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How to Find the Best Airport Parking This Summer

  • Airport Parking Guide
  • Renee Martin
  • 4 minutes

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With the pandemic finally behind us and many international borders opening up, it’s no surprise that many people are planning on taking a vacation in 2023. However, the surge in air travelers has led to many major airports reeling under the pressure of providing enough parking for their patrons. If you recall, many airports across the country were forced to shut down some of their onsite parking lots due to Covid-19 restrictions. Also, the increased demand for onsite parking has led to soaring parking rates all across the country. Here are some helpful tips for finding affordable and guaranteed airport parking lots and garages without breaking the bank. 

Cheapest summer airport parking ever!

How To Find Affordable Summer Airport Parking in 2023 

Give Yourself Enough Time and Book Ahead 

We can’t stress this enough. One of the easiest ways to minimize the hassles of finding a good airport parking spot is to give yourself enough time to account for any unexpected delays you may face while on your way to the airport. Arriving early also gives you enough time to search for a parking spot that meets your requirements. Holidays are a busy time of the year for airports, and it’s pretty natural to expect long lines at check-in and security. So, giving yourself a time cushion can not only help you find a better parking spot but also reduce your wait time at security. 

Know Your Airport and Parking Options 

Take some time to research the airport you are flying from, just as you would for your dream summer destination. You do not want to arrive at an unfamiliar airport and then drive around in circles to figure out where the onsite parking garages are. It pays to know the terminal you are flying from, as airports such as Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) and Denver International Airport (DIA) offer onsite garages that are a few steps away from the terminals. If you are using an offsite garage, call ahead and find out the timings of their complimentary shuttle services. Doing so will help not only help you arrive at the terminal on time but also lets you avoid the last-minute scramble to find your gate. 

summer-airport-parking-tipsAnother effective way of finding out if there are enough parking spaces available onsite is to check the airport website for the current status of their lots. Alternatively, you could use a parking website or app like way.com to find offsite parking, compare their rates, book a guaranteed slot, and use services such as valet parking and airport shuttles.

While the above tips should help you find the best and most affordable summer airport parking, here are a few more that should help ensure your travel is safe and pleasant.

More summer airport parking tips

  •  Print Your Boarding Passes at Home: No one likes long queues at airport check-ins. Thankfully, all major airlines these days offer the convenience of online flight check-in, and printing your boarding passes at home not only helps you avoid the long queues but also reduces the risk of infection too! A win-win, if you ask us. 
  • Pack Light: Do you really need those extra pairs of shoes for your beach holiday? Packing as lightly as possible makes it easier to shuffle between the airport parking lot and the terminals and less stressful while retrieving bags from the carousel. Need more reasons? Well, packing lightly for your trip should help leave enough room in your suitcase for souvenirs for your loved ones. 
  • Gas Up Ahead of Time: With thousands of people planning to hit the roads this summer, expect long lines at gas stations across the country. Filling gas ahead of your airport run should help reduce the stress of finding a gas station for a top-up so that you could reach the airport. The less stressful you are, the more enjoyable your vacation will be. 

Airport parking


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