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How much is parking at Newark Airport – Newark Airport Parking Rates

  • Airport Parking Tips
  • Gerard Stevens
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Are you planning to fly out of Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) soon? You need to consider how to land a Newark Airport parking spot.

Yes, you know how hard it can be to get a parking spot if you have traveled through Newark Airport. Though smaller than JFK, the airport handles almost as many flights! This gives you an idea of how busy the airport will be, even if you’re flying out for the first time from Newark Airport. The airport used to serve more than 40 million passengers annually before the pandemic. So, is it that difficult to get Newark Airport parking? What are the onsite parking options available? What should you do if you don’t get airport parking? Read more to know!  

About Newark Liberty International Airport  

Newark Airport is conveniently situated around three miles south of Downtown Newark. The airport is one of the major airports that serves the New York metropolitan area other than JFK and LaGuardia Airport. Over 50 carriers operate from the airport and are a hub for FedEx Express and United Airlines. The airport features three terminals (A-C) and around 121 gates. Every terminal has three concourses.  

Address: 3 Brewster Rd, Newark, NJ 07114, United States 

Contact number: (973) 961 6000 

Info: Newark Airport had annual passenger traffic of around 15 million in 2020. It was the 50th busiest airport globally by passenger traffic.  

About Newark Airport parking 

Flying out from the country’s oldest airfield may be a gratifying experience for you. However, to have a relaxed flight, you must park your car securely in one of the lots. Be aware that finding an onsite parking spot in this airport is challenging and expensive at the same time. And the task of getting a parking spot becomes nearly impossible during peak hours or seasons. Many of you may have opted for parking in offsite garages after circling the onsite lots for a long time. However, parking gets easy if you book your spot while booking the flight ticket.  

So, what are the onsite parking options at Newark Airport? The airport has three main parking lots. 

  • Short-Term 
  • Daily Parking 
  • Economy Parking 

EWR Short Term parking 

Park your car in the Short-Term or Daily Parking lots if you are at the airport to drop off a traveler or catch up with someone during a layover. You can locate the Short-Term lots directly across from Terminals A and B and Terminal C Garage. Parking your car in these lots charges you $5.25 for the first 30 minutes. The rate hikes by $5.25 in the next 30 minutes in these lots. Daily parking at these lot costs you a maximum of $44 per day.  

You can find the Daily Parking lot at Garage P4. The parking rates at these lots are cheaper when compared to the Short-Term lots. Getting a parking spot will cost you $4.25 for the first 30 minutes. Then the rate increases by $4.25 every 30 minutes you park your car. The maximum daily parking rate in this lot is $38. 

Garage Time Rate
Newark Short Term Lots (Terminal C Garage & Terminal A and B Lots) 30 minutes
Each additional 30 minutes
Maximum Daily Rate
Newark Daily Parking Lot (Garage P4) 30 minutes
Each additional 30 minutes
Maximum Daily Rate
Economy Parking Lot P6 (Shuttle Lot) Day 1
Each 12-hour period after Day1

Best Newark Long term parking 

Using a long-term parking spot at the Short-Term and Daily Parking lots is sure to drain your wallet. So, where to park your car if you want to use long-term onsite parking? Head to the Economy Lot (P6), located around three miles from the terminal area. Using a long-term parking spot in this lot charges you $21 per day.  

Do you want to use Newark Airport parking for more than a day? Yes, use the Economy lot to park your car. The parking will cost $10.50 every 12 hours from the second day of parking. After that, the daily maximum rate will be $21. In addition, free shuttle services run between the terminals and the lot, making it convenient for the passengers to reach the terminals quickly. The shuttle services operate throughout the day and depart every 10 minutes from the lot.  

Garage Time Rate
Newark Hourly Parking Lots Per day $44
Newark Daily Garage P4 Parking Per day $38
Newark Economy Parking Lot P6 Per day $21
Way Parking Per day $7.95

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Is parking allowed in front of the terminals? 

No! You can’t park your car in front of any of the terminals. Drive up to the front of terminals, drop off the passenger, and you have to leave. Park your car in the short-term parking areas if you want to stay at the airport for some more time.  

What happens if you park the car in front of a terminal and leave? The car is sure to be towed away at your expense! 

How to get free Newark Airport parking 

Getting free parking in the airport will excite the passengers considering the expensive parking rates at the onsite lots. The Cell Phone Lot at Newark Airport is the only parking lot where you can park for free. This lot is convenient to use if you’re driving to the airport to pick up someone. You can locate the lot at the airport’s entrance, near the P4 parking garage. Cell Phone Lot features more than 100 parking spaces.  

Info: This lot helps reduce airport traffic and frees some parking spots in the short-term lots. Be aware that you should never leave the vehicle while using Cell Phone Lot parking. 

