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How to Avoid Getting a Ticket for an Illegal Turn?

  • Auto Insurance
  • Vanessa Norris
  • 4 minutes

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Getting pulled over is no fun in any circumstance. However, it has now become part of one’s life. There will come situations when you jump a signal, violate turning rules, or maybe be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Whatever the scenario, you will be handed a ticket. Here’s your guide on how to avoid getting a ticket for an illegal turn. Read on and learn all about the various legal and illegal turns. 


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What are the types of turns?

As you learn to drive, there are numerous turn kinds that you’ll need to master. Some are simpler and more typical, while others only come in handy in certain circumstances. You’ll primarily experience the following turn types when driving: 


Rules about making a U-turn vary from state to state and are tricky. You can’t make a U-turn in a business area unless you turn from the far-left lane at a traffic light. The prosecutor must prove you were in a commercial district if you obtained a U-turn ticket. Business districts typically have more than half of the properties along the stretch where you turned. If the prosecutor doesn’t show any proof on this point, you might be able to get the ticket dismissed. 

Unless another vehicle is coming from either direction within the minimum distance required by state law, you can normally do a U-turn in a residential area. The distance may be around 200 feet. (Except for U-turns at signalized intersections, of course.) You may try to explain away this infraction by saying that you weren’t in a residential area or that the other car wasn’t within the minimum legal distance. If you live in a rural region, you may be able to argue that the lack of dwellings disqualifies the area as a residential zone, allowing you to do a U-turn. You can utilize maps and diagrams to back up your claim if it depends on the location of the cars. 

 To avoid getting a ticket for an illegal turn, you must: 

  • Look for signs indicating whether or not U-turns are permitted. 
  • Make sure you have adequate room and time to make the U-turn. When a car parked on the other side of the street wants to make the turn, it can be perilous. 
  • The lane on the left that is closest to the center divider is where you should start. 
  • Start the U-turn when there is a big enough gap in traffic or when you see a protected arrow.  
  • To make a U-turn, stay in the right lane. 



Turns Prohibited by Signs

To avoid improper turns, one must follow the clear instructions laid out by the authorities. There are signs, traffic signals, or arrows on the road surface that prohibit turns and must strictly be followed by motorists. Sometimes, to manage heavy traffic, legal U-turns and left turns may be prohibited with sign boards that motorists must keep a close eye on. It is also possible that the driver of a vehicle may have made an improper turn, as the prohibition sign might not be in a viewable position or might have been blocked by another object.  

Wide Turns

To prevent improper turn tickets, one must stay as close as possible to the edge of the road before making a right or left turn. Although, these violations are most often subjective to the judgment of the ticket-issuing officer. The driver may fight the ticket by proving they stayed near the road’s edge. For instance, they can claim that they had driven past parked vehicles, pedestrians at the street corner, or any other obstacle on the road. 


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