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How to find convenient La Condesa parking spots in Austin 

  • City Parking Tips
  • Renee Martin
  • 4 minutes

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If you’re itching to get your hands on some sumptuous Mexican food and tequila, La Condesa beckons! It’s a pity that La Condesa parking is not as appealing as its cuisine. Don’t worry – book a convenient Austin parking spot through Way.com and enjoy La Condesa to the fullest! 

La Condesa is one of Austin’s go-to places for authentic Mexican cuisine. Located in the hip 2nd Street District, it is known for locally sourcing most of its ingredients, and for being one of the best places to down a few shots of blue agave tequila! Whether it’s brunch, dinner, or happy hours, La Condesa is a delight to visit any time of day. Despite being so popular, one drawback is there is not enough La Condesa parking for its customers. It can also get crowded during special occasions, further increasing the problem of finding convenient Austin parking spots.

la condesa parking

You don’t need to put off your Mexican food fiesta because of that! We’re here to help you find the most convenient parking spots near La Condesa, which will ensure a smooth evening for you. Long story short – use Way.com! However, it’s best to know why using Way.com is a better option than your alternatives for parking near La Condesa, which we’ve explained below.

Is there on-site La Condesa parking?

Unfortunately, despite being a popular Mexican food joint, La Condesa does not have on-site parking of its own. However, that doesn’t mean you’ll have to put off your evening out at the restaurant. You’ll just have to search for street parking nearby. Metered street parking is available on several surrounding roads, including W 2nd Street, W 3rd Street, and Guadalupe Street. If you’d rather go for free Austin parking, such spots are also available along W 3rd Street and Lavaca Street.

You could also choose to park at a private downtown Austin parking garage, several of which are available nearby.

What are the rates for street parking near La Condesa?

Street parking near La Condesa is pretty affordable at $2.40 for 2 hours. While it may seem like an obvious choice for parking near La Condesa, you have to remember that everyone is on the lookout for these cheap spots! Rather than finding a street parking spot near La Condesa, you’re likely to be met with parked cars all along the surrounding roads. Given the restaurant’s popularity, it’s unlikely that already parked cars will move any time soon! You’ll probably end up with an Austin parking spot several blocks down and may have to walk a few minutes to reach La Condesa. Wouldn’t that be a vibe-killer for your Mexican night out?

While there are more convenient Austin parking garages nearby, they would cost you anything between $10-25 for a few hours! You also have to keep an eye out to park at a reputable establishment. There are many poorly maintained garages out there that could fleece you while causing harm to your vehicle. You wouldn’t want that to tarnish your great memories of La Condesa!

Are there more reliable garages nearby for La Condesa parking?

It’s a well-known fact that La Condesa parking – and Austin parking in general – is hard because drivers don’t know where to look. In the hunt for the cheapest spots, most folks will choose street parking or a seedy parking garage! If you’re looking for reliability and affordability, look no further than Way.com! With an extensive network of Austin parking garages and lots, the Way.com website and app show you where to find reliable Austin parking.

How it works is – Way.com aggregates the available parking spots from several lots and garages across the city in real-time. In just a few swipes, you can choose your preferred spot and book guaranteed parking. We ensure the Austin parking garages in our network are well-maintained, professionally managed, and secure. With these quality checks in place, you’ll never have to worry about anything happening to your car while at La Condesa.

Did we also mention the discounted rates? That’s right – booking a spot through the Way app or website helps you access the best rates, compare prices, and book a spot in a contactless way! For example, when you book a spot near La Condesa through Way.com, you’ll find amazing deals as low as $2 for an hour on San Antonio Street and Brazos Street. That’s fantastic value for money if you ask us!

Don’t wait – book now, and reap the reward of spending a stress-free time at La Condesa Austin!

la condesa parking

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