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How to Cancel Progressive Car Insurance?

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If you’re wondering how to cancel Progressive car insurance, don’t worry, it’s quite easy. Progressive is one of the customer-friendly providers, offering its customers huge discounts. While it is easy to get insurance, it is easier to cancel progressive car insurance in no time. The best part of Progressive’s cancellation policy is that you can withdraw your auto insurance policy anytime. 

However, as you may know, you need a reliable auto insurance policy as long as you drive or own a car. Therefore, when you cancel Progressive car insurance and have a backup policy. Also, compare the rates of your new policy to that of Progressive before switching to a new policy. In addition, it is wise to take an expert opinion and examine the benefits of your new policy before you go ahead with your purchase. 

 Cancel Progressive Car Insurance the Right Way

The process to cancel Progressive car insurance 

The process to terminate your Progressive car insurance is quite simple. By following the right steps and acting at the right time, you can call off your insurance easily. Here are some important steps you’ll need to follow: 

Find out the validity of your insurance 

Before you call off your Progressive car insurance, you can just find out the validity of your existing insurance. If you suddenly plan to close your existing insurance, you may have to pay the cancellation fee. There are some easy ways to know the validity of your present insurance. 

Firstly, you can find these details on your Progressive car insurance declaration form when you submit it online and start your auto insurance. Secondly, check your Progressive ID card. It will precisely show your insurance validity. Finally, make sure to jot down the coverages. You can save these for later while comparing your new policy benefits. 

Compare quotes of other providers 

Visit the websites of other major auto insurance providers and get quotes. Also, check the discount rates these providers offer and decide if you still wish to continue. Before you compare, make a note of the information you’ll need.  

Some of the major information is the coverage, your coverage start date (make sure to start your new auto insurance, and the day your existing insurance ends. Also, remember to add the VIN, make, and model of all cars you’ve insured with Progressive. Additionally, add your name, license number, and date to get all your insurance details together. 

Further steps to cancel Progressive car insurance 

Here’s what you’ll need to take to cancel your Progressive car insurance: 

Ask Progressive for a better coverage 

Progressive is one of the providers of wide coverage. Therefore, think twice before you cancel their auto insurance, and see if you can get an equally good provider. You can always get better coverage through progressive is to use bundling discounts. See if you can bundle your auto insurance and home insurance policies through them. 

Go for a reliable insurance provider 

If you think you can find a better insurance provider than Progressive, go ahead with your decision. However, contact your new insurer and enquire about the coverages and perks you’ll get. Most importantly, before you cancel Progressive car insurance, you use it till the last date before switching to your new insurance provider. 

 Cancel Progressive Car Insurance the Right Way

Cancellation charges of Progressive car insurance in each state 

Before you cancel Progressive car insurance, you must also know the cancellation charge in each state: 

State Average Annual Insurance Rates 
Alabama $696 
Alaska $972 
Arizona $936 
Arkansas $708 
California $852 
Colorado $840 
Connecticut $1008 
Delaware $1044 
Florida $1080 
Georgia $792 
Hawaii $852 
Idaho $588 
Illinois $756 
Indiana $672 
Iowa $564 
Kansas $600 
Kentucky $768 
Louisiana $1092 
Maine $660 
Maryland $960 
Massachusetts $1128 
Michigan $948 
Minnesota $804 
Mississippi $756 
Missouri $696 
Montana $696 
Nebraska $624 
Nevada $996 
New Hampshire $804 
New Jersey $1200 
New Mexico $744 
New York $1140 
North Carolina $612 
North Dakota $564 
Ohio $684 
Oklahoma $744 
Oregon $744 
Pennsylvania $864 
Rhode Island $1068 
South Carolina $768 
South Dakota $576 
Tennessee $672 
Texas $852 
Utah $720 
Vermont $708 
Virginia $708 
Washington, D.C. $1200 
Wisconsin $624 
Wyoming $648 

North Dakota offers the lowest Progressive cancellation charges across the U.S. 

 Cancel Progressive Car Insurance the Right Way

What happens after canceling Progressive car insurance? 

Once you cancel your Progressive car insurance, you’ll be given a refund, provided you don’t have any pending service cancellation fees to pay. This cancellation amount depends on your use of Progressive’s services. They may charge you less if you are a long-term user of Progressive’s services. Make sure you go for new auto insurance as soon as you close the older one. Many insurance companies disagree on offering services to inconsistent customers. 

Ways to save on Progressive car insurance 

  • Increase your deductible every month. 
  • Club your auto insurance policy with other types (home insurance, motorcycle insurance, etc.) 
  • Sign up for Progressive’s safe driver program and get the best benefits. 
  • Use only the coverages which you think you need. 
  • Use all the discounts that are available at hand. 

To Summarize 

While you plan to cancel Progressive car insurance, please make sure that your new auto insurance is equally good. The best way to cancel is to call Progressive directly or send a mail request. Just to remind you, your cancellation charges depend on your location. 

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