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How to Find Cheap Deals for Hollywood Parking

  • Things To Know
  • Renee Martin
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Hollywood does not need any fancy introductions as it is undoubtedly one of the most significant entertainment hotspots in the United States. With attractions like the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Paramount Pictures, TCL Chinese Theatre, Hollywood Bowl, and Dolby Theatres, it is no surprise that the challenge of finding Hollywood Parking is always a struggle. There are, of course, alternatives like Way.com that let you pre-book Los Angeles parking instantly, and that too for some of the best rates. You can also find plenty of on street Hollywood parking across the many street parking spots in the area. However, they do get sold out within minutes of being available. If you really want to visit the many retros cool bars, comedy clubs, eateries, and nightclubs without parking hassles, continue reading. Here are some great tips and tricks to find cheap deals for Hollywood parking

Book Hollywood Parking in Advance  

It’s always best to pre-book Hollywood parking in advance to avoid expensive Los Angeles parking citations. There are plenty of LA city parking garages listed on websites like Way.com that offer premium parking facilities like contactless parking. You can also find some of the lowest rates for offsite Los Angeles parking garages when you go for pre-booking online through websites like Way.com. There are also occasional price drops and great discounts for reserving Hollywood parking in advance. The best thing about going for parking garages and advanced reservations for Los Angeles parking is that you will never have to worry about parking tickets. The Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) enforces and manages parking in LA, does regular patrol, and issues tickets to potential violators. While you save money by parking on the street, you can stack up violations pretty quickly in busy cities like Los Angeles.  

Street Parking in LA Should be Last Resort

Hollywood Parking 

Los Angeles parking on the streets is the cheapest LA city parking option in the city. However, it can also turn around and end up being one of the most expensive parking if you are not careful. You can end up receiving expensive parking citations for violating the many street parking rules and regulations. Even having the wheels outside the painted white line limits can result in parking citations of $40 or more. Street parking lots across the city also do not protect from external hazards like natural calamities and break-ins. It’s always best to go for Los Angeles parking garages listed on websites like Way.com 

Download a Parking App  

If you want a seamless parking experience with the least hassles, it’s always best to go for pre-booking of Los Angeles parking. One of the easiest and best ways to make this experience hassle-free is to download a parking app. The majority of the leading parking service providers now offer parking apps on android and iOS platforms that are available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store, respectively. Most of these apps, like Way App from Way.com, are available for free download and offer premium parking facilities for some of the lowest rates in the market. The best thing about having access to a parking app is that you can always pre-check facilities offered at these Los Angeles parking lots in advance. Check parking availability, compare prices, and book a tailor-made LA City parking spot to your liking.   

If you need more tips and tricks to find the best deals for parking in Los Angeles, we have  you covered with a detailed Los Angeles parking guide. Get access to some of the best Hollywood parking facilities for the lowest rates instantly. 

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