the airport know, it’s more often than not that they drive up to the onsite lots only to find them sold out.

On top of that, finding an affordable Atlanta Airport parking spot during holidays or peak seasons is nearly impossible. Worse, you may even miss your flight while searching for a perfect parking spot. Is there a solution to parking woes at Atlanta Airport? Where can you find parking at and near the airport? Here’s some info!  

About Atlanta Airport 

Located around seven miles from the Downtown Atlanta district, it is the primary airport that serves Atlanta. The airport served more than 100 million passengers a year before the pandemic hit and was the world’s busiest airport from 1998-2019. Delta Airlines has its primary hub in this airport, the world’s largest airline hub. Atlanta airport features two terminals and seven concourses.  

Address: 6000 N Terminal Pkwy, Atlanta, GA 30320 

Contact number: (800)897 1910 

Atlanta Airport parking

The airport has separate lots for domestic and international travelers. All these lots offer onsite short-term and long-term parking. The thumb rule you have to follow is to pre-book an onsite parking spot when you book your ticket. It will surely give you a hassle-free drive to the airport and a relaxed flight.  

How much does it cost to park at Atlanta Airport? 

  • The ATL short-term lot charges you $3 per hour. The rate increases by $4 per hour when you park in the lot for 3-6 hours. The Hourly parking lot is the most expensive for long-term parking as it charges you $36 per day. 
  • The Daily Parking lot offers you covered parking at $3 per hour. Using the Daily Parking lot will cost $19 for long-term parking. 
  • Parking in the Economy lot costs you $3 per hour. The Economy parking lot charges you a maximum of $14 per day.  

Parking for domestic travelers 

Domestic travelers can use the Hourly Parking (North and South lots), Daily Parking, Economy, ATL West Parking, ATL Select, and Park-Ride lots for short-term and long-term Atlanta Airport parking.  

Short-term: The Hourly lots are close to the terminal entrances. 

Long-term: The Economy Parking lot will be ideal if you opt for long-term parking. 

Parking for international travelers 

The International Hourly and International Park Ride are the two Atlanta Airport parking lots that provide short-term and long-term parking for international travelers.  

The International Hourly lot features around 1,100 parking spaces and is near check-in and arrivals. Short-term parking in this lot for the first and second hours charges you $3 per hour. After that, the charge rises to $4 per hour for 3-6 hours. The maximum daily parking rate while using the lot is $36. Parking at the lot for additional days costs you $36 per day. 

International Park Ride offers around 2,400 parking spaces. You can locate the parking space on Maynard H. Jackson, Jr Boulevard, west of Loop Road. In addition, the lot offers free round-trip shuttle services, which take around three minutes to reach. Hourly parking in this lot costs you $3 per hour, and long-term parking costs you a maximum of $14 per day.  

More Atlanta Airport parking options 

The world’s busiest airport needs to have ample parking spaces. The airport recently opened two lots – ATL West Parking and ATL Select, to accommodate the increasing domestic passenger traffic. Using the ATL West Parking lot charges you $3 per hour for the first three hours. The rate surges to $16 after three hours, and the maximum daily parking rate is $16 per day. Using the parking for additional days will cost you $16 per day.  

ATL Select offers covered and uncovered Atlanta Airport parking spaces. The uncovered parking charges $3 per hour for the first four hours, increasing to $14 per day. After that, $3 per hour will be charged for the first three hours for uncovered parking, increasing to $10 per day. The lot also offers parking for oversized vehicles. Using this lot for the first four hours charges you $6 per hour, which increases to $28.  

How do you get Economy parking at Atlanta Airport? 

The North and South Economy lots are located near the parking platforms. You can get to these lots via Interstate 85 South and North, Interstate 75 South and North, and Camp Creek Parkway.

How much is ATL West parking? 

ATL West parking costs $ 3/ hour for the first three hours and $ 16/ day after 3 hours.  

How to get a designated Atlanta Airport parking spot 

Are you tired of looking for an onsite parking spot every time you fly out of Atlanta Airport? Do you wish to have a designated parking spot in the airport to drive in, park, and catch the flight? Then try out parking at the Gold Reserve lot. 

When enrolling in the Gold Reserve Parking service, you are guaranteed a parking spot on the ground level of the parking deck near the South and North terminals. The service is suitable for those who use Atlanta Airport parking for at least 12 days a year.  

Tip: You can always pre-pay and reserve a guaranteed onsite parking spot through the airport’s website. The booking can be made 24 hours before your flight.  

Offsite parking options 

You might have had a stressful flight if you had circled the onsite lots several times, looking for a secure parking spot. So, most of us will try to pre-book a parking spot. However, that won’t guarantee you a parking spot if the airport experiences heavy passenger traffic. So, it is better to check the offsite garages or hotel parking which offers secure parking like the onsite lots.  

Several offsite garages offer hourly parking starting at $1 per hour and long-term parking for as low as $3 per day. The parking includes amenities like camera surveillance and 24-hour security, and many garages and hotels even provide free shuttle services to the airport. Use the Way.com app or website to book perfect parking near Atlanta Airport.   

Atlanta Airport parking

Tips for Atlanta Airport parking 

  • Always pre-book a parking spot if you’re looking for onsite airport parking. If not, check the status of onsite parking lots before you travel to the airport.  
  • Park-Ride Lot C reopened in July and charges you $10 per day for parking. Lot A remains closed. 
  • Domestic travelers can use the Economy Parking lot if they’re looking for affordable long-term Atlanta Airport parking. 
  • The Cell Phone lot in Atlanta Airport has around 160 parking spaces. It offers free parking when you’re at the airport to drop off someone.  
  • The onsite parking lots have around 275 EV charging stations. 

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