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How to find affordable Texas State Capitol parking spots 

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Visitors in Austin can hardly miss the stately Texas Capitol building that forms the seat of government! However, finding affordable Texas State Capitol parking is a less graceful task. Go onto Way.com, book a nearby Austin parking garage, and make your Austin parking experience as convenient as possible! 

The founders of Austin, Texas could not have picked a better spot for building their seat of government. Located on a hillock overlooking most of downtown Austin, the Texas State Capitol building towers over most of the buildings nearby. It lends its stately impression to the city and gives lawmakers a panoramic view from where they can go about their business. As an iconic landmark, it draws not just government officials but also visitors who come to admire the Italian Rennaissance Revival style architecture. 

texas state capitol parking

The main entrance faces the Congress Avenue Historic District, which sees architecture and cultural aficionados converge to admire the unique style of the buildings in the area. With such an influx of visitors, it’s only natural that Texas State Capitol parking is hard to get. Even with on-site Austin parking, there is a shortage of convenient and affordable parking spots. It won’t do for you to go find expensive downtown Austin parking just to visit the Texas State Capitol. 

Don’t fret – that’s where Way.com is here to help you out! You can choose the most convenient Austin parking garage you want and pay as much as 60% less! First, let’s give you the lowdown on all the Austin parking options near the Texas Capitol. 

Is there on-site Texas State Capitol parking? 

Yes, it’s only natural that such an iconic landmark has its own parking. On weekdays, on-site Texas State Capitol parking is free for the first 2 hours and costs $1 for every hour hence. The maximum cost for daily Austin parking at the Texas Capitol is $12. On weekends, parking is free except when there are special events happening at the Capitol.   

While the on-site rates are affordable, it is every visitor’s nightmare to realize that the spots have already been snapped up! That’s not surprising given the high volume of visitors to the building. Downtown Austin parking would be the more convenient option in this case, or even street parking would work. However, these options come with their own drawbacks. 

You can also skip directly to the safest and affordable option – booking a spot through Way.com. You’ll see why it’s your best option after checking out street parking. 

texas state capitol parking

Where can you find street parking for Texas State Capitol parking? 

You can find street parking on almost all the streets surrounding the Texas Capitol. The most common street for Austin parking would be San Jacinto Blvd, Lavaca St, W 12th Street, and 14th Street. It will cost you $2 for every 2 hours. However, you need to consider that you’ll be parking out in the hot sun, in a very exposed place. There could also be some suspensions in street parking on some days, which could inconvenience you. 

Are there cheaper Austin parking garages near the Texas State Capitol? 

We’re glad you asked! With an extensive network of Austin parking garages, Way.com is your best bet to get the most affordable deals for Texas State Capitol parking. Fancy this – by booking through the Way website or app, you can access rates as low as $1.5-6 per hour! The Austin parking garages we refer are all indoor, safe, quality-checked, and offer contactless booking. You can leave your vehicle here and visit the Capitol in peace, while your wallet will thank you for it! 

Log on to Way.com or download our parking app to see real-time parking garage rates and get the best deals for premium parking in Austin. 

texas state capitol parking

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