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How Much Is the Cost to Paint a Bumper?

  • Car Services
  • Nova Kainen
  • 4 minutes

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Although bumpers only make up a small percentage of a car, they are one of the most vulnerable areas and are commonly destroyed in accidents. No matter how minor they may be, scratches, dings, and dents can be a constant source of annoyance for their owners. Want to give your car a facelift? How much does it cost to paint a bumper? Here we have gathered for you all the information that you need. 

how much does it cost to paint a bumper

How much does it cost to DIY a bumper painting?

You can paint your bumper if the damage is minimal, such as a few chips, scrapes, or scuffs. Cracks and deep dents in the bumper require repair or replacement, which is to be done by a professional.  

When you paint a paint, you need to remove it from the vehicle and then sand off the paint using sandpaper. By doing this, you can create a smooth paint job. The sandpaper can cost you around $5 to $10. You can then start painting, requiring at least 1 pint of base coat and clear coat enamel paint. This can cost around $20 to $40.  

Hence the total estimate for a DIY bumper paint job is around $100. The amount varies based on the cost of the paint.  

How much does it cost for bumper painting when done by a professional?

An auto body shop can provide you with a rough estimate quickly, taking into account the condition of your car and the degree of difficulties involved in removing the bumper. 

A competent auto body shop will charge anywhere from $47 to $217 for labor to paint your bumper, so if the materials are around $50 and the work takes 2 hours, you will be paying at least around $150. For a high-end paint job, it costs you an average of $500 to paint your bumper. 

Labor costs vary based on the number of hours taken for the bumper painting job. 

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What are the benefits of professional bumper painting?

If you lack automotive experience, you should opt for professional bumper painting. 

Some of the benefits of professional bumper painting are given below: 

  • If any technical or structural damage occurs, the specialists will know exactly what to check for. 
  • Garages and repair shops typically have the necessary tools to remove bumpers safely. 
  • For the best bumper painting results, the shop will use paint with a precise color match and apply it in a climate-controlled setting. 
  • The best garages will back up any repairs they make to your car with a warranty, protecting you from unexpected costs in the event of a subsequent problem. 

Can I paint my bumper myself?

Even if it is possible to paint your front or back bumper, you should know that it will be a lot of labor and that the results will likely be no better than an economy paint job. To begin with, you will have a car with varying tones of the same color if you don’t know how to color match. Having your bumper painted by yourself costs you around $100. You can choose it if you want to do it that way and have the required automotive experience. 

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When should a bumper be painted?

The different situations where you should get your bumper painted are: 

  • During the old bumper replace 
  • When there is a dent, crack, scratch or nick in your bumper  
  • When you want to sell your car, and your bumper has a rough shape 

Can I paint my bumper without removing it?

You can paint your bumper without removing it. It takes about the same time to paint it with the bumper on or off if you know what you’re doing, but you’ll need to tape off the entire area so the paint doesn’t accidentally cover any other parts of your vehicle.  

Furthermore, removing it will prevent overspray from reaching other areas of your car. There is no need to remove the bumper from your automobile to paint it if you take your time and be cautious. 

Bottom line

Research the shop’s reputation, prices, services, and quality of work before deciding on the auto shop for your painting job. Even though a bit more expensive, getting the bumper painting job done by a professional is better than DIY bumper painting. 

Check the fine print of your car insurance if the price to repaint your bumper is expensive. Your insurance company may pay the difference if the total amount exceeds your deductible.  how much does it cost to paint a bumper

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