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How Much Is Tim Schmidt’s Net Worth?

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Stamps, coins, vinyl records, vintage posters, the list certainly looks like one of ours if we had a hobby of collecting things. This could probably be how diverse the list can get for you. However, for Tim Schmidt, the list includes cars and a loyal fan base as default. Tim Schmidt might need an introduction but not among car enthusiasts. Popular as the Hapy Hipi (Happy Hippie), Tim’s car collection is unparalleled and unique.

Who is Tim Schmidt? What is Tim Schmidt’s net worth? Where did the passion begin? Here’s everything you wanted to know! 

How much is Tim Schmidt's net worth?

Who is Tim Schmidt? 

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration if it were said that Tim was born into cars or, just rightly said, car parts. His late father, Mike Schmidt, was the founder of ABC Group, an auto parts company. He is a native of Canada who divides his time between Florida and Ontario.  

Who is Hapy Hipi? 

Hapy Hipi is how Tim is popularly known, especially in the social media circle. However, not only are his car collection and assets expanding but his followers too. Going by the handle @hapyhipi, Tim has 67.8K followers on Instagram. His car collection and exclusive posts on everything cars are certainly the USP of his social media handle.  

Even when the handle exudes cars that are anything but nostalgic or personal, eccentric or quirky, exotic or vintage.  

How much is Tim Schmidt's net worth?
Image Source: hapyhipistudios

How much is Tim Schmidt’s net worth? 

Green is probably the default color of his followers after skimming through Tim’s car collection. Schmidt’s car collection is believed to be worth millions. In addition to being the avid car collector he is, Tim Schmidt is a social media influencer and an investor. The net worth of Tim Schmidt’s car collection is estimated to be 20 million dollars. In addition, he also owns the Hapy Hipi Studios.  

Image Source: Instagram/hapyhipi

Where can you see Tim’s car collection? 

Schmidt has a 200-acre property in Ontario, Canada, and a winter residence in Florida; therefore, his collection of automobiles is spread out between the two locations. His garage bursts with colors and exotic models, which is equally exciting and jaw-dropping for any car enthusiast. A quick scroll through his handle shows that Hapy Hipi has his collection lined with more luxury and supercars.  

His cars may be what catches one’s eye. Firstly, there are no long captions, just a simple tag and a few hashtags that characteristically convey what each of them means to Tim.  

However, in 2019, a fire destroyed some of his cars in Rio Vista, Florida. Reports suggest that the fire had destroyed a Bentley, Tesla, Harley Davidson motorcycle, jet skis, and golf carts. In addition to his car collection, his house, estimated at 1.7 million dollars, also suffered severe damages.  

You can have a look at his collection on his website as well.  

Who is Tim Schmidt’s wife? 

Tim Schmidt is married to Christine Wheeler, known by her Instagram handle as @misshippi_66. She is another constant element on his page apart from the cars. Christine cannot be dismissed as support but instead as an equally passionate car enthusiast.   

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Plates for cars or cars for plates? 

Tim certainly carries the legacy of a father who was a car enthusiast himself. However, as a child, he began collecting hot wheels, like any other child. In addition to cars, his passion also extends to license plates as well. His garage has a collection of those too.  

Image Source: Instagram/hapyhipi


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