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How much is parking at Orlando Airport 

  • Airport Parking Guide
  • Gerard Stevens
  • 6 minutes

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Orlando International Airport (MCO) is the third biggest airport in the US. It is also the world’s 26th busiest airport, with around 21 million passengers using the airport’s terminals annually in 2020. The odds of flying out of the airport are high if you live in Orlando or nearby. Frontier Airlines plans to roll out new flights, and Spirit Airlines is increasing the daily departures from at the airport in the coming months. So, what happens when you drive to airport and try to find Orlando Airport parking? If you drive up without a plan, you are quite likely to drive around secure spot, only to find most lots sold out or exorbitantly priced. However, getting an onsite parking spot won’t be that difficult if you plan your travel properly. Read more to know about the parking lots at Orlando Airport and how to pick the best one!  

About Orlando Airport 

Orlando Airport covers around 21 sq miles and is located about six miles southwest of Downtown Orlando. The airport features two terminals – Terminal A and B. Silver Airways has its hub in the airport.  

Address: 1 Jeff Fuqua Blvd, Orlando, FL 32827, United States 

Contact number: (407) 825 2001 

Onsite Orlando Airport parking 

The airport offers onsite short-term and long-term parking via five main lots. 

1.South Park Place Economy Lot 

2. North Park Place Economy Lot 

3. Parking Garage C 

4. Parking Garage A and B 

5. Terminal Top Parking 

Short-term Orlando Airport parking 

The South Park Place and North Park Place Economy lots provide the most affordable short-term parking in the airport. After a grace period of 10 minutes, parking at these lots charges you $5 for 11 minutes to three hours. You can locate South Park Place at 10535 Jeff Fuqua Blvd. N and North Park Place at 5501 Cargo Road. The lots provide free round-trip shuttle services to both terminals. Parking Garages A, B, and C allow complimentary parking for the first 20 minutesAfter that, parking in these lots charges you $2 for 21-30 minutes and $1 for every additional 15 minutes. Terminal Top Parking also provides free parking for the first 20 minutes. Parking costs $2 for 21-30 minutes, and $1 will be charged for every additional 15 minutes you use the lot.  

Long-term Orlando Airport parking 

The South Park Place and North Park Place Economy lots are the ideal options for long-term parking. You can park your car in this lot for up to 90 days, and long-term parking costs you $10 per day. Parking at Parking Garage C costs you $17 per day. The daily parking rate increases to $19 if you park your car in Parking Garage A and B. Garages A, B, and C let you park your car for a maximum of 45 days.  Terminal Top Parking charges you $19 per day. You can park your car in this lot for up to 45 days. Parking Garage C is temporarily closed. 

Orlando Airport parking

Some key info about the onsite lots 

  • The Economy lots offer uncovered parking spaces. You don’t need to reserve your parking spot in advance.  
  • Most of the parking spaces in Garages A, B, and C are covered.
  • Terminal Top Parking is within walking distance of both terminals. It offers covered parking spaces. 

Valet Parking service 

Do you wish to have stress-free parking at the airport? Then you can use the Valet Parking service. This parking service also offers long-term and short-term parking. Be mindful that the Valet Parking service is the most expensive Orlando Airport Parking option you can find. Hourly parking charges you $9.59, and the daily parking rate can go up to a maximum of $28.76 per day. You can park your car via Valet Parking for a maximum of 60 days. 

  • The service offers covered parking spaces. 
  • Valet Parking operates from 6 AM to 11 PM. 
  • The service also offers complimentary curbside check-in for passengers flying on JetBlue, United Alaska, and American Airlines.  

How to find free parking 

It is a question that pops up in the mind of everyone who drives to the airport. Yes, there are lots where you get free Orlando Airport parking. The airport has two Cell Phone lots – North and South, where you can park your car while waiting to pick up someone. You can locate the North Cell Phone Lot at 8730 Jeff Fuqua Blvd N and the South Cell Phone Lot at 10546 Jeff Fuqua Blvd. S.  

  • You can’t park commercial vehicles in the lot.  
  • Never leave your vehicle unattended. 
  • Overnight parking is not allowed.  

Since the onsite lots are busy most of the time, it is wise to use the Cell Phone lots if you’re spending a few minutes or an hour in the airport.  

Offsite parking options near the airport 

Consider yourself lucky if you’re able to get an onsite Orlando Airport parking spot without pre-booking! So, what will you do if the parking lots get filled up? It is wise to have a backup option since you know how busy the airport lots are. The offsite garages or the hotel parking near the airport is always a safe option if you want to guarantee your parking spot. Many garages near the airport offer hourly parking starting as low as $1 per hour. And, you can get long-term parking for as little as $2 per day.  

What’s more? You can pre-book the offsite parking spots via their websites or always use the Way.com app or website to reserve an airport parking spot at cheap rates! Most of the garages and hotel parking offer amenities like free shuttle services and 24/7 security.  

How to make airport parking easier 

The ideal option is to reserve a parking spot when you book your flight. If you haven’t pre-booked, use the SunPass to have hassle-free airport parking. You can enter the parking lots via specially marked E-PASS/SunPass lanes. You can park anywhere in the lot without a parking ticket. The parking charge is debited from your SunPass account when you exit the lane.  

Orlando Airport parking from $3

Tips for Orlando Airport parking 

  • Use Economy lots if you’re looking for affordable short-term and long-term airport parking. 
  • Cell Phone lots allow you to park your car for free when you’re at the airport to pick up someone.  
  • Terminal Top Parking, Parking Garages A, B, C, and Economy Parking lots allow accessible parking.  
  • Are you leaving Orlando for a few days? Are you worried that a hurricane may damage your car?  Park in the Terminal Top or Parking Garages A, B, and C as they offer covered parking.  
  • Parking in onsite lots is secure as the Orlando Police Department – Airport Division regularly patrols these.  
  • South Park Place lot offers parking for oversized vehicles.  

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