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How much is parking at Ontario Airport 

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Are you planning to travel out of Ontario or San Bernardino for a few days? One of your options will be to fly out from Ontario International Airport (ONT), just around two miles east of Downtown Ontario. Though ONT Airport doesn’t witness huge passenger traffic like LAX, the airport is a busy one in California with 4-5 million annual passenger traffic. The airport served around 4,67,000 passengers in August, 138 percent more than August 2020 and almost 93 percent of the passenger traffic recorded in August 2019. So, what it means to Ontario Airport parking? Make sure you know about the onsite lots, or you’re going to miss out on a secure parking spot! With the passenger traffic expected to increase in the coming months, the onsite parking lots may fill up quickly.  

About Ontario International Airport 

Ontario Airport has two terminals – Terminal 2 and 4, with a total of 26 gates. Sprawling around 1,741 acres, the airport is around 18 miles from Downtown San Bernardino and 38 miles from Downtown Los Angeles. Before the pandemic, the airport offered nonstop commercial service to around 26 major airports in the US, Taiwan, and Mexico. The airport also has an exclusive international arrivals facility with two arrival-only gates. 

Address: Ontario, CA 91761 

Contact number: (909) 544 5300 

About Ontario Airport parking 

The airport has around 6,000 parking spaces providing onsite short-term and long-term parking via four main lots. 

  • Lots 2 and 4 General 
  • Lots 2 and 4 Premium 
  • Lot 3 
  • Lot 5 

Though the airport is very close to the city center, it never assures you a parking spot as the airport experiences a heavy amount of passenger traffic. So, arrive early at the airport if you are particular about getting an onsite Ontario Airport parking spot. 

Lots 2 and 4 General 

You can locate these parking lots in front of terminals 2 and 4. Both these lots offer short-term and long-term Ontario Airport parking. The lot charges you $3 for the first 30 minutes of parking, and the rate increases to $6 when you park for an hour. The rate rises to $8 if you park for two hours, $10 for four hours, and $21 for 4-24 hours.  

Do you want to park for more than a day? Yes, these lots allow you to park your car for more than a day. Parking at this lot for every additional day costs you $21 per day. 

Lots 2 and 4 Premium 

These lots are located in front of terminals 2 and 4. Compared to the General lot, the parking rates are a bit expensive while parking in this lot. It is preferable to use these lots for short-term parking only if you plan to park your car for under two hours. Using the lot for the first hour costs you $8. The rate rises to $10 in the next hour. The rate surges to $27 after two hours, which is also the maximum daily parking rate. 

Save 60% on Ontario Airport parking 

Lot 3 

You can locate this lot between Terminals 2 and 4. The lot is just a few walks away from both terminals. The lot offers only daily parking at it costs $16 per day.  

Lot 5 

Are you looking for ideal long-term Ontario Airport parking? Then head to Lot 5, located at the east of Terminal 4. Parking in this lot for a day costs you $13. Shuttle services run to and from both terminals every 20 minutes. The shuttle service is available 24/7. 

Valet Parking service in Ontario Airport 

Do you wish to avoid the hassle of finding an onsite parking spot? Then use the Valet Parking service! The airport features two Valet Parking terminals located near the Terminal Curbside. Currently, the service is not available. When open, using this parking service costs you $25 per day.  

Tip: The Valet Parking service is very useful when the Ontario Airport parking lots experience huge passenger traffic, especially holidays or peak seasons.  

How to get free Ontario Airport parking 

Head to the Cell Phone Lot located at 3350 John Bangs Dr if you want free parking when you’re at the airport to pick up a passenger. The lot has around 35 parking spots that provide free parking for up to a maximum of one hour. You can’t park in this lot for more than an hour, and overnight parking is not allowed. The lot also features three accessible parking spaces. 

Offsite parking options near Ontario Airport 

There are offsite garages and hotel parking lots near the airport that provides secure parking for 60% less than onsite rates. These lots also offer amenities like shuttle services, camera surveillance, and 24/7 security. Always use the Way.com app or website to book Ontario International Airport parking spots at cheaper rates! With the onsite lots starting to get busy, checking for an alternative parking option near the airport is always wiser. 

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Tips for Ontario Airport parking 

  • Lots 2 and 4 General is the best option for short-term parking. 
  • Lot 5 is the ideal choice for long-term Ontario Airport parking. 
  • Valet Parking service is currently unavailable.  
  • Cell Phone Lot provides free one hour of parking. It also has three accessible parking spaces. 
  • Lots 2, 3, and 4 are just within walking distance from the terminals. 
  • EV charging stations are available on the south side of Lots 2 and 4 Premium.  

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