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How to Get a Spider Out of Your Car Without Freaking Out!

  • Car Services
  • Gerard Stevens
  • 9 minutes

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Many things can ruin your smooth ride! Of all that, the worst can be a spider staring at you from the steering wheel. It can be really scary if you’re dealing with a poisonous variety. But instead of panicking, you need to think of how to get a spider out of your car! 

Spiders are among the most common annoyance-causing crawling creatures that can turn your car into their home, comfortably laying eggs and reproducing in the interiors. These eight-legged arthropods will give you the chills if you don’t like this crawlies. 

So, your ride will be comfortable if you can prevent spiders from hitching a ride in your car. But what if a spider gets in your car? Don’t worry! Our blog will give you a complete idea of how to get a spider out of your car! 

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Why do spiders get attracted to your car? 

So before you know how to get a spider out of your car, you must know what factors attract spiders to your car. The following are the three main reasons.  

  • Untidy car: Spiders may get attracted if your car is dirty or contains many unnecessary materials. These creatures can build their webs in your car since it is messy. 
  • In pursuit of a shelter: Spiders may be drawn to your car when it is cold outside because they are looking for a warmer and more secure hiding place. It won’t be surprising to find spiders in car engines in such a case. 
  • Idle cars: If you leave your car idle in places where spiders are present, you are likely attracting these eight-legged creatures. 

How do spiders enter your car? 

Mostly, spiders enter your vehicle through cracks and openings. The chances of spiders entering your car will be high if you leave the window open. Also, any cracks in the body of your car serve as entry points. Once spiders enter, they can easily relocate to warmer and damper areas, such as the vent, steering wheel, or dashboard. 

Normally, spiders prefer to hide in car vents, car mirrors, beneath the upholstery, towards the back of the seat, and along the window margins. Spiders will avoid hiding in the front seat if your car has a front engine. If you own a car like Porsche, spiders will hide at the opposite ends of your car as the engine is in the middle. 

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How long can a spider live in your car? 

Unfortunately, a spider can live there for its entire life if your car has a presence of water and food. Most spiders that get into a car can live for around 1-3 years. It does not mean they will disappear after this time because they regularly reproduce, leaving behind small spiders in the car to continue the generation. Most spiders can live for ten months to a year without food or water.  

Be mindful that spiders can live in temperatures ranging from -5°F (-21°C) to 70°F (21°C). So, turning on your AC may not affect the spider’s life inside your car. 

How to get a spider out of your car 


Knowing this is crucial as spiders may enter your car during cold climates. So here are some tips you follow on how to get a spider out of your car. 


One of the most followed and fruitful ways to eliminate spiders in cars is to declutter. Spiders use waste or clutter as a place to hide and breed. So, begin by removing any clutter or unnecessary waste from your car. As a result, decluttering reduces their potential hiding spots. 

Perform vacuum cleaning  

You should vacuum your car thoroughly after decluttering it. Adult spiders, their eggs, and any tiny car interiors spiders will get eliminated. Ensure to reach all corners and seams to get the best results. Moreover, if you want to keep spiders away from your car, make it a habit to vacuum it regularly. 

Seal possible entry points 

Spiders use tiny holes and cracks to get into your car. So, you should check your car for cracks, holes, or other openings and seal if found. Depending on the type of openings, you can repaint or use chemical sealants. 

Use spider repellents  

There are many synthetic and organic spider repellents that you can use to eliminate spiders in your car. Spiders hate the smell of essential oils, which you can exploit. You can use essential oils such as citrus, eucalyptus, peppermint, and rosemary. Chemical repellents are also available in stores. However, be careful not to inhale the repellent as it is toxic. 

Utilize spider traps 

Spiders like a hobo and yellow sac are skilled at hiding and can be difficult to find. So you can use spider traps to eliminate such species and other small spiders in the car. These sticky traps are pre-baited to lure spiders out of their hiding places. When spiders get caught in the traps, they become trapped and die. 

Make use of chlorine bug bombs 

You can also use a chlorine oxide odor eliminator to remove spiders in your car. This odor eliminator, also known as a chlorine bomb, kills spiders and other bugs and removes odors from your car. 

Don’t park near debris, and maintain a clean garage  

You should avoid parking near debris if you don’t have a garage. If you have a garage, ensure to maintain it cleanly. Garages are the best place for spiders to hide. And if you’re parking outdoors, they can hide under leaves.  

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How can you prevent spiders from getting in your car?  


Rather than getting a spider out of your car, you must know about preventing these creatures from entering your car. These are the ways by which you can prevent them from entering. 

Keep your car clean 

One of the best methods to keep spiders away from your car is to clean it of clutter, dirt, crumbs, and debris. Make sure to clean your car’s interior, including the air conditioning vents, roof, carpet, and steering wheel. 

Ensure to close your car 

The tiniest spiders can get into your car through the small cracks, so ensure to close your car properly. You must close the doors, wound up the windows, and seal any gaps in your door trim or rubber seals so they can’t sneak through them.  

Vibrations in car 

Spiders get irritated by vibrating areas in the car. They may try to flee from the source, like an air conditioning vent to a steering wheel. To prevent them from escaping, try turning off the ignition or not keeping the engine running.  

Don’t park under trees  

Avoid parking where spiders are common, like under trees, near bushes, or debris. Parking in such places can lure spiders into your car for shelter, especially in wet weather. 

Make a protective web  

Certain odors, such as eucalyptus, lavender, and peppermint, turn off these creatures. So apply some of these scents on a cotton bud or spray them and circulate them in areas like the boot, glove compartment, door frame, and air conditioning vent. To make the oils into a spray, fill a spray bottle halfway with water, add five drops of any of the abovementioned oils, and a few drops of dishwashing detergent. 

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How can you get rid of spiders from your car’s side mirrors? 

spider web on car mirror Image courtesy: TCY, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Follow these steps to keep spiders away from your car mirrors: 

  • Wrap the mirror in plastic to keep these creatures at bay. 
  • After wrapping the plastic, make a hole and spray it with spider repellant. Then seal the hole and leave it for a few hours. The captured spiders will die. 
  • Pour essential oils all over your car mirrors to keep spiders away. 

How do you remove spiders from car air vents? 

Are spiders entering your car vents? To get rid of spiders, clean the vents and swab them with essential oils and other chemical repellents. 

  • To keep spiders out of the air vents, place a few pieces of lemon peel in the gaps between the vents. 
  • Swab the vents of your car with essential oils regularly to keep spiders away.  

How do you get rid of spiders under your car? 

You must apply oils like rosemary, citrus, or eucalyptus to keep these creatures away from under your car. Also, you shouldn’t leave your car idle in fields or garages where spiders may be present. Based on availability, you can also use chloride bug bombs or spider traps. 

How to get a spider out of your car: The bottom line 

Most spiders are harmless and cannot cause serious harm. However, they can be problematic to some people, especially those who dislike crawling things and have arachnophobia (fear of spiders). Your ride will become a nightmare if you have a large spider infestation inside your car.  

So, it’s always ideal to know a few tips for keeping spiders out of your car, such as keeping it clean, regularly vacuuming, and swabbing essential oils. These tips can also help prevent spiders from creating webs on your car. 

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