How to Find Events Near You Online

Travel planning can be amazingly fun and exciting to do but also a pain in the butt if you don’t know where to start. Where should you start? What should you do? Where to get things? A simple and great question to start out with and the right questions to start asking.

Where to start looking for events near me?

First, start off with where you are going if you want to start looking for events near you to go to. If the place you’re going to is domestic, then there are tons of resources to use. However, if you’re going abroad, it might be a bit more difficult but there are definitely ways to get the information you want. Secondly, find out what kind of concert event, sports event, and etc. you’d want to go to. Lastly, budget! If you’re looking for events that are only found in the local region, chances are, they would be less expensive than an event that tours nationally or even internationally unless you’re ok with nosebleed seat. If you have very specific events and know the average price range, then you’re all ready to go to the next event planning step!

What to do next about the events near you?

You figured out your general direction, so now what’s next? Of course, you should start off by searching for events. Time to do the event research! I’d recommend starting off with checking local listings of nearby venues. Often times, the venue itself would post up information on what events near you that are happening on certain dates. Searching up venues typically works whether or not you’re traveling internationally or traveling domestically. Another method is to call your local hotel or your travel agent what local events near you is going on while you’re there. Some hotels and travel agents would have a list of events near you all read to have you go over. If they don’t, then usually they would be more than happy to gather event information to better assist you and your travels. If you’re interested in trying something new and with a local flavor, your hotel concierge would have the answers for you!

Where to buy event tickets near you?

There are numerous ways and options to buy event tickets. I’d highly recommend shopping around to see if you can get a better deal. Do a search on your event on google and see if there are vendors and sellers that are listing the event tickets for a lower price. Some companies, such as Way, lets you surf events near you, purchase the tickets, and also reserve event parking. The prices on Way are oftentimes cheaper than other competitors. Take a browse and maybe you’d find a local event near you that you’d love to attend! If you’re traveling abroad, talk to your hotel concierge or travel agent. They may have insider deals and promotions for event tickets that are for their guests only.


Hope you had a good time reading the blog! Check out more of Way’s blogs for more tips and information on what’s around you!



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