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How much is parking at Fort Lauderdale Airport 

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  • Gerard Stevens
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Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Airport (FLL), one of the world’s busiest airports, primarily serves the city of Fort Lauderdale. Fort Lauderdale Airport is also one of the airports that serve the Miami Metropolitan area. So, what makes the airport popular among travelers? The airport is around three miles from the cruise line terminals of Port Everglades. People who plan to the Caribbean or destinations in Europe or the Middle East prefer to fly out of Fort Lauderdale Airport. So FLL parking is always hard to get! Travelers flock to the airport when flights from the Miami International Airport get fully booked. It again makes getting an onsite FLL parking nearly impossible. So, what are the onsite parking options in the airport? Is onsite parking affordable? If not, what are the other parking options? Read more to know in detail!  

About Fort Lauderdale Airport 

The airport is around three miles southwest of Downtown Fort Lauderdale and 21 miles north of Miami. Fort Lauderdale Airport is an intercontinental gateway with more than 700 flights to 135 international and domestic destinations. The airport also serves as the primary South Florida airport for Southwest Airlines. Fort Lauderdale Airport features four terminals (1-4) and has 66 gates. 

Address: 100 Terminal Dr, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315 

Contact number: (954)359 1200 

About FLL parking 

The airport features around 12,000 parking spots connected with all four airport terminal complexes. Palm and Hibiscus garages are the two main lots that provide onsite FLL parking. Both these lots offer short-term and long-term parking.  

Short-term parking: You can find the short-term parking spots at Level 2 of Hibiscus Garage and Level 1 of Palm Garage. Using this lot charges you $3 per hour. The maximum daily parking in this lot will charge you $36. 

Long-term parking: You can find the long-term parking spots at Hibiscus Garage (levels 3-7), Palm Garage (levels 2-4), and Cypress Garage (levels 7-9). These onsite parking spots are perfect for long-term parking as it charges you $15 per day. Using these spots for hourly parking charges you $3 per hour.  

Tip: The Economy Parking lot in the airport is not operating.   

FLL parking from $4

What are the other FLL parking options? 

Though you may feel that the airport has ample parking spots, these tend to get filled up soon. Looking for onsite FLL parking during holidays or peak seasons is sure to disappoint you. The parking options were limited as the Economy Parking lot was closed. So, where to park your car if the Palm and Hibiscus garages are busy or full? There’s no need to get tensed. There are other ways to get hassle-free parking at Fort Lauderdale Airport. 

Overflow Parking 

This lot is a savior when the onsite lots get flooded with other cars. You can always park your car in this lot if you fail to find a parking spot in the main lots. Using the long-term parking at the Overflow Parking charges you $10 per day, which is even less than what Palm and Hibiscus garages charges you. You can imagine how difficult it is to find an onsite FLL parking spot during peak hours or seasons. So, head directly to the Overflow Parking lot so that you can try to find a parking spot without the hassle of driving around the main lots. 

Curbside Valet 

Do you wish to avoid the tension of getting an onsite parking spot? Then you can use the Curbside Valet service in the airport. Fort Lauderdale Airport features three valet stations at the onsite lots. Just drive up the lots, hand over your car, get the valet ticket, and walk directly to the terminal. Using this service will charge you $25 per day.  

Offsite parking options near the airport 

Always remember to check out the offsite garages and hotel parking lots when you plan to fly out of the airport. Since the onsite lots tend to be expensive, you can always get a parking spot near the airport at cheaper rates. Many of the offsite lots offer hourly parking starting at $1 per hour. Long-term parking rates are generally cheap. The long-term parking rates start as low as $3 per day. So, you can book an offsite parking spot if you find the onsite parking rates expensive. Visit the Way.com website or use the Way app to get affordable Fort Lauderdale Airport parking with added amenities.  

FLL parking

Some key info on FLL parking 

  • Palm and Hibiscus garages offer the main onsite parking spots. 
  • Park in the Overflow Parking lot if the main lots are full.  
  • You can locate the Cell Phone Lot on the east side of the airport. The lot allows free parking for up to 15 minutes. 
  • The Economy Parking lot is closed. 
  • The real-time Space Finder parking system gives info on the number of available FLL parking spots in each garage. Check the color-coded lights at each aisle. A green light indicates the availability of a parking spot, whereas red light indicates the aisle is full.  

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