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How to fix Puncture after the Removal of Nails from your Tire

  • Safety Tips
  • Xavier Sabastian
  • 4 minutes

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With every revolution of your car’s tire, there is every risk of the tire being punctured. You could be the safest driver in the world and still fall prey to a nail puncturing your tire. Getting a nail in your tire can tire you out. A tire puncture due to a screw in the tire requires careful attention, as an improper tire repair could be hazardous to your safety.

In fact, finding a nail stuck in a tire is not always easy to spot. After the nail punctures the tire, it creates a hole in the tire and stays there, leaking the air slowly and silently. As a driver, you would only notice the nail if the tire is completely flat.

Way.com's guide on how to remove a nail from your tire after a puncture.

Here is a handy guide as to how to deal with the nail in your tire.


Get yourself the right kit that is designed specifically to help you remove the nail from the tire. These kits would contain items like tire plugs, an insertion needle, and a rasp tool. From your kit, use the pliers to pull out the nail from the tire. To get better access to the nail, you may have to remove the tire. You can also opt for a screwdriver that has a pointed end. Use the screwdriver to loosen the nail by running around the edge. Once you have loosened the nail, use the pliers to pull it out.


For the next step, make sure to read the manual in the tool kit properly before proceeding with the tire plug. Each kit will have different instructions for its use.

Way.com's guide on how to remove a nail from your tire after a puncture.


Attach the tire plug to the end of the insertion needle. Then put the plug right in the center of the hole to have an equal amount of rubber on either side. Keep this tool aside for later use. Take the rasp tool and insert the tool into the puncture hole. Turn it backward and forward so that the rasp tool’s serrated edges can create a textured surface. This textured surface will give friction for the tire plug to stick in when you insert it into the tire.


Push the tire plug into the hole firmly. A lot of pressure will be needed to get the plug into the hole. This is because the ends fold up and come together to form a big stopper for the puncture. Remove the insertion needle from the tire plug after the insertion.

Way.com’s Guide of Fixing Your Flat Tire


Once the above step is completed, pump your tires with air to ensure that it is at a safe pressure.

Image of tire


Just because you managed to patch/plug the tire of your car successfully does not mean that it is the safest and right method. Patching the tire is a short-term solution to the problem. Sometimes it is tempting to opt for patching or plugging (as it is also called) as it is less expensive than replacing the tires of your car. It is best advised to opt for tire replacement, as patching your tire is highly susceptible to blowouts.

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Car drivers should look into having their tires replaced if necessary after the patching to prevent future repairs. An expert mechanic can give you answers as to whether the tire can be restored by patching/plugging the hole from inside, which is a more robust and long-term solution. A tire patch from the inside would last longer and is cheaper than a new tire. Again, as a reminder, tire patching from inside is not a long-term solution to a punctured tire. If the nail is stuck on your tire’s shoulder or sidewall, the tire will not hold up for a long while in motion. This will render your car unsafe to drive. If the hole on your tire is bigger than a quarter of an inch, then you will need to replace the tire.


It is extremely tempting to patch the tire by yourself. However, the tire you patched up won’t be strong enough to withstand various driving conditions and car weights. Patching or plugging is an advisable option until you can get your car to the mechanic.


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