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How to Avoid Parking Tickets for Illegal Parking in Chicago  

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How to Avoid Parking Tickets for Illegal Parking in Chicago  

Chicago is a wonderful city to be in, and there are plenty of unique destinations you can explore and spend quality time at. On the other hand, Driving around Chicago is no fun at all, and it can be pretty frustrating at times. Parking in Chicago is pretty hard to find, and most of the good spots or locations that have lots of parking spaces tend to get sold out pretty quickly. If you haven’t realized it by now, yes, parking in Chicago is like trying to beat a boss with difficulty set to God mode. However, it does not necessarily mean that you should leave your car at home and walk from point A to point B in Chicago. Cabs are expensive and cause a significant dent in your savings. Public transport in the post-pandemic era is not really the safest alternative, and that’s why it is important that you take your car out to the city. Forget about all your parking stress by booking your parking in Chicago through Way.com. Alternatively, you can also consider these top tips to ensure that you stay clear from expensive parking tickets for illegal parking in Chicago 

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Parking Garages Offer the Safest Alternative to Street Parking  

People often consider the cheaper option of street parking over parking garages. However, in the post-pandemic era, contactless parking is much more important than saving a dollar or two, and that’s where parking garages stand out from all other parking. Yes, they cost you more money, but it is entirely worth it. Apart from contactless parking, you can also get COVID-19 and PPE compliances and some of the top lots, along with paved, well-maintained lots that are sanitized frequently. Parking garages are also relatively lower in demand when compared with street parking spaces across Chicago. They can also be pre-booked through parking apps and make sure you don’t get ticketed for improper parking or parking at an expired meter.  

Never Go for Parking in Chicago at Tow Away Zones  

Parking in Chicago

You won’t see them on signboards, but there are a few zones you need to stay away from to make sure you don’t get towed. Now, if you follow basic parking etiquette, you would know that it is never a good idea to go for parking in Chicago right next to crosswalks, bus lanes, bike lanes, yellow curbs, and fire hydrants or fire stations. Bike and bus lanes, just as their name suggests, are explicitly reserved for bikers and buses, respectively. Crosswalks are there for a reason, and if you fail to understand their purpose and park 20 feet or closer to a crosswalk, you will be towed. If you park in a way that blocks a fire hydrant or fire station access, you will be towed. Yellow curbs are also no parking zones, and you will be towed away without warning. Violations of any parking rules could result in expensive citations as well. It would also cost a good amount to recover your vehicle once it’s towed.   

Different Metered Parking Have Different Time Restrictions  

Contrary to how metered parking works across most other states in the country, Chicago features different time restrictions for different parking locations. Unfortunately, most of the street parking in Chicago has two-hour time restrictions for metered parking. If you leave the spot without noticing this, you could end up with expensive parking citations. Would it be a good idea to use the hard-earned savings on an unnecessary parking ticket? Most of the parking signboards located right next to the metered parking in Chicago will have the time limit mentioned. Also, make sure that you move out your car from the street parking space before the metered parking timer expires.   

Stay Clear of Residential Parking Zones and Keep Tabs on Street Sweeping  

Now, these are two easy ways to avoid parking tickets in Chicago. Like most other cities with considerable traffic, Chicago also has zones earmarked for Residential Parking. In most of these areas, you can only park if you have a valid residential parking permit. Otherwise, you will be ticketed by the parking authority. Chicago also has ward-wise street parking schedules which prevent parking during a particular time period. You can get more information by accessing the sweeper tracker from the Chicago city’s website. Alternatively, you can go for parking in Chicago at a parking garage listed on Way.com. Pre-booking parking in Chicago online through Way App or Way.com ensures that you are safe from parking tickets.   

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