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How much is parking at Hobby Airport?

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  • Gerard Stevens
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Are you planning to fly out of Houston on Southwest Airlines? Chances are you’ll head to the William P. Hobby Airport (HOU), the city’s oldest commercial airport covering around 1,304 acres. Though the airport may have lost its prime position as Houston’s primary airport once the George Bush Intercontinental Airport opened in 1969, the airport remains one of the busiest in the country. The airport served up to 13-15 million passengers before the pandemic. With people starting to travel more, the airport is witnessing a surge in passenger traffic. With that happening, will it be difficult to get a Hobby Airport parking spot? Yes, if you don’t have an idea about where to park and how much it will cost you. Here are more details on HOU parking lots and the tips to get a Hobby Airport parking spot! 

About William P. Hobby Airport  

Sprawling in 1,304 acres, Hobby Airport is just around seven miles from Downtown Houston. The airport features a single terminal with 30 gates. Southwest Airlines has one of the operating bases in this airport. 

Address: 7800 Airport Blvd, Houston, TX 77061 

Contact number: (713)640 3000 

About onsite Hobby Airport parking 

Getting an onsite parking spot can give you a headache at Hobby Airport, especially during peak hours or seasons. So, it is wise that you know about the onsite parking options and plan on getting a parking spot while you book the flight ticket. The airport features three main lots that offer short-term and long-term parking. 

  • Terminal Red Garage 
  • Terminal Blue Garage 
  • Ecopark 

Terminal Red and Blue garages 

Terminal garages are the ideal option if you want to use short-term parking near the terminal. These are the two self-parking garages that are near the terminal. Parking in this lot for the first hour costs you $5. The rate increases to $6 in the next hour, $8 for 2-3 hours, and $10 for 3-5 hours. If you park your car for more than five hours, the parking rate surges to the maximum daily rate of $20 per day.  

What makes Terminal garages more convenient? Getting a Hobby Airport parking spot is easy as it can be booked online via its website. And, both these garages feature automated parking locator systems! 


Are you looking for long-term Hobby Airport parking? Then, drive up and park your car at the Ecopark lot. Using this lot will cost you $6 for the first three hours of parking. After three hours, the parking rate increases to $10, the daily maximum rate you need to pay at this lot. The lot offers uncovered parking with free shuttle services available to and from the terminal. The shuttle service operates from 5.30 AM to midnight via the airport’s Ambassador program.  

Hobby Airport parking

More Hobby Airport parking services 

Using the Valet Parking service is the best option if you don’t wish to drive around the parking lots searching for a secure parking spot. Valet Parking is available on the second level of Terminal Red Garage. The first two hours of parking will cost you $14. Using the service for 2-24 hours charges you $24 per day. Though the rates are expensive, Valet Parking seems a good option if you need hassle-free parking with great features. 

  • It offers covered parking spaces. 
  • Complimentary bottle of water. 
  • Can book the service online. 
  • The parking lot accepts cash and major credit cards. 

Corporate Parking program 

This program is beneficial for businesses wanting to save on airport expenses with a special corporate rate. It includes features like free parking. Enrolling in the program will provide discounts when you use Hobby Airport parking and parking in George Bush Intercontinental Airport. The program has the following benefits. 

  • It provides convenient parking options. 
  • Helps in reducing the company travel expenses. 
  • It provides individual online accounts for your corporate team.  
  • No need to stand on cashier lines as you get Ticketless Access Cards. 
  • Passengers do get free parking or air miles by joining the airport’s Parking Plus Frequent Parking Program. 

How to use free Hobby Airport parking 

Like many airports, Hobby Airport has a Cell Phone lot. You can locate the lot at westbound Airport Boulevard, near the entrance to the airport. The lot is open every day, and you can use it if you’re at the airport for a few minutes. Ensure that you never leave the vehicle unattended.  

Offsite parking near Hobby Airport 

It is wise always to check the offsite garages and hotel parking lots as the onsite lots may fill up quickly. You will be surprised to find many offsite lots that offer parking rates at a lower rate than the onsite lots. The daily parking rate in these lots starts for as little as $3 per day. The daily parking rate is less when compared to the long-term parking rate in the Ecopark Lot. Most of these lots also offer free round-trip shuttle services to the airport so you can have a relaxed journey to the airport. Use the Way.com app or website to book William P. Hobby Airport parking spots at affordable rates with great amenities.  

Tips for Hobby Airport parking 

  • Try to reserve a parking spot online while you book the flight ticket.  
  • Visit the airport’s website to check the onsite parking availability status. It helps you to decide on the parking spot if you haven’t pre-booked.  
  • Ecopark Lot is the ideal option for long-term onsite parking. 
  • Terminal Red Garage features a Valet Parking service on the second level. 
  • EV charging stations are available in Ecopark Lot and Terminal Garages. 
  • Ensure to check the offsite parking options before you book a Hobby Airport parking spot. 

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