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How much is parking at New Orleans Airport 

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New Orleans City is renowned for its Creole cuisine, distinctive music, festivals, and unique dialects. Is that it? No, the city also boasts the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport (MSY), the second lowest-lying international airport at an average height of 4.5 feet above sea level. The airport became world-renowned when it evacuated around 30,000 New Orleans residents during Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Then New Orleans airport became the busiest airport in the country! The airport is one of the busiest as it serves as a major airport for the New Orleans metropolitan area and southeast Louisiana. But what about New Orleans Airport parking? Is it difficult to get an onsite parking spot? The airport has ample parking spaces that you can use while flying out of the city. There are also plenty of offsite parking options near MSY Airport. 

About New Orleans International Airport  

New Orleans Airport is about 11 miles west of downtown New Orleans. The city of New Orleans owns the airport. The closeness to the city center makes the airport very popular among the residents. The airport features a single terminal that has three concourses (A-C) and 35 gates. Concourse A has six gates and serves all international flights.  

Address: 1 Terminal Dr, Kenner, LA 70062 

 Contact number: (504) 303 7500 

Info: New Orleans Airport comes under the Class B airspace classification.  

About New Orleans Airport parking 

The airport tends to get busy as New Orleans city is a major commercial and economic hub.  However, you needn’t worry about getting an onsite parking spot as ample parking spaces are set up at the airport. New Orleans Airport parking offers around 8,000 parking spaces via four main lots – Short Term, Long Term, Surface, and Economy. All these onsite lots offer short-term and long-term parking.  

Short Term Parking Garage 

It is the most economical lot if you’re looking for short-term New Orleans Airport parking. The lot features around 2,190 parking spots. The first 30 minutes of parking is provided for free in this lot. Then, the lot charges you $2 for every additional 30 minutes you use the parking. The maximum daily parking rate in this lot is $22. The 4th floor of the garage has a walkway that directly connects to the third level of the terminal, at the ticketing and check-in area.  

Long Term Parking 

The Long Term Parking lot has around 2,750 parking spots and is the best option for overnight parking. This lot is located across the arrivals area on the east side of the airport. Parking in this lot charges you $4 for the first 30 minutes. After that, parking in this lot costs you $2 for each additional 30 minutes. Getting long-term parking in this lot costs you $20 per day.  

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Surface Lot 

Do you want to have a convenient parking spot near the terminal? The head to Surface lot and park your car there. The lot is just a few walks away from the terminal. However, there are only around 685 parking spots available in this lot. You get complimentary parking for the first 30 minutes. Using the parking lot for every additional 30 minutes charges you $2. You can get long-term parking in this lot for $18 per day. The lot may get filled up quickly as it offers the best parking rates compared to other onsite lots. 

Economy Garage 

This lot is the ideal option for long-term New Orleans Airport parking. Economy Garage has around 2,438 parking spots that offer long-term parking at $12 per day. Parking at this lot for the first 30 minutes costs you $4. Using the parking lot for every additional 30 minutes charges you $2. The lot offers shuttle services to and from the airport. Be aware that the lot only accepts credit cards. It makes payment very easy in this lot! 

How to get free New Orleans Airport parking 

The New Orleans Airport has a Cell Phone Lot located at Airline Drive and Holland Street. Parking is allowed for free up to an hour in this lot. Ensure that you never leave your car unattended.  

Offsite parking options 

Always check out the offsite garages and hotel parking lots if you want parking at cheaper rates. Some of the nearby offsite lots offer long-term parking starting as low as $6 per day. It also comes with amenities like camera surveillance and 24-hour security. Use the Way.com app or website to book parking near New Orleans Airport at cheaper rates!  

How to track available onsite parking spots 

Do you want to avoid driving around the airport lots looking for a parking spot? The onsite lots have Park Assist which helps you easily locate available parking spots in all onsite lots. There are lights on the ceiling in every row of parking. A green light indicates that there is at least one available parking spot within the four spaces. If all four spaces are used, the lights will be red in color. This technology greatly reduces the time to find a parking spot, and you can have a relaxed walk to the terminal.  

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Tips for New Orleans Airport parking  

  • The airport boasts around 8,000 parking spots.  
  • The Long Term Parking lot is ideal for overnight parking. 
  • Economy Garage is the ideal lot to have long-term onsite parking. 
  • Park Assist technology installed in all onsite lots gives you an idea of the available parking spots. 

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