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How to Fix a Blown Speaker in Your Car?

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 How can you fix a blown speaker quickly? Stop before you plan to spend on a new speaker. Well, it’s quite simple and cost-effective to repair your blown speaker. You can do it all by yourself if you follow the right steps. As a result, you can save a few extra bucks and a lot of time in choosing a new speaker for your car. 

If you don’t fix the blown speaker in your car, you cannot use the speaker anymore. There can also be loud static noises from the speakers, which can be an unpleasant experience. Therefore, fix the damage as soon as you see it. 

How to Fix a Blown Speaker in Your Car?

Signs that your car speakers are blown 

Here are some signs that mean that your speakers are blown: 

Visible damages 

Looking at their condition, you can easily tell if your speakers are blown. To check the damages, remove the speaker’s parts, and check them individually. Carefully inspect the grill, amplifier, and cone since these are the major parts of your speaker. 


One of the easiest ways to know that car speakers are blown is through loud noises. The best way to test the degree of this issue is by playing some music. If you notice major fluctuations or static noises in between, you need to fix the blown speaker immediately. 

Fluctuating frequencies 

Frequency fluctuations usually happen when you play loud music continuously on your stereo. To avoid frequency changes, keep the volume at a minimum level. 


Impedance can be one reason why your speakers are blown. An impedance is when the amplifiers draw more energy than the speakers can hold. This excess use of energy can also be a reason why your speakers are blown.  

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How to fix a blown speaker on your own- steps to follow

Here are the steps that you’ll need to follow to fix a blown speaker: 

Check your speakers thoroughly 

Remove your speaker parts and check if there is visible damage. If not, check if there is a difference in sound quality. If there is a notable difference, it’s high time you immediately remove your blown speakers. Also, you cannot retrieve the sound quality by replacing either of the speakers. If you wish to do a replacement, replace both speakers. 

Understand which speaker has damage 

To fix a blown speaker in your car, you must check each speaker separately for damage. The easiest way to find the faulty speaker is by playing music. The sound variations can help you determine that you must repair your speakers soon. 

Clean the speakers well  

One of the main steps to repairing your speakers is cleaning them well.  You can easily clean the speakers using cotton swabs or buds. You’ll just need a little bit of cotton and dip it in an alcohol solution and gently run it through the speakers.  

Replace the sound coils  

The sound coils are the parts that get damaged most easily. So, if you want to fix your blown speaker, get a better-quality sound coil and replace the older one.  A sound coil replacement is one way you can solve the issue without much effort. 

Change the diaphragm 

Replace the diaphragm with a new one. The diaphragm can be one factor contributing to the poor sound quality of your speakers. Also, while going for a new diaphragm, make sure to do a gentle replacement. Being too harsh in pulling out the diaphragm can harm the speaker. In the same way, measure the size of your speaker before choosing the diaphragm. 

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