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How to find the best deals for Element Austin Downtown parking

  • City Parking Tips
  • Renee Martin
  • 4 minutes

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Staying at the Element Austin Downtown hotel is meant to be a luxurious experience. Don’t you hate it when it gets spoilt by the hassle to find affordable Element Austin Downtown parking? We’ve got a solution – get your car a safe Austin parking spot using Way.com!

The Element Austin Downtown is probably your go-to hotel if you want to experience a few days staying in the lap of luxury. Its spacious suites, excellent service, and proximity to Austin landmarks make it a favorite among the tourist crowd and residents alike! It is just a few minutes away from the Texas State Capitol, Congress Avenue, and the 6th Street Entertainment district. If there’s been one complaint from folks, it’s only that Element Austin Downtown parking does not come cheap!

element austin downtown parking

Some of you may say that it’s not a big deal – just use the on-site parking. However, not everyone likes to spend $30 or more on parking every day. While spending money on yourself makes sense, spending an equal amount on your vehicle can be counter-productive! While there are downtown Austin parking garages nearby, most people don’t know whether they are reliable on not.

The easiest solution to this is to use Way.com and pre-book a convenient Austin parking garage nearby. But that’s just us – before you make up your mind, here are your alternative options.

Can I find on-site Element Austin Downtown parking?

Yes, the hotel does have on-site valet parking for guests. However, not everyone will be able to afford it! Here are the rates – Element Austin Downtown parking will cost you $49 per day. We understand that you want to stay in luxury, but you don’t want your car to upstage you!

It’s no wonder that many folks would rather find a street parking spot or a garage nearby. Read on to know whether they will be worth your while!

Is there street parking near Element Austin Downtown?

Yes, there is street parking near the Element Austin Downtown on several surrounding roads. The nearest metered street parking spots can be found on Congress Avenue, Brazos Street, E 6th Street, and E 7th Street. Most spots will cost you $2.40 for 2 hours. There are also certain stretches where you’ll find free street parking – like E 6th Street and Colorado Street.

However, don’t forget that every driver is on the lookout for these spots! We can’t guarantee that you’ll get one close to the Element Austin Downtown. You’ll have to find an Austin parking spot a few blocks away and walk the rest of the way. That’s not exactly our definition of ‘convenience’!

The alternative to street parking would be to find a reliable downtown Austin parking garage nearby. However, without proper guidance and knowledge of good garages, you’re more likely to end up at a seedy establishment! Want to know how you can find the best garages nearby?

Are there more reliable Element Austin Downtown parking options nearby?

element austin downtown parking

That’s the million-dollar answer we’ve got the answer to – and the answer is yes! Way.com is one of the most reliable aggregators of parking spots across the country. We have an extensive network of downtown Austin parking garages curated to meet strict standards of affordability, security, and professionalism. All the garages in Way.com’s network are well-maintained, CCTV-enabled, and checked for quality. Pre-booking a parking spot through the Way app or website also allows you to access great discounts!

For example, an Element Austin Downtown parking spot near the hotel will cost you as little as $2-$10 per day! All you need to do is to switch your mindset from ‘parking at Element Austin’ to ‘parking near Element Austin!’ What are you waiting for – download the Way app now and access the best that Austin parking has to offer!

element austin downtown parking

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