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How to Celebrate Memorial Day With Social Distancing

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Memorial Day 2020, dedicated to the brave men and women who lost their lives while serving for the United States Armed Forces, is almost upon us. Even though all 50 states of the country are gearing up for reopening after their subsequent lockdownslarge gatherings, and parades which usually accompany Memorial Day celebrations, would still be off-limitsHowever, there are still reasons to be happy as some of the states like New York have decided to allow gatherings of up to 10 people for the Memorial Day week. Memorial Day is also considered as the unofficial start of summer (which unfortunately is still more or less under lockdown). Regardless of how strict or eased up restrictions are in your county or state, make sure that you always maintain social distancing at all times and avoid spending prolonged hours in public. Always wear masks whenever you go out and wash your hands at the soonest after coming back. If you are not comfortable going out, there are plenty of ways, there are still plenty of ways to observe the national observation from the safety of your home.


Update Local Regulations 

Update Regulations

Before heading out or inviting friends and family to spend Memorial Day together, check with local authorities on what is allowed and what is not. The last thing we need during a memorial weekend amidst the coronavirus pandemic is to get into unnecessary trouble with law enforcement. While all states are reopening, there are differences in how the reopening is being enforced. The number of positive coronavirus cases plays a crucial role in how the different counties have approached the reopening. Other factors like population density, overall positive coronavirus cases reported, medical and health capacities are all taken into account. So, it is ideal to reach out to your local administration before venturing out, or just keep tabs on your local news. 

Honor the Fallen Heroes 

Memorial Day Decor

The annual day of remembrance is a reminder of the countless sacrifices that men and women who served the country made to shape the world as we see it today. Honor their sacrifices and service to the country by visiting your local, national cemetery to decorate their tombstones with flowers and the US flag (if it is allowed). Some cities like South Wisconsin, are making arrangements for flags to be placed on tombs, in a bid to minimize people crowding at the national cemetery. Spend time with the families who have kin that served in the armed forces, buried in the cemetery (provided it can be achieved with social distancing guidelines). You can also decorate your houses with Memorial Day tributes in red, white, and blue ribbons for the day, as a tribute to the fallen heroes.  Just make sure that you are following the etiquettes of hoisting the US flag. The flag should also be relatively new and in proper condition. While hoisting the flag, make sure that the flag is always aloft and free.  

Barbeque in the Backyard 

BBQ Memorial Day

Memorial Day, with eased restrictions, is the perfect time to both spend some time outdoors and catch up with some of your close friends. Of course, an extended family gathering is still not allowed in most of the counties, but as long as we keep the numbers below ten, it will probably be alrightMake sure you plan ahead and go grocery shopping well in advance to be ready for the BBQReserve your parking spot ahead of your travel. If BBQ  (especially when you are serving friends) is not your thing, consider checking out your nearby restaurants or diners for takeout. Having a Meal Pass Subscription, let’s you access some of the best deals in your area. 

Car Parades are Still Possible 

Memorial Day Parade

Parades of any sort are still far away from being implemented anywhere across the world, and we could say the same for Memorial Day Parades. As parades often feature hundreds of people participating, and also attracts an equally large number of spectators, it would be unlikely for any parades to take place on the last Monday of May. However, some neighborhoods and local groups have acquired permission from the authority to host vehicle parades between a designated time period on Monday. There will still be restrictions enforced when it comes to how many people are allowed to board the vehicle.  

Take Part in the National Moment of Remembrance 

National Moment of Remebrance

The National Moment of Remembrance is scheduled to take place from 3:00PM – 3:30PM EDT on May 25th. The proclamation of remembrance is available for download online othe internetIn line with social distancing norms and state guidelines of reopening, there will be no access for the public into the Arlington National Cemetry throughout the Memorial Week. Relatives of army men and women who are buried in the cemetery will be allowed entry into the gravesites provided they have the possession of a family pass. However, the pass only allows the family members to visit the graveIt is not confirmed whether there would be a public Memorial Day ceremony, including the wreath-laying ceremony this year. There are still possibilities for the event to take place virtually. You can take part in the National Moment of Remembrance by observing a one-minute silence and reading of the proclamation. 

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