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How to find safe parking at DTW Airport 

  • Airport Parking Tips
  • Renee Martin
  • 5 minutes

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Imagine coming back to the airport from a long, tiring flight, lugging your baggage from the terminal to the parking lot, and walking up to where you thought your car was parked – only to find it missingOr that its been broken into and all your valuables have been stolen! This is a car owners worst nightmare, but not something that cannot happen to you, especially when parking at DTW airport. Its even worse when youre tired and frustrated after a travel trip. 

parking at DTW

So, where do you look for safe parking at DTW Airport, especially if youre going to be gone a long while? Here’s how to find safe and inexpensive DTW Airport parking. 

Dont gamble with your peace of mind  

Theres no better feeling than knowing your car is safe while youre on your trip. When we say safe, it doesnt just mean safe from being stolen. It needs to be at a clean and well-maintained lot, preferably with security infrastructure that prevents theft or damage. It would be worth paying a few dollars more per day for safe parking at DTW AirportAfter all, your car is an investment that should not be treated lightly! 

Many people consider it a worthwhile investment to pre-book a safe Detroit Airport long-term parking spot to ensure peace of mind. 

Why parking at DTW Airport is a safe option 

Burglars dont plan ahead before looking to steal a car. Most of them look for opportunities – like cars parked in unusual or shady places. Some of the common places where people park and end up getting their cars stolen are: 

  • on the street  
  • in a public parking lot  
  • in a supermarket lot  
  • in someone elses driveway  

These locations provide convenient access to anyone passing by, making your vehicle a more attractive target for theft. Your car is a soft target when parked in an open, public area, such as those located outside grocery stores. These lots have little to no security, and therefore any cars parked here are easy targets. 

Parking in the driveway of a friend or family member is a great idea – but only if someone is always present at home. If they go to work during the day or spend a lot of time away from home for other reasons, your car is nothing more than an easy target for a thief. 

Parking on the highway or in an open unmarked lot is not a good idea if you want to be safe at Detroit Airport. 

parking at DTW

Parking at DTW Airport lots offer better security  

The most important benefit of parking at Detroit International Airport is that each lot is equipped with security infrastructure. Since resources have been set aside to help ensure a better parking experience, airport parking is much less likely to be unsafe. For this reason, burglars are much less likely to target an onsite or offsite Detroit airport parking lot. They are aware that security measures are installed at both onsite and offsite airport parking lots. As a result, no robbery attempt would be worth it. 

Furthermore, security measures are fairly noticeable in most airport parking lots. One of the most effective ways to prevent fraud is to use obvious and noticeable security measures. The would-be thief can see the fences, cameras, or guards as they stake out the area and move on to the next target. 

An excellent option would be to park at an airport hotel in the vicinity of the airport. Using the Way.com website or Way app, you can book a safe spot for offsite parking near DTW Airport with 24×7 security, CCTV cameras, and fenced-in lots. Since these airport hotels are always teeming with customers, there is very little chance that theft could happen here. It would take a highly sophisticated burglar to get past security, beat the cameras, break into your car AND make it out of the lot without being caught. The probability of that happening is close to zero. 

What happens if a thief attempts to break into your car?  

In the rare event that a thief does try to steal your, security guards will assist you in recovering it. Guards can also request urgent assistance from the police. Here’s how the best offsite parking lots at Detroit Airport ensure safe parking:  

  • Fences, automatic gates, and guards provide adequate protection.  
  • Surveillance cameras, particularly high-definition cameras, are an effective deterrent.  
  • Daily patrolling of parking lots serves as a reminder to offenders that someone is still on the lookout.  

Choose onsite or offsite airport parking at DTW Airport for safety  

Airport parking – be it onsite or offsite parking at DTW airport – is the safest option. Having professionals look after your vehicle while you’re away is unquestionably a good investment. At just a few dollars per day, it may also be the cheapest peace of mind money can buy. 

parking at DTW

Book your airport parking ahead of time with Way online or use our iOS and Android apps now!


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