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How much is parking at Philadelphia Airport?

  • Airport Parking Guide
  • Gerard Stevens
  • 8 minutes

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Are you planning on flying out of Philly for a few days? Obviously, you’ll need to catch a flight from Philadelphia International Airport (PHL). Philadelphia Airport is the primary choice for many of us when we fly out to Europe. With annual passenger traffic of around 30 million, Philly airport is one of the busiest in the country. However, the excitement of flying out from the airport fades when you think of Philadelphia Airport parking. The onsite lots tend to be busy since many Philadelphians prefer to drive to the airport and fly out after parking their car at or near Philly Airport. So getting a parking spot is quite unlikely! Your wallet is sure to be drained if you get one. So, how and where to find the Philadelphia Airport parking spot? We have everything you want to know!  

About Philadelphia International Airport 

The airport is around 7 miles away from the city center serving as a primary hub for Northeastern US. So, reaching the airport from Downtown won’t be a tense affair if you travel on time. Philadelphia Airport has around 500 daily departures to more than 130 international destinations. The airport features six terminals (A-F) with a total of 126 gates. UPS Airlines has its regional cargo hub in this airport. 

Location: 8000 Essington Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19153 

 Contact number: (215) 937-6937 

About PHL Airport parking 

Currently, the airport offers onsite parking via three main lots. All these onsite lots offer short-term and long-term parking. Be aware that the onsite short-term and long-term parking rates are on the lower side.  

  • Short-Term (Ground Level) Parking 
  • Garage (Upper Levels) Parking 
  • Credit Card lot – For Aadvantage® Aviator® Mastercard® cardholders only 

Short-term airport parking 

Short-Term Lot: This lot is ideal if you want to have parking at the ground level. Parking in this lot charges you $4 for the first 30 minutes, and it surges to $6 in the next 30 minutes. Using the parking for 1.5-2 hours can charge you $8-10 and further increase to $12-15 for 2.5-3 hours. The rate increases to $17 if you park for 3.5 hours and can go as high as $24 when you use the parking for 4 hours. 

Garage Parking: Use this lot if you want to park in the upper-level areas. The first 30 minutes of parking charges you $4, and the rate rises to $6 in the next minutes. For 1.5 hours, you need to pay $8 and $10 for using the parking for two hours. Parking in this lot can cost you a maximum of $24 if you use it for 4 hours.  

Long-term airport parking 

Though the onsite lots are very secure, you should know that the long-term Philadelphia Airport parking options are expensive. It is ideal to use the long-term parking option in the airport if you’re leaving the city for a few days. Garage Parking will be the best option for long-term parking as it charges you $24 per day. Using the Short-Term lot will cost you a whopping $44 for a day’s parking. 

Are you planning to park in the lots for more than a day? Don’t worry! You can park your car in these lots for the same parking rates for up to 72 hours! If it is more than three days, better to park your car in the Garage Parking as you need to pay just $16. Parking at the Short-Term lot charges you $44.

Contact-less parking Philadelphia Airport

Using the Credit Card lot 

Getting a Philadelphia Airport parking spot in this lot charges you $3 for the first minutes and can go up to $5 in the next half hour. You will have to pay $6-8 when you use the lot for 1.5-2 hours. The rates increase to $10-12 when you park the car for 2.5-3 hours. The rate surges to $14 in 3.5 hours and further increases to $19 in 4 hours! 

So, what about long-term parking in this lot? You can have daily parking in this lot for $36. The rate is less when compared to the Short-Term lot. But, for parking in this lot, you need to have an Aadvantage® Aviator® Mastercard®.  

Economy Parking  

This lot is temporarily closed. When open, this lot offers the most economical option for long-term Philadelphia Airport parking. Parking in this lot charges you $11 for a day. You can locate the Economy Parking lot past Terminal F. There are shuttle buses to and from the terminals throughout the day. Oversized vehicles, trailers, and buses are not allowed to enter this lot. 

How to get free Philadelphia Airport parking 

You know how stressful it is to get onsite parking if you have been to the Philadelphia Airport. How can you avoid the rush at the main parking lots? However, what about getting free parking for a few minutes? The Cellphone Waiting Lot will help you with that. Parking in this lot is free for up to 60 minutes if you’re going to the airport to drop someone. The Cellphone lot has around 150 parking spaces and is about a one-minute drive to the baggage claim areas. You can enter the lot from Route 291 and I-95. 

From Route 291: Make sure you follow the signs to the airport. Then take the Arriving Flights roadway. Follow the signs to Cellphone lot.  

From I-95: Take the exit at the airport. Then you need to enter the airport on the Arriving Flights roadway. Follow the signs to Cellphone lot. 

Bicycle parking at the airport 

The airport features some parking areas for bicycles. Commuting to the airport via bicycle isn’t hard as the city center is close. You can reach the airport from Platt Bridge, Passyunk Ave., Southwest Philadelphia, and Tinicum Township. 

How to park: Take the east route on Industrial Highway towards the airport. Then follow the signs for arriving flights. When at the second traffic light, stay right and follow blue signs meant for commercial vehicles. Then pass through the gate, and you should follow the green bicycle path signs to reach the parking area.  

Offsite parking options 

Checking a parking spot at the offsite garages or hotel parking lots is always wise to get a guaranteed parking spot. The onsite Philadelphia Airport parking spots get filled up quickly, especially during holidays or peak seasons. Also, the offsite garages or hotel parking lots are sure to get you a secure parking spot at cheaper rates. Offsite garages offer you hourly parking starting at $1 per hour. So, how about long-term parking? You can get daily parking for as low as $4 per day. And most of these lots are a few miles away from the airport, offering facilities like shuttle services and 24/7 security. You can always use the Way.com app or website to get parking near Philadelphia Airport. The offsite lots also tend to fill up quickly. So, make sure you zero your parking spot when you book your flight ticket.  

How to avoid onsite parking hassles 

The Philadelphia Airport parking lots often get crowded when there is a rush of private vehicles and taxi services. It can result in losing your parking and searching the nearby offsite garages for a parking spot at the last minute. Using public transportation service to the airport will help you avoid this hassle. 

The best option is to use the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority’s (SEPTA) train service running between the city center and the airport. The trains operating on the Airport Regional Rail Line run from 4.52 AM to 11.52 AM From the city center to the airport. You can locate the stations at all the terminals. The city center also connects to the airport via three buses operated by SEPTA.   

PHL Airport parking

Tips for Philadelphia Airport parking 

  • The Garage Parking lot is currently the ideal option for long-term affordable parking. 
  • The Economy Parking lot is currently closed. When open, it will be the best option to use long-term Philadelphia Airport parking. The lot offers shuttle services to and from the airport.  
  • Advantage® Aviator® Mastercard® cardholders can only use credit Card lot.  
  • The airport features parking areas for bicycles.  
  • Use the Cellphone Waiting lot if you want to park for free while picking up someone.  
  • Overnight parking is not allowed in the Short-Term Parking lot. 
  • Onsite lots feature seven EV charging stations that can charge 14 vehicles at a time.  
  • You can locate the accessible parking spaces near the elevators in the Garage Parking lot. Or Short-Term Parking lot, the spaces are near the baggage claim area. 
  • Always check the offsite garages and lots if onsite lots are full or expensive.  

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