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How to Buy Cars in Bloxburg?

  • Things To Know
  • Celine Jerly
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New to the Roblox role-playing game ‘Welcome to Bloxburg’? Let’s help you get around the online city with a new set of wheels. Here’s how you can buy cars in Bloxburg.¬†

There are two ways to get a car for your Bloxburg character: pick one from¬†Build Mode or buy it for Mike’s Motors. But first, for anyone new to the game:¬†


What is Bloxburg?

Bloxburg is a simulated¬†city in¬†the Roblox role-play game ‚Äď Welcome to Bloxburg. And yes, it’s like The Sims.¬†

Roblox is an online gaming platform with over 40 million games. You can program games¬†or play other user-created games. Though it’s been around since 2006, Roblox grew in popularity during the COVID-19 lockdowns. Kids under 16 make up around 67% of the user base; the number of¬†daily active users on the platform has peaked at 58.8 million this year!¬†

Most Roblox games are free, with in-game purchases. But Welcome to Bloxburg is a paid game and still manages to draw over five billion visits. It is the first paid game on that platform to reach a billion visits. The game is about a virtual character’s daily life in a fictional city. So, you need to find out how to buy cars in Bloxburg.¬†

How do you play it?

Players must take care of their virtual character’s “moods” by doing various¬†Bloxburg activities. You can gain skills, work to earn money, interact with other players, and explore the city. Players can also build and customize houses, buy vehicles and other in-game items, etc. This is how it usually works:¬†

  • Build or buy a standard house. You can customize it later.¬†
  • The city is open to all players; you can explore it freely.¬†
  • You can apply for jobs at any of the shops you enter. That’s how you start making money.¬†
  • Buy more expensive buildings after earning money in the game.¬†
  • When you aren’t working, socialize with other players or build things.¬†

How to buy cars in Bloxburg

You either buy it from Mike’s Motors in Bloxburg or use the game’s Build Mode. The latter is easier and quicker, as Mike has a limited selection of usually expensive vehicles. ¬†

  • Open Build Mode, go to the Vehicles section and choose the car as per your budget.¬†
  • If you want to visit Mike’s, the store is in the main town, next to Pizza Planet.¬†

How much do cars in Bloxburg cost?

Bloxburg cars aren’t free. You’ll have to pay for it with money earned from the game ($) or using Blockbux (B$). Cars in Bloxburg have varying speeds, seating capacity, and design ‚Äď the prices vary accordingly. Cheaper vehicles seat only one to four¬†players, while the expensive ones can seat up to seven. ¬†

LittleWheels Off-Road Crawler is one of the cheapest and costs $11,750 Blockburg money. Meanwhile, a¬†LittleWheels Cruisin’ Convertible will cost a bit more at $16,500. The most expensive money item in the game is The Noobus Superior, a luxurious car sold for $170,000. A Noobus Limousine is also available for B$8000. ¬†

You can expect to pay around B$200 ‚Äď B$8000 or $2300 – $170,000. Remember, you can only earn money ($) in the game by working in Bloxburg. Meanwhile, you can purchase Blockbux (B$) with Robux. And Robux is bought with real money. See the table below for Blockbux rates.¬†

Blockbux  Robux Price 
50 Blockbux  20 Robux 
250 Blockbux  90 Robux 
500 Blockbux  160 Robux 
2,500 Blockbux  700 Robux 
5,000 Blockbux  1,300 Robux 
25,000 Blockbux  6,000 Robux 


Now that you know how to buy cars in Bloxburg, which one would you get? 

The model won’t matter if you leave it parked outside the boundaries of your character’s plot or anywhere else that is not a designated parking space in the online city ‚Äď your car will be towed. If this happens in the game, you can respawn it. If only that were possible in real life! But it isn’t – so make sure you have a safe and affordable parking space for your car everywhere you take it. ¬†

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