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How to cancel insurance from USAA? Things to Know

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Are you planning to cancel your USAA insurance? USAA is one auto insurance company that offers you coverage at the best competitive rates. Similarly, this company also provides many discounts and perks, which are beneficial in the long run. Do you still wish to go ahead with your cancellation? Are you sure to find another auto insurance provider before you plan to go ahead with your cancellation? 

If you plan to cancel your USAA insurance, only do it after making the most of your existing policy.  If you don’t, you’ll probably have to face a huge loss by covering for accidents and car damages directly out of your pocket. Here’s what you should know before you cancel your existing policy. 

How to cancel insurance from USAA?



Steps to cancel USAA auto insurance 

Here are the steps you’ll need to follow to cancel your USAA auto insurance: 

Cancel before the renewal date 

Make sure to cancel your existing USAA auto insurance before the renewal date. For this, know the duration and the exact date your policy expires. You might get a refund if you’ve paid for your policy yearly and are canceling before the renewal date. The simplest way to check the validity of your auto insurance is by logging into your USAA account online. 

Check if you’re eligible for refunds. 

You can effortlessly get a refund if you cancel your USAA auto insurance before the next renewal. USAA charges you only for the services that you use. Mostly, USAA gives refunds to all policyholders who pay 6 to 12 months in advance.  

On the other hand, you may not be eligible for discounts if you make monthly payments. Hence, you may get a refund for the service you’ve not used to date. The best way is to clarify with your insurance agent. 

Confirm your new policy’s benefits 

Before you cancel your insurance from USAA, could you compare? Does your new insurance provider offer you more benefits? What are the additional coverages you’ll be getting from your new policy? Shop around till you find a policy that is as good as or better than your USAA insurance. 

Go for a new policy 

Start your new auto insurance policy the same day as your USAA auto insurance policy ends. This way, there won’t be a gap between your existing and new policies. Also, don’t wait until the renewal date to decide if you wish to proceed or cancel insurance from USAA. Hence, plan when you’d like to start your new insurance and cancel your existing insurance on the same day. 

Cancel the USAA auto insurance policy 

The last step towards closing your existing USAA auto insurance policy is to close it. You can go ahead and close it by mail or phone or go there in person. Again,  make sure to compare the auto insurance rates before you choose your next provider.

How to cancel USAA car insurance?

Ways to cancel your USAA auto insurance and get a new one 

Here are the easy ways to cancel your USAA auto insurance: 

Online cancellation 

You can always cancel insurance from USAA through their website. All you’ll need to do is keep your insurance number handy. Make sure you are canceling your existing policy before the renewal date. You can find out our renewal date by checking out your USAA profile. Then, go to policy cancellation and go ahead with your cancellation. 

Cancellation via app 

The other easiest way to cancel your USAA auto insurance is by using the app. You can also log in to your account through the app, go to the cancellation page, and go ahead with the cancellation. You may send a text request for cancellation on the number 1-800-531-8722. 

Cancellation by phone

USAA insurance agents are available to talk around the year. The easiest way to cancel your USAA insurance is by contacting one of your insurance agents. These agents then confirm your details, verify your existing policy details, and close your insurance effortlessly. 

How to cancel insurance from USAA? Things to Know

Grace period to pay your USAA auto insurance 

Yes, you’ve heard it right! USAA gives you a grace period to make payments. USAA customers also get 30 d of extra time to make pending payments until the next payment cycle. However, if you make any delays beyond the grace period, you may have to pay a fine of $15-$25. 

Things to remember before canceling your USAA auto insurance 

  • Double-check if you have any penalties and clear them. 
  • Compare and go for the best insurance quotes you can get. 
  • Do some research about your new carrier. 
  • Check with your current carrier for discounts or perks for which you are eligible. 
  • Go for your new policy only on the day your current one lapses. 
  • Make sure to carry your new auto insurance ID in printed copies. 

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