How to make Newark Airport parking hassle-free 

Most of us may give up on getting an onsite parking spot because of heavy passenger traffic. However, there are some hacks to make parking easier at the airport. These options will save you time and money for an onsite parking spot. 

Pre-book your parking spot 

Imagine driving up the onsite lots, parking your car in a designated spot, and moving to the terminals. Pre-booking a parking spot is the easiest way to ensure a Newark Airport parking spot. You can reserve a parking spot when you book your flight ticket. The booking can be made via the airport’s official website. Then, go to the pre-booking section, and book your spot. Pre-booking the spot offers cheaper parking rates and ensures you a guaranteed spot. Pre-book a Premium Reserved Parking space if you want an onsite parking spot near the terminals.  

Using the E-ZPass Plus 

Paying your parking fees via cash or credit card is frustrating, especially if the lots are super busy. You can avoid this at Newark Airport parking lots if you have an E-ZPass tag. Use the lanes with purple E-ZPass signs while you exit the parking lot. The parking fee will be taken from the E-Z account if the rate is below $20. If the rate exceeds $20, the parking fee will be charged from the credit card linked to your E-ZPass account.  

Tip: Parking fees will not be deducted from the E-ZPass account if you exit the parking lot via the ‘Credit Card Only’ lot.  

Check out the offsite parking option. ons 

Booking a parking spot in offsite garages or hotel parking lots will be ideal if the onsite lots are full or you find them expensive. There are many lots in which long-term parking starts for as low as $6 per day. Some lots even offer hourly parking starting at $1 per hour. So, always check the rates and parking availability of parking spots in offsite garages before you zero on an onsite parking spot. What’s more? The parking includes free shuttle services, camera surveillance, 24-hour security, and more. You can use the Way.com app or website to book these secure Newark Liberty International Airport parking spots at cheaper rates.  

Red Carpet Inn – EWR Airport Parking $7.95 per day Book Now
Three Gateway Center EWR Airport Parking $8.95 per day Book Now
Wyndham Garden Newark (EWR) Airport Parking $10.25 per day Book Now
Harrison Parking Center EWR Airport $11.95 per day Book Now

Accessible parking at the airport 

Parking spaces for travelers with restricted mobility are available in every parking lot near the terminal entrance. You should possess a disabled license plate or official permits to use these parking spots. Unauthorized parking will result in your car getting towed. Parking at these spots charges you $4 for the first 30 minutes. The parking rate increases by $4 every 30 minutes you use the lot. The daily maximum rate for using these spaces is $20 per day.  

How much does it cost to park at Newark Airport? 

The average cost of parking onsite at Newark Airport is around $44/day. Short-term parking is the most expensive at $65/day, followed by Daily Parking (Garage P4) at $40/day. Economy parking is the cheapest at $29/day.  

Do you need to book parking at Newark Airport? 

You can pre-book or drive up. If you’re pre-booking, it has to be done 24 hours before the time you’ll arrive at the airport. Or you can pre-book EWR parking any time before your flight via Way.com.  

How much is parking at Newark Airport Terminal C? 

Short-term parking at Terminal C costs $5.25/30 minutes, going up to $65/day. Economy parking at Terminal C costs $29/per day.  

What is the difference between long-term and short-term parking at Newark Airport? 

Short-term parking at Newark Airport has higher per-day costs than long-term parking does. So if you’re planning on leaving your car at the airport for an extended period of time, you should consider long–term parking or economy parking. The only downside is the distance you’ll have to walk unless you use the airport’s shuttle service. 

How long can you park in short-term parking EWR? 

Vehicles can be parked only for a maximum of 30 days at EWR Airport. But with rates of $5.25 for 1/2 hour, $5.25 for each additional half hour, and $10.50 for each additional half hour over three hours, you should consider how long you want to park in the short-term parking lot at EWR very carefully.  

How do you pay for parking at Newark Airport? 

All major credit/debit cards (MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express), E-ZPass Plus, and Contactless Payment are accepted in all lots (Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay). When exiting a parking lot, have E-ZPass Plus active on your E-ZPass tag and pay in the specified lane to save time. Please remember that cash is not accepted in any of the EWR parking lots. 

Tips for Newark Airport parking 

  • Economy lot (P6) is the best option for long-term parking. 
  • Accessible parking spaces are available in all lots near the terminal entrance.  
  • Use the Cell Phone Lot for parking if you’re driving to the airport to drop off a passenger. 
  • Cash payment mode is not available in Short-Term and Daily lotAs a result, parking rates rise every 30 minutes at these lots. 
  • Parking rate hikes every 30 minutes in the Economy Lot.  
  • Always pre-book to ensure an onsite parking spot. 
  • Use E-ZPass Plus to make quick payments while exiting the parking lots.  
  • On-airport travel is convenient if you use AirTrain. The train connects the parking lots to all the terminals.  

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