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How to Get a Replacement for a Lost Illinois Driver’s License 

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How distraught will you be if your IL driving license gets stolen or lost? Well, you don’t need to panic if you lose your driver’s license in Illinois. Renewing an Illinois driving license can be a complex process. But replacing a lost Illinois driver’s license is a comparatively easy task.   


If you’ve lost or had your driver’s license stolen, you should seek a replacement soon. You’ll need to apply for one in person or online at the Illinois Secretary of State Driver’s License Facility and pay a replacement cost. Driving a car without a valid license is illegal in Illinois. Or be ready to earn a penalty or a ticket if caught without a license!

It can be a hassle if you can’t present identity proof when you need it with your Illinois driver’s license. Our blog will take you through the procedures to replace a lost license.  

How to replace lost driver’s license Illinois 

In Illinois, replacing your lost driver’s license is a simple process if you lose your wallet. If your wallet gets stolen, contact the cops and obtain a police report with your driver’s license number. You can apply for a replacement in two ways –online or in-person. In addition, you need to provide some vital information when applying for a replacement. It includes the following. 

  • Your driving license number 
  • The details of class or type of license you hold 
  • Your full name, date of birth, address, and ZIP Code 
  • Your Social Security Number (SSN) 
  • Payment for the replacement license 

Remember that if your address or name has changed since you lost your license, you may need to manage those tasks before applying for a replacement. 

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How do I replace my lost Illinois driver’s license online? 

You can get a replacement driver’s license online if you meet the following criteria. First, ensure to contact the police if your driving license got stolen and file a report.  

  • You have a valid driving license 
  • The driver doesn’t owe any reinstatement fees 
  • You have a valid credit card, and its information matches the information on your license 

Normally, you will receive the duplicate license via mail in 15 days. But, you will have to pick it up in person if the mail returns to the Office of the Secretary of State.  

How to replace a lost Illinois driver’s license in-person 

In some situations, you may need to replace a lost or stolen driver’s license in person at an Secretary of State’s office. You must complete this process in person if you match the following criteria. 

  • You require a duplicate learner’s permit or a commercial learner’s permit. 
  • The license got issued before August 1, 2016. 
  • Within the last 12 months, you have gotten three replacement licenses.
  • The expiry date of your license is within 30 days.  
  • The previous update of your address was via mail or the internet.  
  • You need your driver’s license mailed to a temporary address; the USPS will only send a replacement to your permanent address. 

What should I do if I lose my Illinois license out of state? 

You have a few options if you are out of state and need to get a replacement one. To get a replacement, contact the Special License and Re-Examination Unit at 217-782-6901. You can also request a temporary license be mailed to your out-of-state address if you plan to return to Illinois within 90 days.  

If you remain out of state for more than 90 days, the Secretary of State will send you all the required forms you need to apply for a duplicate license. Also, you can request a duplicate license by e-mailing the below-listed information to the Secretary of State’s office.  

  • Your name in the license 
  • Your Illinois driver’s license number 
  • Date of birth 
  • Out-of-state mailing address 
  • Your return date to Illinois 

How much is a replacement Illinois driver’s license? 

Ideally, it costs you $5 for a duplicate driver’s license in Illinois.  

You should contact your local police department once you realize your ID or Illinois driver’s license goes missing and report it. It is a critical step to prevent identity fraud or theft. After that, you must go to an Illinois Driver Services Facility to receive a duplicate license. You must provide suitable identification and pay the replacement fee.  

License Replacement fee 
Duplicate Driver’s License $5 
Duplicate Driver’s License (stolen with police report) Free 
Duplicate Driver’s License (military and military spouse) Free 
Duplicate Driver’s License (aged 60 and above) Free 

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