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How to Fix Your Car’s Security Light Issue

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It happens –  you are driving comfortably, and whoa…a strange light flashes on the dashboard? If something like this happens, you may even question whether your car is about to stop working. The realization that the problem lies in the security light of your car will still cause you a brief moment of uncertainty. 

security light on car

What exactly is the security light on a car?

There is a built-in anti-theft mechanism in your car. The car’s horn will blast, and the lights will flash if someone tries to start it without a key, unlock a door without a key, or even get access through the rear liftgate or the hood. Periodically blinking the anti-theft light on your dashboard indicates that the system is on and protecting your vehicle. 

How does the security light behave when the engine is off or on? 

When the car’s engine is turned off, the security light may flicker to indicate that the car’s security system is still operational. 

A malfunction in the anti-theft system is indicated by a security light that does not turn off even when the engine is running. 

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What to do when there is an issue with your car’s security light

For no apparent reason, the system may activate the car alarm or disable the engine causing the security lights to be turned on. The issue with the anti-theft system will prevent the car from starting. Until the issue is fixed, you won’t be able to get the car to start again.  

Here are the steps you should take when the anti-theft system prevents your car from starting. 

Verify the condition of the battery 

Check the battery if your automobile with an anti-theft system won’t start. It may be completely depleted or low and require charging. Unfortunately, the car’s system won’t be able to read the key fob’s security code in that instance. Next, verify the battery’s connection. If things pan out, you can try to get it going again. It’s a good bet that it’ll fix whatever was wrong.  

Use the key properly

When you are inside or outside the car, using your key correctly can set your car back to working mode.

When inside the car 

  • Turn the key slightly to the right after inserting it into the ignition slot.  
  • Hold that position for at least ten minutes. Then, likely, it will cause the light to turn off and the car to start. 

This is the state your car is in when the lights are on, but the motor is turned off. 

When outside the car 

  • To open the driver’s side door, insert your key into the slot, turn it, and hold it for a few seconds. It’s how the automobile knows you’re using the original key when you try to start it.  
  • Some models can benefit from this method, and it can be used regardless of the condition of the key fob’s battery or whether or not it is functioning. 
  •  The method will need some tweaking to work with other models.  
  • To lock the driver’s door, insert the key, turn it to unlock, lock, and finally lock position.  
  • The alarm should be off after you turn it back to the “unlock” position.  
  • Crank the engine and let it run for 10 minutes to reset the car’s alarm. 

When the steering wheel gets locked 

The anti-theft system may lock the wheel and prevent the key from turning in its slot. It occurs most often when you turn off the car and attempt to move the steering wheel. The next time you turn the key in the ignition, the car will start with the wheel fixed in that position.

  • First, you can get it to budge by moving it oppositely and seeing if that helps.  
  • Next, pull the vehicle in that direction and see if that helps.  
  • Insert the car’s key into the ignition and try to spin it at the same time. If the key is difficult to enter, try pulling the wheel as hard as possible while also trying to turn it.  
  • Your time has come to turn the key and, thus, turn on the engine. 

Reset the computer system of your car 

If your car’s anti-theft system prevents your car from starting, this is an alternative solution. After two minutes, reconnect the battery’s positive terminal. The anode and cathode terminals must be reconnected and checked for a secure fit. It will clear the memory in the car’s computer, making it more likely to start up again. Reset the factory alarm in case the trick doesn’t work. 

Verify whether the key is damaged 

There are possibilities that the issue is with the key. When inserted into the ignition, the keys’ embedded chips communicate a code to the security system. If the chip is destroyed or damaged, the key won’t work. When one key fails to work, use another one. If that doesn’t work, have the transmission system scanned at the dealership. 

Alternatively, you could try turning the key to start the engine. You should keep the key in the on position for 10 minutes if the engine does not respond to being started or shuts off right away. Then, when the alarm sounds, shut off the engine for 20 seconds and restart it. 

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