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How to check manual transmission fluid (MLF)

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Regular refilling of transmission fluid is a need for your car. Transmission fluid leaks can lead to severe engine damage. It’s always advised to check your manual transmission fluid (MLF) levels periodically to avoid that. Read on to know how to check manual transmission fluid (MLF).¬†

stick shift which depends on manual transmission fluid level

Manual transmission fluid (MLF) 

An anti-wear and anti-scoring ingredient blend, transmission oil has an excellent thermal oxidation resistance. For instance, heavyweight hypoid gear oil or even automatic transmission fluid can be used in manual gearboxes, as can normally motor oil in others. Above all, transmission oil is primarily responsible for lubricating the hypoid gears in automobile manual and automatic gearboxes. 

When should transmission fluid be checked? 

A manual transmission car’s transmission fluids are different than an automatic transmission car. Therefore, check it differently.¬† The driver can swap gears in a manual gearbox with the help of internal gears, bearings, and synchronizers. Heavy petroleum-based oils are commonly used to lubricate manual gearboxes. When the lubricating characteristics of this oil degrade, the driver may have difficulty shifting the gearbox into gear.¬†

The transmission fluid level should be checked between service intervals on a regular basis. Leaving the transmission fluid in your car to dry out might cause it to shift incorrectly or not at all. The lack of lubrication in the interior elements of your transmission might also cause damage. Transmission fluid leaks can go undetected for a long time, even if you hear noises or see other signs. 

Things you will need 

  • Fluid pump¬†
  • Jack and jack stands¬†
  • Ratchet with sockets (standard and metric)¬†
  • Torque wrench¬†
  • Transmission fluid¬†
  • Wheel chocks¬†

How to check manual transmission fluid (MLF) 

Prep for checking

  • At first, place the wheel chocks in their proper places. Then, put the wheel chocks on the back wheels and secure them there.¬†
  • After that, raise the car on chocks. Elevate the front of the car one side at a time using the hydraulic floor jack, using the manufacturer’s recommended jacking points.
  • Lift it to a height that allows you to go beneath without tripping over it.¬†
  • Using jack stands, secure the car. Using the manufacturer’s lifting points, place the jack stands beneath the car and lower it onto them.¬†

Checking and reinstallation

  • Identify and locate fluid fill plug. It’s not uncommon for the filler plug to have a huge bolt that protrudes from the side of the transmission around halfway up.¬†
  • After removing the filler plug, remove the filler plug. Use a ratchet and the socket that fits snugly on the filler plug.¬†
  • Make sure there is enough fluid in the system. Use a maintenance manual for the manufacturer’s recommended fluid level.¬†
  • Filler plug holes on a manual gearbox may be used to check the fluid level. Insert your finger into the filler plug hole and check whether you receive any fluid on the end of your finger. That means the fluid level is low. No more fluid is required if the fluid level is that high.¬†
  • After that, add transmission fluid. You may do this by pumping lubricant into your gearbox via the filler plug.¬†
  • Repeatedly check the fluid level until it reaches the desired level.¬†
  • Finally, remove the filler plug and re-install it. Tighten it to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Lower the car to the ground. In order to lift the car one side at a time, you will need to use your floor jack to lift it up.ACCESS TO UNLIMITED CAR WASHES

It is important to know how to check and refill your transmission fluid in order to avoid future issues with your vehicle’s gearbox. Seek the help of professionals if you’re unsure about your vehicle’s transmission system or aren’t confident in refilling the fluids yourself. If you struggling to find the best car wash for your car in your neighborhood, fret not. We recommend you to visit Way.com¬†or download the Way app (available on¬†iOS¬†and¬†Android).¬†Enjoy a safe and touch-free car wash experience with Way. Just scan and drive away with a spotless car!

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