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How safe is Oakland Airport parking?

  • Airport Parking Tips
  • Renee Martin
  • 5 minutes

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This is not a feeling any traveler ever wants to go through – you land, then go search for your car. You know where you parked it, but you find only an empty spot where your car should have been! Or you find your car broken into and things stolen! It’s an unpleasant experience at any time in your life, but it’s even worse when you’ve just arrived at the airport after a long, exhausting flight. So, where do you look for safe parking, particularly if you need to leave your car for an extended period of time to fly out of Oakland International Airport? Here’s how to find OAK Airport parking that’s secure and affordable.

How safe is Oakland Airport parking?

Invest in your peace of mind

Can you really put a value on your peace of mind? You need to be sure that your car is safe and well taken care of when you’re away. For instance, if you’re flying out of Oakland on business, it may be worth paying a few dollars more per day to park safely at OAK Airport. That way, you can concentrate on any meetings or strategies you need to make the most of your time away. Even if you’re away on holiday, worrying about your car will disrupt your R&R at the beach or in the mountains. Many people consider it a worthwhile investment to ensure peace of mind by pre-booking a secure Oakland Airport long-term parking spot in such cases.

Why you must choose Oakland Airport parking

The easiest way to avoid having your car stolen is to think like a burglar. Thieves really aren’t criminal masterminds who spend weeks plotting and planning a car robbery. They merely keep their eyes open for the slightest chance and seize it.

Don’t park your car in these places, if you don’t want a robber to see it as an easy target

  • on the street
  • in a public parking lot
  • in a supermarket lot
  • in someone else’s driveway

These places offer easy access to any passerby making your car more of a target for theft.

When you park in an open, public place, such as those found outside grocery stores, your vehicle is a soft target. The majority of the time, there is little to no protection patrolling the lot, so the thief just has to wait for the most suitable time to break in and drive away with your car.

Many people believe that parking in a friend’s or family member’s driveway is a good idea. This can be an okay option, but only if someone is almost always at home. Your car is nothing more than a tempting target for a thief if they go to work during the day or spend a lot of time away from the house for other reasons.

How safe is Oakland Airport parking?

There isn’t a single street near Oakland Airport where your car can be considered 100% safe from theft. Ingenious criminals always target purportedly secure areas because they correctly presume that people’s defenses are down. Regardless of where you park, parking on the street, in an open lot, or in a friend’s driveway is not a good idea if you want to be safe at Oakland Airport.

Oakland Airport parking lots offer better security

The most significant advantage of utilizing Oakland International Airport parking is that each lot has an infrastructure to support security. The airport parking option is far less likely to be dangerous because resources have been set aside to help ensure a safer parking experience. Because thieves are opportunists, they are far less likely to choose an Oakland airport parking lot, onsite or offsite, as a target. They know that both onsite and offsite airport parking lots have security systems in place. Therefore, any attempt at theft is going to require more extensive planning. Besides, in most airport parking lots, the security measures are pretty visible. Evident and visible security measures are one of the best ways to deter theft. As the would-be thief stakes out the area, they’ll see the fencing, cameras, or the guards and move on to the next target.

What happens if a thief attempts to break into your car?

If a brazen thief wants to steal your vehicle, security guards have a few ways to help you get it back. Guards may also call the police for immediate assistance. Here’s how top-rated offsite Oakland Airport parking lots guarantee secure parking:

·       Fences, automated gates, and guards provide adequate protection to parking lots near Oakland Airport to keep thieves out.

·       Surveillance cameras are an effective deterrent, especially with today’s high-definition cameras.

·       Regular patrolling of the parking lots alert criminals that someone is still on the lookout.

Choose Oakland onsite or offsite airport parking for safety

How safe is Oakland Airport parking?

Airport parking is the safer choice, regardless of whether you choose onsite or offsite OAK parking. Having professionals take care of your car while you’re away is most definitely a worthwhile investment. It could also be the cheapest peace of mind money can buy, at just a few dollars per day.

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