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How to always find parking in New York City

  • Cars Explained
  • Renee Martin
  • 5 minutes

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Everything about New York City is fantabulous, well, everything apart from parking, that is. With thousands of vehicles sharing the road around the clock, there is no magical fix for finding parking in NYC. However, that does not mean that you should never venture out into the Big Apple without your car. With a little bit of planning, some research into the five boroughs for parking hotspots, and pre-booking through websites like Way.com or LAZ Parking and you are good to go. If that’s not enough, continue reading this article, and we will guide you with some more secret tips that will help you find parking in New York City all the time. The important thing you need to remember is that NYC, just like all other major cities in the United States, has its pros and cons. When it comes to parking, New York City has its own set of parking rules. Having a basic understanding of the parking rules can help you save lots of money, time, and unwanted stress. Here are some essential tips to help you find affordable deals for parking in NYC.

How to always find parking in New York City

1 . Alternate Side Parking

One of the most important things to keep tabs on, especially during the holiday season, is the Alternate Side Parking rule in New York City. Alternate Side Parking (ASP) is the restriction of parking put into effect at a particular time of the day to help clean the streets. Look for the street sign with a “P” and broom across that has a designated time slot mentioned below. When ASP is in effect, you cannot park on the side of the street that is being cleaned. ASP is suspended on certain holidays, during adverse weather conditions, and emergencies.

2. Ask About In and Out Privileges

How to always find parking in New York City

Plenty of parking lots and garages across NYC offer in/out privileges for their customers. However, many people are unaware of this fact and fail to use such an opportunity in most scenarios. If you thought finding a spot for New York City parking was difficult, wait until you have to worry about finding a spot again. Why go through such unnecessary hassles when you can park at the same lot multiple times. This is precisely where the lots with in/out privileges come into play. Never worry about parking again, and go for parking with lots that offer unlimited in/out privileges. With websites and parking services like Way.com and LAZ Parking, you won’t also have to worry about finding a spot for parking twice on the same day. Popular spots like Sawyer Plaza 55 Main Street, Kalahari 31 West 115 Street, and Riverside Blvd have plenty of LAZparking lots that offer in and out privileges.

3. Neighborhoods to Avoid

Knowing where to park and which neighborhoods to avoid can help you quickly find parking in NYC all the time. Choose your parking spot wisely and do some research in advance before heading out. This is a significant issue, especially across the more popular boroughs, like Manhattan and Brooklyn. If you are new to town and don’t know about the parking spaces across NYC, it would be good to stay clear of famous spots like Hell’s Kitchen, the Flatiron District, the Civic Center, Koreatown, and the Vinegar Hill.

How to always find parking in New York City

4. Reserve a Spot in Advance

Pre-booking New York City parking is your assured step to always have a parking spot ready during your drive through the Big Apple. You also stand a chance to get instant access to amazing discounts by choosing to park with Way.com or LAZ Parking. Most of the best parking spots across NYC have online bookings available. Never worry about having to make circles around New York City looking for that perfect space for city parking again. The best thing about booking a guaranteed parking spot through LAZ parking or Way.com is that you can enjoy some of the lowest rates at a parking spot that is located close to the destination you are heading off to!

5. Never Double Park

How to always find parking in New York City

Even with access to all these tips, you might still find it challenging to find a convenient spot for parking. There will be temptations to double park next to a car where the road is wide enough to accommodate your vehicle. Please don’t do it! The moment you do it, the chances of your car getting impounded get up by at least 90% or more. New York City has one of the best traffic management systems in the country. Staff/officers assigned to monitor city parking in New York City are eagle-eyed in enforcing tickets for parking violations. Your car will be immediately towed away and impounded without warning if you still decide to go for double parking.

How to always find parking in New York City

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