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How often should you wash your car?

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  • Renee Martin
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When was the last time you washed your car? Do you have a car wash schedule that you follow? If you’re still thinking about the answers to these questions, then this post is definitely for you. Keep reading to know more.¬† ¬†

How often should you wash your car? In this post, we’re answering this often-asked question that lingers in the mind of every vehicle owner. We clean our house meticulously, and if you don’t show the same enthusiasm for your car, it’s time you do it. Your car is a big investment, your prized possession, and your partner on the road ‚Äď you must keep it spotless all the time.¬† ¬†

Advantages of having a clean car  

Increases your vehicle’s life ¬†

It’s no secret that by keeping your car clean, you can increase your vehicle’s life. The dirt, grime, and other contaminants continuously attack your car every time you ride. By clearing them off as soon as you can, you’re safeguarding the health of the vehicle. When they get deposited on your car’s body, the contaminants can damage the paint, clear coat, engine, and other vital components of the car over time. You can do a world of good to yourself by cleaning your vehicle regularly. ¬†

Better performance on the road  

Car washes do not just make your look spotless, but it also contributes to your vehicle’s performance on the road. A clean and well-maintained car components will positively impact your car’s steering, braking, and acceleration, making your car driving experience hassle-free and pleasant.¬† ¬†

Psychological benefits  

If you’re someone who spends a lot of time inside your car, it’s important to keep both the exterior and interior of the car clean to feel more focused and organized. According to a study by researchers from Princeton University, disorganization and visual clutter in your vehicle can be both distracting and stressful, and this can negatively affect your overall driving experience. Make sure you clean the trash inside your vehicle as soon as they start accumulating. Remember to take out the food wrappers, coffee cups, pizza boxes, and other trash to keep your car’s interior clean and spotless.¬† ¬†

How often should you wash your car?

Increase’s safety¬† ¬†

A clean car is a safe car, period. Most road accidents happen due to poor visibility ‚Äď unclean mirrors and headlights are often reasons for fatal accidents. A regular car wash can help keep your tires, windows, headlights, mirrors clean and safe.¬†¬†¬†

For better health  

Millions of germs and bacteria could be residing inside your unclean car. These germs could be slowly causing damages to your body’s immune system, one cell at a time! Sounds dangerous, right? We recommend you clean and disinfect your car’s interior at least once a month. Make sure you clean your car’s surfaces like console, gearbox, steering wheel whenever you get time ‚Äď these spots can serve as the breeding ground for the germs if left uncleaned. Additionally, make sure to get rid of pet hair, dust, pollen, and other allergens that tend to accumulate in the carpet, seats, and trunk of your vehicle. ¬†

Increases your resale value  

Another important advantage of having a clean is the money it can fetch you. A clean car will fetch you a better resale value when you finally decide to part with your car. If you’re planning to sell a car that looks dirty and clean, trust us, you’re going to have a tough time getting a buyer. Therefore, never consider the money you spend on keeping your car as an expense; in reality, it’s an investment for the future.¬† ¬†

Increases your chances in the dating scene  

Are you still waiting for Cupid to strike that heart-shaped arrow? Maybe your dirty car is blocking that! Studies have shown that women judge their dates not just on the car they drive but on how it looks. You’re never going to the next dinner date if you drive a dirty car to the first one! A clean car can make all the difference in your love life.¬†

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How often should you wash your car?  

Car wash experts recommend washing your vehicle at least once a week to maintain it properly. The weather, dust, dirt, snow, tree sap, fallen leaves, and countless other contaminants constantly attack your car. To protect them and to keep them spotless all the time, we recommend you create a car wash schedule and stick to it. If you have time, a car washing kit or necessary equipment, and if you love handwashing your car, you can wash your vehicle at home. However, for many DIY car washing methods can be complicated and time-consuming. If that’s the case, you can visit an automatic car wash near you to get your car cleaned.¬† ¬†

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How often should you wash your car’s undercarriage?¬† ¬†

The underbody of a car is often overlooked even by owners who regularly wash their cars. The draining holes in your car’s undercarriage can get clogged due to the build-up of dirt, grease, and grime over time ‚Äď if you don’t wash it regularly. These blocked drainage holes can prevent the water accumulated in your car ‚Äď during a storm or in the rainy season ‚Äď from getting out. The water stuck inside can rust the metal parts in your car.¬† We recommend you wash your car’s underbody once every two months to prevent this clogging up. What’s more, the car’s underbody houses several important components responsible for the car’s steering, suspension, braking, and other functions. If not washed regularly, these components can malfunction and affect your car’s performance on the road.¬† ¬†

Looking for a professional car wash that’s affordable and offers high-quality cleaning services every single time? Look no further than Way.com. Using the Way.com website or you can book the best automatic car wash or a touchless car wash near you for the lowest prices possible. Download the Way.com app, and enter your location. Next, pick a car wash from the list, and pay to confirm booking ‚Äď the entire process should take less than five minutes!¬†¬†

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