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How to find convenient Harlem parking spots in NYC

  • City Parking Tips
  • Renee Martin
  • 4 minutes

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As one of the most popular neighborhoods in Manhattan, visiting Harlem will be on every New Yorker’s bucket list. However, finding reliable Harlem parking is the most challenging part! Don’t worry anymore – use Way.com to find cheap NYC parking nearby and enjoy your time in  Harlem!

Located in Upper Manhattan, Harlem is one of New York City’s most popular neighborhoods. It is also an integral part of NYC culture! From the Harlem Rennaissance to the Harlem Shake, the neighborhood has been prominently featured in most milestones in the city. Visiting Harlem and spending a day here can take you down interesting paths for sure. The only problem is that Harlem parking is a challenging task because of the dense population and heavy traffic in the area.

harlem parking

Harlem has several locations that have been designated New York City Landmarks and are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. These include the Apollo Theater, Langston Hughes House, Washington Apartments, and much more. Sightseeing in Harlem can be done either on foot or by driving down. If you’re driving, it’s better to know where to find NYC parking in Harlem before you head out. How can you do that? It’s simple – use Way.com to find the most affordable NYC parking garages nearby!

Before you take our word for it, let’s break down your other options for parking in Harlem.

Where can I find Harlem parking in the neighborhood?

The common options any driver looks for when parking in Harlem are – street NYC parking and NYC parking garages. Metered street parking can be found along most roads in Harlem, including Harlem River Drive, Adam Clayton Powell Jr Drive, Frederick Douglas Boulevard, and other roads. You can also find free street parking along most stretches, subject to time limits and parking restrictions.

There are also private parking garages in Harlem at convenient locations on the same roads.

What are the rates for Harlem parking?

Metered street parking in Harlem will cost you anything ranging from $2-5 for a couple of hours. This varies depending on where you park. While it is certainly cheap, you must remember that keeping track of the time limits on the parking meters can be a pain. Also, every driver in Harlem is on the lookout for a street parking spot. You’re not guaranteed to find parking in NYC near your location – you’ll likely have to park a few blocks away!

Private parking garages will most likely cost you anything from  $15 -$30 for two hours’ parking. Most drivers choose parking garages for safety, but unless you know which ones are trustworthy, you risk being fleeced by seedy establishments! You don’t want to come back from your Harlem outing to find that your car’s been broken into!

How can I find the most reliable parking garages in Harlem?

That’s the million-dollar question – and we can answer it for you! Ditch the traditional way of finding a parking spot and use Way.com’s dependable service instead. What’s so special, you ask? Way.com has one of the largest networks of NYC parking garages in the city – all quality checked for professionalism, safety, and security. Using the Way app or website, you can view all available Harlem parking spots near your location, with prices updated in real-time. All you need to do is choose the one you most prefer, and voila!

Did we mention that you get all this for no compromise in affordability? For example, when booking through Way.com, you can book a spot at a top-rated, user-reviewed garage in Harlem for as low as $15 for 6 hours. Even daily parking using Way.com will only cost you $25, which is what most private garages charge you for 2 hours. So don’t wait any longer, or all the best spots will get snapped up!

harlem parking

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