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How to find & compare LA parking for the best deals

  • City Parking
  • Celine Jerly
  • 11 minutes

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Love online shopping? Now you can do that to find LA Parking too! No kidding, you can check out all the parking lots near you, compare the amenities and rates, and pick one (or more) that best suits you. There are filters to narrow down your options, reviews from previous users for some extra assurance, and even promo codes for instant discounts at check-out. And none of this needs to be done in a last-minute rush. Find, compare, and book your parking spots anytime, anywhere in the city. Here’s how.  

City of Dreams isn’t always dreamy for drivers – Los Angeles’s traffic and parking woes are never-ending. Even with consistent efforts to ramp up parking space availability, Angelenos are always looking for affordable spots in the city. If you are new to LA or headed to an unfamiliar neighborhood, the challenge mounts up. A bit of research can help, but there’s no guarantee a parking spot will magically appear when you reach your destination. Wouldn’t it be nice to pull right into a parking spot waiting for you on arrival?   

How to pre-book parking in Los Angeles  

Booking a parking spot in advance is easier than ever. Online reservations are accepted at most parking lots in the city. With the advent of e-commerce platforms, anyone with access to the internet can find and pre-book a garage space anywhere in the city. You can either log on to parking websites or download a parking app on your smartphone. These platforms have simple interfaces that are pretty easy to navigate – similar to a booking website for airline tickets or hotel accommodations.   

On most websites and apps, the process begins with selecting the place where you need to find a parking spot. Specifying a neighborhood landmark in the search bar will return more accurate results. You can further narrow it down with intended check-in and check-out times to ensure parking space availability at the time of your visit. Interactive maps are also available on some platforms to give you a better idea of how far your destination is from the suggested parking lots. Once you find a suitable parking space, all that’s left to do is confirm the order and make the payment – just as you would on any other shopping app or website. You’ll receive a booking confirmation via a message or email. Now, just follow the instructions to get instant access to a designated spot at the parking lot or garage of your choice.   

Not sure if you want to park at a garage when street parking is cheaper and probably, more convenient? Street parking can test your patience where demand for parking space is high – that’s pretty much anywhere in LA. Here’s why you should favor an off-street parking space in LA.  

LA street parking vs. LA parking lots   

Los Angeles street parking is tricky – you might love the cheap rates, but finding a vacant spot is often time-consuming. Keeping track of all the LA parking rules and restrictions is an add-on task, but it’s essential to keep yourself updated on the basics.   

Parking on public streets in Los Angeles City is subject to California Vehicle Code and Los Angeles Municipal Code. Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) is swift when it comes to catching parking violations. If driving is part of your daily routine, it is not easy to elude a Los Angeles parking ticket for long. An expired meter, temporary restrictions, failing to move your vehicle before scheduled street cleaning, parking in restricted zones – there are many ways to make a tiny mistake that leads to an unwanted expense. And if you stack up more than five tickets, your car might get booted. Then you’ll have to pay for your overdue parking tickets plus a $150 boot fee!

LA Street parking sign

Keep an eye on curb colors; each color indicates various parking zones with different restrictions. Red, Blue, and White curb regulations are usually in effect 24×7 unless otherwise indicated by a sign posted on site. Parking without a Residential Parking Permit and temporary regulations like a special event or seasonal restrictions on street parking could get you in trouble too. In any case, checking posted parking signs and keeping a tab on LADOT’s updates on online platforms is highly recommended when you rely on street parking.   

We are not asking you to drive away from street parking but be aware of the risks involved. There’s no point in stressing about your car’s safety and parking violations to save a few bucks. Street parking in LA is great for quick stops. Even a free parking spot comes with a maximum parking time limit. If you aren’t sure how long you’ll be away, it’s better to leave your car at a secure off-street parking facility. But that could be expensive, right? The cheap hourly parking rates are undoubtedly the best advantage of using street parking. But what if you can find secure garage space for similar rates?   

How to find affordable parking in Los Angeles 

Los Angeles parking garage spots don’t come cheap, especially in busy neighborhoods like downtown, where availability is barely catching up with rising demands. Paying drive-up rates at a centrally located parking lot can often drain your pockets by the hour. Driving around looking for cheaper rates is definitely not the solution – even if you have the time, you might end up wasting a lot of time and compromising the quality of service.   

On the other hand, online reservations come with exclusive discounts and special rates at most garages. There’s no need to compromise safety or the amenities offered. Top-rated parking facilities in the city also offer discounts on their pre-bookable spots. You’ll easily find these online offers on parking websites and apps like Way.com. And that’s how you find the best deals – book your Los Angeles parking garage space online and get the lowest rates at secure, well-maintained parking lots close to your destination. Metered street parking in LA can go up to $6 an hour. It isn’t tricky to find hourly parking garage rates similar to that, or even lower, on parking apps and websites. With extra discounts from promo codes, vouchers, special offers, etc., you can save even more.     

