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How to absorb moisture in a car

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Does your car windshield fog very often? Are you getting weird musty smells from your car’s interior? This is because of the excess moisture inside your vehicle. Don’t worry – in this post, we’re letting you know how to absorb moisture inside your car to make your driving experience hassle-free. Read on to know more.

What causes moisture inside your car  

Multiple reasons cause moisture inside your car. It could be because of a leaky sunroof, or you would have forgotten to close the car windows that allowed the rainwater to get inside. Wet clothes, pets, and shoes can also be the reason for moisture in your car. The early you locate the problem and get rid of it, the better for your car.   

How to absorb moisture in a car

How to get rid of moisture in my car  

Dry your floor mats and seats 

Locate the spot that has excess moisture. Check if the moisture is present in upholstery, floor mats, or carpets using your hands. If floor mats are causing trouble, remove them and place them outside to dry. If you find moisture content in your car seats, you can leave the car windows open for the moisture to dry out or use a hairdryer to get rid of them.   

Turn on your air conditioner 

By turning on your car’s air defroster or air conditioner, you can effectively remove the moisture inside your car. The vents near the car doors help maintain pressure inside your car, and these vents also allow moisture to escape. You can remove the moist air quickly by running your car’s AC fan or blower.


Use a moisture absorber 

If the moisture inside your car starts causing a foul smell, we recommend you start using a car moisture absorber to tackle the problem. The moisture absorber can eliminate the foul smell and keep your car smelling good. A simple google search for ‘best moisture absorber for car’ will fetch you a list; pick one that best suits you.   

Get a portable dehumidifier to absorb moisture in your car 

Getting a good portable dehumidifier for your car is a great solution to this problem. Place the portable dehumidifier inside the vehicle, close the doors and windows for a moisture-free car. What’s more, they can clear window fogs, musty smells, and other moisture concerns in your car.   

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Use baking soda 

If you don’t have access to a dehumidifier, try using baking soda to remove excess moisture. Baking soda is a natural moisture absorber, and it is also a cheap and accessible option. Open up baking soda boxes and place them inside your car. Close all the doors and windows. The baking soda, over time, will absorb moisture in your car. What’s more, it’s also an excellent odor remover.  

How to prevent moisture formation inside your car 

  • Clear off all the damp items inside your car like wet towels, shoes, clothes, and others to avoid moisture formation.  
  • Get rid of food waste that has accumulated inside your car. These can sometimes be the reason for moisture formation inside your car. 
  • Close your car windows and sunroof on rainy days. Yes, it’s an obvious thing to do, but sadly most drivers forget to do it – allowing the water to enter inside.  
  • Constantly check for leaks inside your car. If you identify a damp spot, get it fixed immediately.  
  • Use a garage to park your car. The temperature inside the garage will prevent dampness. Also, it can protect your car from heavy rain and storms. 

We recommend you wash your car regularly to get rid of dust particles that attract moisture. If you’re looking for the best car washes near you, look no further than Way.com. Start using the Way.com app or website to enjoy an affordable and high-quality car washing experience.  

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