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How to clean a car touchscreen without damaging it

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Does your car’s touchscreen look dirty and is filled with smudge marks? If you’re unsure about how to clean it, don’t worry – as always, we’re here for you. Read this post to know how to clean a car touchscreen without damaging it.   

Almost all cars these days come with an infotainment screen. An infotainment screen delivers both entertainment and information to drivers. From choosing music to assisting you in parking safely, an infotainment screen is now a vital part of a car. Therefore, the need to keep it spotless is equally important. In this post, we’re breaking down how to clean a car touchscreen. Keep reading to know more.  

How to clean a car touchscreen

How to clean a car touchscreen – A step-by-step guide  

Things you’ll need  

  • Cleaning solution/ car touch screen cleaner  
  • Soft detailing brush  
  • Microfiber cloth   

Step 1  

Before you start cleaning the screen, make sure it’s switched off – turning off the screen allows you to see the accumulated dirt, grime, and smudge marks better.   

Step 2  

Now use the soft brush, and clear off the dust on the screen before using the cleaning solution. Make sure you use the brush at the crevices of the screen to remove dirt.   

Step 3  

After brushing off the dirt, now spray some cleaning solution onto the microfiber cloth or towel. Now using the cloth wipe the screen clean. Gently wipe the screen from left to right or from top-to-bottom don’t apply too much pressure while doing it. Make sure the screen is dirt-free and contains no fingerprints on it.   

Step 4  

After you’re done cleaning, use a fresh microfiber cloth to buff the screen. If you still notice a missed spot, follow the steps again.   

Top tips for cleaning a car touchscreen   

Here are some of the tips you can follow while cleaning your car touchscreen to maintain it properly:   

  • Don’t use a paper towel, tissue, or a rag to clean your car’s touchscreen. These things are abrasive in nature and can cause scratches on the screen.   
  • Use only a microfiber cloth while cleaning the infotainment screen. Microfiber cloths are made of soft materials and will not damage your screen. What’s more, they’re also the best towel to dry your car’s interior and exterior.   
  • Like we mentioned earlier, while cleaning the touchscreen, move the cloth in one direction (sideways or top-to-bottom). Don’t follow a circular motion.   
  • If your car’s touchscreen has light dirt on it, you can use distilled water to clear them off. However, to get rid of thick dirt, you will need something stronger than water.  
  • To clean your vehicle’s touchscreen, you can also purchase a cleaning kit. A cleaning kit usually consists of a soft brush, cleaning liquid, and microfiber cloth.  
  • Do not use alcohol, gasoline, alkaline, or acidic solutions to clean the infotainment screen. Chemical substances in these solutions can stain or discolor the screen.  
  • Never spray the cleaning solution directly onto the screen. Always spray it on the microfiber cloth first.   
  • You can invest in a screen protector to prevent scratches. These screen protectors should cost you less than $10 and will make your screen maintenance hassle-free. 

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