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How to Clean Leather Car Seats

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The interiors of a car showcase the luxury of the car. However, interiors are also one of the costliest things to maintain inside an automobile. With great interiors comes great responsibility. If you take good care of your leather car seats, they can look great in your car. Leather is a luxury; we‚Äôre willing to pay extra for it! Unfortunately, leather is much more susceptible to everyday wear and tear and damage from exposure to the sun. If you don’t clean leather often, it can get dirty or cracks from normal wear and tear. When you clean and treat your seats often, you stop dirt and other rough things from scratching them. This helps keep the leather in good shape. ¬†

What does acc mean in a car?

Leather can crack and fade after exposure to the sun for extended periods, just like your skin does. So leather car seats need particular maintenance to preserve their resale value like lotion is used to moisturize your skin. Clean and maintain your leather car seats and upholstery once every three months to keep them from drying out and cracking in the sun. Leather, thankfully, can be easily cleaned, but fabric upholstery can’t.¬†

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Ways to clean leather car seats

There are two ways to clean leather car seats. One way is to seek help from professional help from interior auto detailing shops. DIY (Do it yourself) is your second. It is also the cheaper option.

Items you will need to clean the car yourself

  • Vacuum cleaner¬†
  • Microfiber cloth¬†
  • Leather cleaner¬†
  • Leather conditioner¬†
  • Soft-bristled brush¬†
  • Damp towels¬†

Products you can use to clean leather seats DIY 

Leather cleaner 

If you’d prefer to use manufactured products,¬†it is important that you purchase products that have been developed for cleaning leather automobile seats. Never use any kind of multi-surface soap on your car’s leather upholstery. These products will dry up your leather seats and make them more susceptible to wear and tear.¬†

 However, be careful not to buy a cleaning product that contains ammonia or bleach, as both chemicals can harm your leather. 


These are not advised to be used on leather as it may lead to discoloring and damage

Laundry Detergent 

DIY solutions can be easily concocted using common household products like laundry detergent or dish soap. Collect warm water in a spray bottle and add half a teaspoon to an entire teaspoon of washing detergent. Then, you just need to combine the ingredients and put them to use. 


Even though the idea of using vinegar as a cleaning agent may sound strange, it actually works remarkably well. It’s a fantastic, low-priced antibacterial cleaner for general household surfaces like bathrooms, kitchens, windows, and mirrors.¬†

To make a cleaning solution out of vinegar, only fill a spray bottle halfway with vinegar and finish the rest with warm water. 

Coconut Oil 

Everyone knows coconut oil is great for your hair and skin, so it should be no surprise that it also works wonders on leather. 

The leather can benefit from a light application of coconut oil (or olive oil) after you have cleaned the interior thoroughly. Slowly apply a small amount at a time and blend it in using a dry cloth. 

Baking soda 

Baking soda is sometimes used as a natural stain remover because of its effectiveness. Sprinkle on the stain, let it sit for a few minutes until it absorbs, and then wipe it away. 

One should keep in mind that baking soda might be rough on more delicate objects. Avoid using fabric cleaners on leather seats if possible. Leather cleaners are the safest option. 

How do you actually clean the leather seats? 

  • Take a look at how stained it is¬†
  • Use the vacuum cleaner¬†to remove the loose dirt¬†
  • Apply desired cleaning solution and wait¬†
  • Use the soft brush to make it foam up(the dirt will be pulled out of the leather)¬†
  • Use a wet cloth to clean it and then a dry one to dry it off. Nothing should be left behind when you go.¬†
  • Apply leather conditioner and protect your car¬†

How to take care of the leather seats 

  • Park the car in shaded parking spots¬†
  • Use branded or reputable leather cleaners ¬†
  • Use good quality leather conditioners¬†
  • Avoid keeping sharp objects in the car¬†
  • Use a micro cloth or similar recommended material to clean seats to not leave scuff marks¬†


Taking care of your car’s interiors is as important as the other things involved in maintaining a car. Insurance is also a part of that maintenance.¬†

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