LA Parking banner

Save more at LA parking lots and garages  

Now that we have found the solution to expensive parking garage rates, you’ll have no reason to look back at street parking. There’s no need to worry about expiring meters and maximum parking time limits either. While you can’t escape time limits when parking on streets, you can pre-book a parking lot space as per your requirement. Minimum parking time at LA garages and lots could be as low as 30 minutes. However, hourly and daily parking rates are more popular and convenient.   

Hourly rates at LA parking lots start at $5 or less, while the daily maximum rates can increase to $40. Depending on the location, flat rates for all-day parking could be cheaper. 6-hour or 12-hour parking rates are also offered. On average, overnight parking rates range from $15 – $30 range but could be lower depending on the demand and location. For those who drive every day and need a regular parking spot near their home or workplace, booking a monthly parking spot is economical. When you pay hourly or daily rates at the same garage, you will end up paying a lot more than a monthly rate. For short-term parking, you can also take advantage of special weekend rates, early-bird rates, and parking vouchers. Don’t miss the special offers on online reservations too.   

Los Angeles public parking

How to find the best deals on LA parking apps  

If you haven’t downloaded a parking app on your phone yet, get started here. Now you have access to all the best parking spots in Los Angeles. Traveling to another city, you’ll find the perfect parking spot there too. All you need to do is open the app and quickly search for parking lots and garages at your destination. Downloading a parking app on your phone allows you to pre-book a parking spot from anywhere, any time, and drive right into your garage space when you arrive.    

But that’s not all. We’ve got a few insider tips to share to make it even better. With these tips, you’ll never miss another online parking deal near you.   

Sign-up and Subscribe

Even if you do not drive often, consider signing up for an account on a trusted parking app or website. Once you are in, it is easier to manage your bookings and save a lot of time. Most parking apps work with your tried-and-tested preferences. Every time you log in, you have better chances of finding the latest offers at your favorite parking lots or frequently visited destinations. You could also access previous bookings to quickly re-book a parking space you have tried before. Go one step ahead and subscribe to the parking app’s emails instead of brushing it off as spam. Most often, when you trash promotional emails, you are also trashing some good deals. Special offers, discount codes, exclusive vouchers, or even just a heads up on a new parking spot you can try – it’s all right there in your inbox.    

Use the filters

Like any other e-commerce platform, parking apps and websites come with filters that can speed up your search. So, don’t stop at typing in your destination and check-in/check-out times. Do you need a self-parking space or valet service? A covered garage or outdoor parking lot? Parking spot within a 5-minute walk from your destination or 10-minutes? What amenities do you prefer – Aisle Access, 24×7 open facility, contactless parking? Many Los Angeles parking apps even allow you to sort the results by user ratings. And don’t miss the interactive parking maps to get a better picture of all available parking spaces near your destination.   

Be flexible

Don’t mind a short walk? Finding cheaper parking in Los Angeles is easier – don’t park right next to your destination; park near your destination instead and pay lesser. Can you get there early? You just saved a few bucks with early-bird parking rates. Parking apps and websites often have interactive maps to give you a better idea of the garages in a location – you’ll often find a cheaper lot just a couple of blocks down from the popular parking lot right next to your destination.    

parking in los Angeles

Park smarter

Looking for a parking spot near work or home? Visiting LA for a couple of weeks and need a regular parking spot? Get a monthly parking space instead of paying daily rates. It might seem expensive at first – but if you do the math, a monthly parking plan will cost you a lot less per day than daily/hourly rates at most parking lots. You can also save a lot of time waiting to find an available spot in busy garages, with a reserved monthly parking space.  

Park longer

If you plan to spend more than a couple of hours in and around a neighborhood, leave your car at a centrally located affordable garage and get around on foot. Parking for short durations in multiple garages will cost you a lot in hourly rates. A 6-hour or 12-hour parking space, on the other hand, is considerably cheaper. If you must use your car frequently, look for a garage with in/out privileges. However, this might raise the parking rates.   

Compare amenities

Each parking lot comes with a set of amenities to give you a better experience. Always choose well-lit parking lots with up-to-date safety features like camera surveillance, contactless parking, security staff, etc. Do not compromise quality for cheap parking. Parking lots are a common target for burglars. There are chances of break-ins at poorly lit or large unattended parking facilities. Even at the most secure parking lots and garages, make sure never to leave any valuables exposed inside your car. Lock doors and windows carefully, and ensure security features are activated.  

Los Angeles parking banner

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