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How to find convenient spots for Randalls Island Park parking 

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As the site of sports events, music concerts, and many other recreational activities, every New Yorker is bound to visit Randalls Island Park at least once. It could come as a rude shock to know that Randalls Island Park parking is few and far between! Way.com is here to save the day! Book now to save big on NYC parking near the island.

Randalls Island Park is located at the junction of three NYC boroughs – Manhattan, The Bronx, and Queens. From this vantage point, it is known for hosting recreational events – mostly sporting events at the Icahn Stadium. The park is bestowed with expansive picnic grounds, running tracks, and a driving range. The island also has a few government buildings that house a police station, a fire academy, and a few homeless shelters. Since it has very few permanent residents, Randalls Island Park parking isn’t something that’s readily available for everyone who visits.

randalls island park parking

The park is famous for hosting three popular music festivals – the Governors Ball Music Festival, Electric Zoo Festival, and Panorama Music Festival. When music lovers converge on the park, demand for Randalls Island Park parking goes through the roof! Since you won’t be able to approach the park without encountering a crowd, you will need help in finding an NYC parking spot somewhere nearby.

Help is what Way.com is for! We’re here to help you find the best NYC parking garages nearby. If you don’t believe us at face value, read the below breakdown of your options before you make up your mind.

randalls island park parking

Where can I find Randalls Island Park parking?

Since there are very few residential buildings on the island and only recreational facilities in the park, Randalls Island Park Parking is minimal. During open-air events like concerts or sporting events, limited parking can be found at a few designated parking spots, or at the Icahn Stadium. To be safe and avoid tickets, we suggest you find parking in NYC nearby in East Harlem, Astoria in Queens, or South Bronx.

In East Harlem, you’ll find the closest street parking spots along Paladino Avenue, 1st Avenue, and 2nd Avenue. Metered NYC parking will cost you $3-5 for a few hours and is also subject to time limits. You can also find abundant free parking along many roads here. In South Bronx, you can find the closest Randalls Island Park parking along E 132nd Street and Bruckner Boulevard, while street parking in Astoria can be found along Shore Boulevard.

The safer option would be to choose a convenient NYC parking garage rather than street parking. You can find several garages in all three neighborhoods near Randalls Island Park.

How much does parking near Randalls Island Park cost?

Street parking in Queens, South Bronx, and East Harlem will cost you anything between $3-5 for a few hours. However, finding street parking is easier said than done, and you might have to park very far away – which could complicate things for you.

If you choose to park at a private NYC parking garage, it could cost you anything from $25-50 dollars. There are more affordable garages nearby for Randalls Island Park parking – but who’s going to clue you in about them?

Are there affordable Randall Island Park parking garages nearby?

We’re going to clue you in for sure! Yes, there are many affordable and dependable NYC parking garages nearby that can be accessed using the Way.com website or the Way app. Say goodbye to parking at seedy establishments that rip you off – with Way.com, you get top-rated garages that are user-reviewed and quality-checked! All the lots in our network are well-maintained, paved, and CCTV-enabled, offering fantastic value for money.

For example, booking Randalls Island Park parking through Way can get you special vouchers that cost you just $15 for 6 hours of parking – that too at the closest NYC parking garages on Ist Avenue and E 124th Street. So head over to Way.com, pre-book a spot now, and enjoy Randalls Island Park like never before.

randalls island park parking

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